What Industries Need SEO The Most?

what industries need seo the most

Have you ever wondered if your business could benefit from SEO? Well, we have the answers!

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is super helpful when it comes to getting your website seen on search engines like Google. It is a really important part of your strategy and is awesome for attracting organic traffic, boosting your sales, and standing out in the digital world (which can feel IMPOSSIBLE at times!)

As time goes on, the world is becoming more and more online-focused. This means that SEO isn’t just an option, it’s a necessity if you want to THRIVE! Honestly, if you’re not using it, you’re falling behind because every business can benefit from this great strategy!

We like to think of SEO as your online visibility toolkit. It is SO helpful when it comes to reaching your target audience because it can make your website SHINE amongst your competitors. But understanding the best SEO practices AND how to implement them can feel seriously confusing. Don’t worry, we get it!

Whether your brand is big or small and no matter what products or services you sell, a solid SEO strategy can be a game-changer. So, let’s take a look at some industries that need SEO the most to stand out and get results. Let’s get started!

What Industries Need SEO The Most?

What Industries Need SEO The Most?

Legal Services

The legal industry is jam-packed full of competition. Firms are always fighting for the same clients which can make it super hard to stand out. But, a good SEO strategy can really help to boost visibility for specific legal services including family law, personal injury, and even criminal defense! 

All professional services can have great luck attracting potential clients who are searching for legal help. So, how do you do it? First of all, local SEO will be a lifesaver as it will help you attract clients that are close to you. Then, you can combine it with content marketing and link building to build authority and get people coming to your site and staying for your reliable info!


Just like the legal industry, the e-commerce market is super oversaturated and will only continue to grow as more people try to say goodbye to their 9 to 5 and hello to freedom. This makes it pretty hard for any single store to stand out. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done!

SEO done right can massively improve search rankings for product pages and category listings. This makes it much easier to drive more traffic and sales to your site! Make sure you take advantage of on-page SEO by using keyword-rich titles, descriptions, and tags first of all. Keywords make a huge difference and using them is relatively easy to do.

You should also make sure your website has fast load times, is usable on mobiles, and a secure site for the best results. This will help you ensure a nice user experience, encourage trust in your site, and create an audience that will keep on returning!


In this day and age, people turn to the internet for EVERYTHING! This also includes finding healthcare information and reliable providers. This is where effective SEO comes in to help healthcare providers find patients who are searching for specific advice or treatments!

All you need to do is optimize your content for local searches to attract clients near you! Then, you can turn to blogging to provide valuable information that your followers will resonate with! These things can help you attract more clients, improve how people see you, and create greater visibility!

Real Estate

The competition level in real estate is REALLY high, so you NEED to know how to stand out. People dipping their toes in and looking to rent or buy will often use search engines to find properties, which is why SEO is SO important for visibility. To get your business right in front of them, you should write articles about things they need to know such as market trends, hot home-buying tips, and more. 

When creating content, it needs to be high-quality, or you run the risk of looking low-quality or scammy. You seriously need to work hard to appeal to your local audience to get the very best out of your SEO efforts. And hey, if it gets too hard or makes you feel muddled, speak to the professionals at InfluencerSEO for some help!


Educational institutions, including online courses, can find it pretty hard to appeal to new students because the market is so saturated. Obviously, this can be SUPER hard without the right tools. Try creating some educational videos with relevant keywords, creating helpful content relating to what you can offer, and making sure your website is mobile-friendly for students on the go! You could also consider creating a content calendar to maintain a stream of content and keep people engaged!

Finance and Insurance

People who are looking for financial advice and insurance options will always head online. This is why it is so important to make your business visible to them and create content that keeps them engaged. You need to be at the front of their mind and STAY THERE!

But friends, it is about so much more than being seen. When you ARE seen, you need to look the part. You can do this by showing off your certifications and reviews to build trust. Sometimes a humble brag can go really far! Continue your streak by targeting specific keywords, and providing helpful financial advice and insights to your potential customers.

Pet Services

While the market for pet services isn’t as tough as others on this list, it is still pretty competitive. For pet owners looking for grooming, boarding, veterinary services, and more, you need to stand out as a reliable source. It’s a good idea to focus on local SEO, creating engaging content, and using videos to showcase services and happy pets! 

Every pet owner wants the best for their companion, so showing that you’re an upbeat, fun, and trustworthy business will work wonders for your business! Above all, a great social media presence can make or break your business. So make sure you’re storing up plenty of content to share with your potential customers! Social media and SEO go hand in hand when it comes to being seen online. 

What Industries Need SEO The Most?

Home Services

Homeowners and people searching for a local service such as plumbing, electrical, and cleaning will likely head to Google before they go anywhere else. So, it is important to optimize your content and put together an SEO strategy that actually gets you seen and puts you on the list of businesses listed on Google. 

Firstly, you should focus on localized searches to attract local customers who are likely to use your services. Creating detailed pages on your website that display all of your services AND pricing will put you above others. Not disclosing your pricing can definitely turn people off using your awesome services. If you’re comfortable, it’s also a good idea to encourage your customers to leave reviews to help boost your business further and prove that you’re real and ready to help!

Health and Wellness

With an increasing number of people prioritizing their health and wellness right now, the internet is booming with searches. This is why it is so important for health and wellness businesses and blogs to stand out and shine bright! You can write about health tips, wellness trends, and products you’ve tried and share it with your audience. 

You can also kickstart brand collaborations with health influencers while creating video content that engages and educates. The health and wellness niche is taking off right now, so getting in quickly and doing it right can seriously set you up for success!


Travelers searching for destinations, deals, and accommodations will always look online for tips. And why wouldn’t they? There are so many great ways to find info online with the click of a button!

 As a travel influencer or travel business, you can create travel guides, tips, and itineraries, and share fun facts. With a travel blog, you can teach your audience how to make money as a travel blogger, find local attractions, create an online presence, and even use affiliate marketing when sharing their experiences

The travel niche is always growing and evolving. So, while it is in high demand, there’s space for everyone to grow and share their experiences when using SEO, the right way! This is an industry that can definitely benefit from SEO and should benefit from it!

Beauty Services

In the beauty services industry, salons, spas, influencers/bloggers, and freelancers need to stand out to attract clientele and find their target audience. For businesses, attracting local customers first and foremost is SUPER important which is why you need to optimize your business for local beauty services searches. After all, you want people to find you, right?

For beauty bloggers, creating a strong online presence is just as important as anything else. Also, who doesn’t love a good before and after photo? If you have them, SHARE THEM! Sharing high-quality content is the KEY to having a thriving beauty business. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a booming industry and can most definitely benefit from SEO. Influencers need to get their name out to be discoverable by brands and audiences. After all, that is the name of the game.

To get the most out of your SEO strategy, optimize your personal website and social profiles. Don’t be afraid to share, share, share. The more you can share, the better! You should regularly post engaging, high-quality content with relevant keywords. You can also reach out to brands to collaborate for exposure on both ends. The opportunities are endless!

A good SEO campaign can help you achieve WAY MORE visibility online and enjoy WAY MORE success

Want to know if your industry could benefit from SEO?

A good SEO campaign can help you achieve visibility online and enjoy success in your business! After all, simply posting with no goal in mind will rarely have any benefit to your brand or business.

If the whole SEO ‘thing’ is a little hard for you to understand, reach out to the team here at InfluencerSEO. We specialize in helping people just like you achieve online success and visibility!

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