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real estate blog ideas

75+ Real Estate Blog Ideas: Open House for Bloggers

So you think you can dance? WHOOPS. We meant, so you want to write a real estate blog–but you aren’t sure where to start? Well then, you’ve come to the right place! As one of the industries that benefits from blogging the most, real estate professionals can harness the power of blogging to not only educate and inform their audience about this often tricky industry, but also market and promote

july blog ideas

70+ July Blog Ideas: Fun, Festive, and HOT

Hey there, fellow bloggers! We took note of how much you loved our list of summer blog post ideas, so we thought we’d strike while the iron is HOT with some brand new July blog ideas to inspire you even more!  July is just one of those months that screams excitement, fun, laughter, and good times. It’s the peak of summer filled with sunshine and outdoor adventures, and of course,

The true costs of running a blog

The True Costs of Running a Blog: What to Expect

Many of you dream of running a successful blog and for good reason! With the right strategy, blogging can fulfill you both creatively and financially. Plus, a full-time full-time job in blogging gives you flexible hours, a strong sense of purpose, and a rewarding career path. But, you guessed it, getting started is not that easy.  To run a blog, you’ll need to work hard and spend a little money

how to add keywords to pinterest pins

Optimize Your Pins: How To Add Keywords To Pinterest Pins

Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms for growing an audience. Whether you’re a blogger, aspiring Pinterest influencer, or small business owner, Pinterest can be your key to unlocking huge growth potential. The reason Pinterest is so effective is because users actually travel to Pinterest to discover new content, which differs from other platforms where people are just trying to get updated with what their friends are up

How To Make Money As A Fitness Blogger

How To Make Money As A Fitness Blogger

Fitness bloggers inspire readers every day to take charge of their health and develop good exercise and diet habits. On a fitness blog, passionate fitness influencers share workout routines, healthy eating advice, wellness tips, help people reach their fitness goals, and more! It’s a unique niche because unlike fashion blogging, mom blogging, and lifestyle blogging, all of what a fitness guru has to offer can’t be delivered through a camera.

what is a pinterest manager

What Is A Pinterest Manager?

Bloggers and business owners are quick to use social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok to drive traffic to their websites, but many of them overlook the power of Pinterest. With almost half a billion monthly users, Pinterest offers vast opportunities for websites looking to promote their services, products, or content.  We get it; running a business or a blog requires a lot of work and wearing many different

how to be an amazon affiliate on pinterest

How To Be An Amazon Affiliate On Pinterest

As an influencer, finding ways to begin earning money is super important. It can help to turn your blog into a sustainable business that supports your lifestyle. In fact, affiliate marketing is one of THE BEST ways to make a business out of blogging.  Becoming an Amazon affiliate and pairing it with your blog and social media platforms like Pinterest is a smart way  to break into the world of

Influencers with Podcasts

27 Influencers with Podcasts

Influencers use a variety of platforms to connect with their readers. They use blogs, social media, and even podcasts! Podcasts are an extremely lucrative way to generate income and build your audience. A jarring 60% of the US population listens to podcasts regularly, and platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts also make it super easy for users to find your content. This is believe to be because there are so many

what to ask seo consultant

Top Questions: What To Ask SEO Consultants

So, you’re interested in hiring an SEO consultant but don’t know where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we know EXACTLY what you should be looking for in an SEO team. Knowing what to ask an SEO consultant is KEY to making sure you get services that drive RESULTS. SEO can be a bit technical. So knowing what questions to ask, and having an idea of

how to publish squarespace website

How To Publish a Squarespace Website: A Comprehensive Guide

Alright, bloggers, let’s talk about Squarespace! When it comes to website building, there are a lot of platforms out there to choose from. But with such a huge variety, it can get really hard to know where to go, which to choose, and how you can get the best out of your efforts! Squarespace is a very well-regarded platform that is full of great templates and user-friendly features. This is

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