How to Start a Beauty Blog  

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Beauty blogs have some of the most popular content on the internet. Almost all women are in some way looking to improve their beauty routine, whether that’s having healthier skin or doing full-coverage make-up looks. If you’re into beauty topics and feel like you have a lot of wisdom to share, you should definitely consider starting a blog!

A blog provides the perfect space for you to establish yourself in the beauty industry. Whether you just want to be a beauty influencer or want to have your own line of products, blogging is your ticket to a career in beauty. On a blog, you can embrace your love of all things beauty and let your personality, expertise, and mission totally shine!

But . . . how do you get started? We can help! As experts in the blogging world, we’re sharing our step-by-step guide to starting a successful beauty blog. Here’s the scoop:

How to Start a Beauty Blog

How to Start a Beauty Blog

If you want your blog to be a business, you’ve got to treat it like a business. There are a lot of working parts that go into a successful blog. Understanding the steps other famous beauty bloggers have taken to get where they are is key to making your brand the next big thing! 

What Is A Beauty Blog?

A beauty blog is a blog that focuses primarily on hair styling, nail art, make-up, or skincare. These blogs are usually heavily visual and have an engaging online presence, since so much of their content requires a picture or videos! 

Beauty bloggers often have a niche, specializing in a specific category of the beauty industry like clean make-up or ethnic hair care. A lot of beauty bloggers often also have lifestyle or fashion content secondary to their beauty posts. People love to read beauty blogs, because they teach them how to better care for themselves and feel more confident! As a beauty blogger, you can actually change the way people see themselves and impact their lives for the better! 

How to Start a Beauty Blog

How To Start A Successful Beauty Blog 

Step 1: Determine what beauty categories you’re best at.

First, decide what category of beauty you’re best at. Are you best at makeup, skincare, nail art, hair, or something else? It really helps to focus on the category you’re already really good at, because it’ll be easy to come up with content ideas and wow people with your expertise. 

Does that mean you can ONLY post content on that one topic, no? But that’s going to be your bread and butter. It’ll be the expertise that originally attracts your target audience! 

Step 2: Niche down and define your target audience.

Speaking of! Once you’ve determined what category of beauty you’re going to be writing about, niche down further. Are you super skilled in pageant and beauty makeup? Are you a former dermatologist with expertise in acne-fighting skincare? Do you have a natural talent for intricate nail art? Find your “thing” and roll with that! 

When you have a focus for your content, you can easily capture your ideal reader and make them a lifelong follower. They’ll be continually engaged with your content and interact with all your posts when you niche down and serve them specifically! 

Step 3: Name your blog. 

Okay, here’s where it starts to become real! Before you start a blog, you need a name! The name must be something that perfectly represents you, your brand, and your readers! It should be eye-catching and super memorable. Brainstorm some ideas and figure this out before you get too far in the process! If you need more help, check out this post on how to come up with a blog name

Step 4: Develop your brand.

With a name and a topic, you almost have a brand! But you still need to determine your blogging voice, your mission, and your overall vibe. Not only do you need to think about what your blog says, but you also need to think about how it looks! Flesh out what colors, fonts, and visuals you want to use to represent your brand!

Step 5: Understand the business side of blogging. 

It’s totally fine if you want your blog to just be a hobby, but if you have any hopes and dreams that it might become a career, you need to consider the business side of blogging. That means writing out a budget, purchasing some must-have tools, understanding some basics of bookkeeping, and assembling a team. Investing in things like SEO services and website development early on can make a huge difference! 

Step 6: Get photography/video equipment and learn how to use it.

Beauty bloggers always have to be making visual content. Even in your blog posts, you’ll probably have plenty of images to help your readers better understand and engage with your topic. So, to help you best represent your skills, invest in a good camera, editing software, and laptop. Your images and videos need to be next level to capture the attention of your audience! 

Step 7: Build your website with SEO in mind.

Once you have your brand all figured out and you’ve got plenty of visual content up your sleeve, it’s time to get a website! You can build your own website in WordPress, if you want. It’s pretty simple! You just need to install WordPress, claim your free domain and SSL certificate, choose a WordPress theme that fits your brand, and edit everything to match your aesthetic.

As you’re designing, make sure to keep search engine optimization in mind. An effective blog must be fast, visually appealing, and easy to navigate. If you’re not confident in your web design capabilities, hire expert web developers to set it up correctly from the start to boost your chances of massive growth early on! 

Step 8: Start social pages for your brand.

Beauty influencers are huge on social media (especially on places on Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube). It’s a great place to market your content and engage with your followers. It’s not the best place to grow, but it is the best place to connect with readers and establish community! Focus on your website, but definitely have a social media presence to support your blog! 

Step 9: Create a content calendar. 

It’s almost time to launch this thing! But, before you do, establish a content calendar for at least the next 3 months of blog posts. Decide how often you’ll post (we recommend 1-5 times a week) and then fill in all the dates. Try to make every post both relevant and evergreen, so it’s useful to readers for years to come! A content calendar will help you stay organized and focused so you never miss a post!

Step 10: Write and upload blog posts. 

Now you need to get to writing blog posts! We recommend you have at least 15 articles locked and loaded before even starting your blog. That way, you’re always a few weeks ahead if something comes up or writer’s block strikes and you don’t get anything written. It’s just a good safety net to ensure your blog launch is a success. 

Step 11: Focus on search engine optimization.

The number one thing that’ll take your blog from zero to hero is high quality content. But, the second most important thing for huge brand growth? SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. SEO is the process of formatting and writing your content to rank high on the search engine results pages. This drives tons of organic traffic to your blog, and every optimized post promotes consistent, compounding results. This is the BEST marketing strategy for any blogger, new or old! 

To manage SEO, you can either hire an SEO service, or you can learn all about search engine optimization on our blog! To get you started read our posts on the best SEO practices for bloggers and make sure you’re not committing any of these SEO sins. Once you’re familiar with the basics, dive into our blog for more specifics

Step 12: Make a plan for monetization.

If you really want to make your beauty blog into a career, you have to monetize. So, right from the start, be thinking about your strategy to eventually make money using your content. Luckily, there are quite a few ways you can monetize your beauty blog

You could join affiliate programs and market beauty products by writing product reviews or showcasing your favorite tools. When a follower clicks a link and buys the product, you earn a commission! Brand collaborations are similar, but you work one-on-one with the brand without an affiliate network as a middleman. 

When your blog is getting enough traffic, you could also monetize via ads! Companies want your visibility and they’ll pay for it! If those options don’t sound exciting, maybe plan to make money selling your own products or services. (Check out our post on digital products!) 

Choose one or all of these monetization avenues. The point is, you just need to generate an income to eventually quit that 9-5 and embrace your blogging career! 

Step 13: Build your email list and gain followers. 

All that’s left to do now is build your following! As you gain pageviews on your blog, follows on your socials, and recipients on your email list, your influence grows. These dedicated readers and followers will help you reach all your big brand goals! This community is everything, so build it with good calls-to-action and keep it by maintaining a personal connection with your followers. 

Step 14: Stay consistent and be patient.

No matter what, keep on going. Results don’t happen overnight, and that’s okay! Upload new articles at least once a week to your blog, post daily on all your social channels, and send out regular newsletters. 

Track your growth and insights on Google Analytics and watch your hard work pay off! When you’re ready to get a real deep-dive on the status of your blog, come hang out with us for a FREE SEO EVALUATION! It’ll give you the DL on your site health and what you need to do to level-up your blog!

Best Beauty Blogs

5 Best Beauty Blogs 

The Skinny Confidential

The Skinny Confidential is EXACTLY what you should strive for when developing a brand. It’s clear, memorable, unique, and 100% futureproof. Think about how your brand can be just as dynamic to make your blog really stand out! 

Lindsay Silberman

Lindsay knows how to monetize and create authentic content at the same time! Her posts are full of amazing tips and a TON of affiliate links. Check it out for inspo on how you can get paid to blog fast. 

Raelynn Reimer

Raelynn has such a down-to-earth vibe to her blog that makes her instantly trustworthy and super relatable! We love how she tailors her blog to beginners and organizes her main menu in a way that makes it super easy to find what you want. 

Also, she’s also boarding that #montetizationgoals train, because she has a long-term brand deal with Seint makeup. It’s a brand she really loves and now she gets to tell people about it, teach people about makeup with it, and get paid to do it all. Pretty awesome! 

Sophia Allegra 

Sophia posts about all things beauty: hair, makeup, and skin! What we really love from her beauty content are her amazing visuals! Take notes about how well she represents herself and the makeup in every picture. All the images are super high-quality and perfectly showcase her brand! 

The Beauty Blotter

The Beauty Blotter really shows us how to seamlessly blend a lifestyle niche and a beauty niche! Most of the other bloggers on this list do this as well, but Kirsten does it really well as far as web design goes. When you look at her blog, you can instantly identify the topics of each post using her well-organized categories and tags. When building your blog, remember easy navigation like this matters for SEO! 

Let’s launch that beauty blog and make your brand the next big thing!

We seriously can’t wait to see your blog. Get out a notebook, jot down your ideas, make a brief business plan, and just get to writing! Once your post gets uploaded, those readers will come as long as you have the right infrastructure and the right SEO strategy. Keep up with everything we post here at InfluencerSEO to make sure your blog is always in the best shape to give you the most gains!

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