90+ Mental Health Blog Topic Ideas for ANY Niche

mental health blog topic ideas for any niche

If you run a blog, posting consistently is ESSENTIAL for growth! It increases brand awareness, visibility, and credibility. Basically, if you want your blog to grow, you need to have a content calendar of blog post ideas that’ll help you stay on track and never miss one of your weekly posts!

However, even if you love blog post writing, at some point we all run short of ideas. That’s where our blog post idea articles come in handy! There are so many topics out there that can work for any niche, and mental health is one of those topics. It doesn’t need to be Mental Health Awareness Month for a mental wellness post to be relevant and evergreen. People are always interested in self-care and improving their mental well-being. 

So, maybe some mental health content is what your content calendar needs! Here are some mental health blog topic ideas:

mental health blog topic ideas for any niche

90+ Mental Health Blog Topic Ideas for Any Niche

Depression Blog Post Ideas

  • How to End the Stigma of Depression and Its Impact 
  • Personal Experiences with Depression 
  • The Science Behind Depression 
  • Coping Strategies for Depression
  • The Impact of Social Media on Depression 
  • What are the Different Types of Depression?

Anxiety Blog Post Ideas

  • Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments of Anxiety
  • How Anxiety Affects Your Mental Health 
  • Different Types of Anxiety Disorders 
  • How Food and Diet Can Affect Anxiety 
  • Personal Stories of Living with Anxiety 
  • How Exercise Can Reduce Anxiety 

Mental Health Awareness Blog Post Ideas

  • How to Support Your Friends with their Mental Health Journey 
  • Tips to Maintain Good Mental Health
  • Understanding Different Types of Mental Health Disorders 
  • The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health 
  • The Importance of Mental Health Awareness
  • Best Books About Mental Health
  • Best Documentaries About Mental Health 

Self-Care Blog Post Ideas

  • Self-Care Tips for Various Mental Health Conditions 
  • How Self-Care is Good for Your Mind, Body and Soul
  • Best Hobbies to Start for Self-Care
  • Example Self-Care Routines for Beginners 
  • Best Self-Care Strategies for Stressful Times 
  • Self-Care Tips for Moms
  • How to Practice Self-Care on a Budget 

Mental Health in Kids Blog Post Ideas

  • Common Mental Health Problems Kids Experience 
  • Tips for Promoting Mental Health Awareness in Kids 
  • The Role of Mental Health Support in Schools 
  • Signs of Childhood Anxiety 
  • What Parents Need to Know About ADHD in Children 
  • Tips for Promoting Positive Body Image in Children
  • How to Help Children Cope with Grief 
  • The Role of Bullying on Mental Health 

Therapy and Treatment Blog Post Ideas

  • What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression and Anxiety?
  • How Do Mental Health Professionals Help 
  • Who to Talk to When Struggling with Mental Health 
  • How Can Therapy Help with Anxiety 
  • Best Supplements to Support Mental Health 
  • Alternative Therapies for Managing Depression 
  • Does Couples Therapy Actually Work?
  • Pros and Cons of Animal-Assisted Therapy 
  • Best Online Therapy Resources 

Mental Health in the Workplace Blog Post Ideas

  • Tips to Improve Your Mental Health at Work 
  • How to Manage Stress and Boost Productivity at Work
  • Tips for Maintaining Work-Life Balance
  • How to Foster a Supportive Culture at Work 
  • Best Workplace Wellness Programs 
  • Building Health Relationships at Work
  • How to Know When it’s Time to Take a Mental Health Day 
  • How Flexible Work Arrangements Can Boost Employee’s Mental Health 

Suicide Prevention Blog Post Ideas

  • What to Do When You Know Someone Has A Mental Health Crisis
  • Mental Health Resources if You’re Suicidal 
  • What are the Warning Signs of Suicide 
  • How to Talk About Suicide with Your Friends and Loved Ones 
  • Stories of Hope: Surviving and Thriving After a Suicide Attempt
  • How to Create a Suicide-Safe Environment
  • How to Deal with a Suicide Loss
mental health blog topic ideas

Relationships and Mental Health Blog Post Ideas

  • How to Discuss Mental Health Issues with Your Boyfriend and Girlfriend  
  • How Does Mental Illness Affect Relationships? 
  • What to Expect When You Date Someone with Depression 
  • Ways to Connect with a Parent Who is Mentally Ill 
  • How Positive Relationships Can Boost Your Mental Health 
  • Tips for Health Conflict Resolutions in Relationships 
  • How to Care for Yourself when Caring for a Loved One
  • Self-Care Tips for Parents 
  • How to Set Healthy Boundaries in a Relationship 

Mindfulness and Meditation Blog Post Ideas

  • Meditation 101
  • The Science Behind Mindfulness and Meditation 
  • Mindful Eating Benefits
  • Deep Breathing Exercises for Better Mental Health 
  • The Role of Nature in Mindfulness 
  • How to Use Meditation to Improve Focus 
  • How to Get Better Sleep Using Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Gratitude and Mental Health
  • Ways to Practice Self-Compassion 

Eating Disorder Blog Post Ideas

  • Understanding the Cause of Eating Disorders
  • How to Tell Someone You Have an Eating Disorder
  • Personal Stories of Recovering from an Eating Disorder
  • How to Balance Diet During Eating Disorder Recovery
  • How to Build Confidence and Body Positivity 
  • Breaking Stereotypes of Eating Disorders in Men 
  • What is Body Trust and How Do You Cultivate It?

Mental Disorders Blog Post Ideas 

  • Breaking Down Myths and Misconceptions Surrounding Bipolar Disorder
  • What is Schizophrenia? 
  • Success Tips for Adult ADHD
  • Signs and Symptoms of Various Eating Disorders
  • What You Need to Know About Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?
  • How Celebrate and Support Someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder 
  • Signs and Treatment Options of PTSD 
  • How to Celebrate Neurodiversity 
  • What are Dissociative Disorders? 
mental health blog post examples

Mental Health Blog Post Examples From Our Fav Bloggers

It’s always a good time to talk about mental health!

Mental health isn’t a topic to take lightly, but it’s definitely something we should all be talking about. Mental health awareness is an essential piece of wellness and self-care! Just make sure whatever you post is optimized for search engines and repurposed on social media to get the biggest gains from your content. For more on how to get the most from social channels and SEO, head over to the InfluencerSEO blog! We’re experts on blogging, and we don’t gatekeep the keys to success.

Love talking about mental health? Here are some more blog post ideas: 

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