100+ Travel Blog Ideas to Inspire Adventure

Travel Blog Ideas

Traveling is now reaching pre-pandemic hype again! People around the world are definitely in their era of global exploration, and we are SO here for it! As the popularity of traveling continues to soar, travel blogs are getting heaps of attention that they so rightfully deserve.

After all, every traveler is always in search of something new. Whether they want fresh destinations, delicacies, experiences, or travel hacks, they need a travel  aficionado like you to upload blog posts with the best recs! Blogging about your adventures and experiences is SUPER good way to inspire people, find purpose, and make money traveling the world. But, behind all the fun and games of travel influencing, the struggle is REAL when it comes to filling your content calendar and producing regular valuable content while you’re on the road yourself.

So, to help you make sure you never miss another post while on your next adventure, we’re sharing a round-up of some evergreen travel blog post ideas if you’re feeling stuck and out of inspiration! Ready to get inspired?

Travel Blog Ideas to Inspire Adventure

100+ Travel Blog Ideas to Inspire Adventure

Travel Planning Blog Post Ideas

  • The Best Travel Quotes to Inspire Your Next Trip
  • Top Travel Apps
  • How to Find Reliable Travel Guides
  • Tips for Finding a Trustworthy Currency Exchange
  • How to Plan Your Dream Vacation
  • Travel Itinerary Ideas for Every Type of Traveler
  • How to Score the Best Deals on Flights and Accommodations
  • The Art of Researching Your Destination
  • Planning a Road Trip: Tips for a Smooth Journey
  • How to Plan a Memorable Vacation with Kids
  • Preparing for a Last-Minute Trip
  • Tips for Setting Up Your Travel Journal
  • The Joy of Planning Your Travel
  • How to Create Your Dream Itinerary
  • Planning Your Journey with a Pet
  • How to Plan Ahead and Secure Travel Insurance

Travel Safety Blog Ideas

  • Travel Safety Essentials You Need
  • Tips for Preventing Travel-Related Illnesses
  • Navigating Public Transportation Safely
  • How to Protect Your Data on the Road
  • What to Do When the Unexpected Happens on the Road
  • How to Choose Safe Accommodation
  • A Traveler’s Guide to Staying on the Right Side of the Law
  • Safety Tips for Thrill Seekers
  • Staying Safe as a Female Traveler
  • Safety Tips for Family Adventures
  • Navigating Cities After Dark
  • Safety Tips for Remote and Wilderness Destinations
  • Safely Navigating Air Travel with Confidence
  • What’s the Safest Mode of Transportation?
  • Safety Measures for Traveling in a Pandemic
  • Tips for Staying Safe in New Areas Around the World

Blog Post Ideas for Travel Gifts

  • Top 10 Unique Travel Gifts for Travelers
  • Treat Yourself Gift Ideas for When You’re Feeling Wanderlust Stuck
  • Practical and Stylish Travel Gifts
  • Personalized Travel Gifts
  • Gifts, Gadgets, and Gear for Remote Work and Travel
  • DIY Travel Gift Ideas
  • The Most Luxurious Travel Gifts
  • Eco-Friendly Gifts for Conscious Travelers
  • Experiential Gifts for Travelers
  • Christmas Gifts for the Traveler in Your Life
  • Gifts for Travel Photographers
  • Practical and Thoughtful Gifts for Solo Travelers
  • Travel-inspired Home Decor Gifts
  • How to Gift Heavy and Still Travel Light

Budget Travel Blog Post Ideas 

  • The Best Money-Saving Tips for On the Road
  • How to Save Money While Traveling
  • Tips for Scoring a Cheap Flight
  • Free and Low-Cost Activities in [Destination]
  • How to Eat Well on a Budget While Traveling
  • Tips and Tricks for Extreme Travel Budgeting
  • The Ultimate Guide to Budget-Friendly Destinations
  • A Guide to Affordable Accommodations
  • Making the Most of Your Travel Budget
  • How to Find Budget-Friendly Transportation
  • Budget Travel Tips for Every Type of Traveler
  • A Guide to Backpacking on a Budget
  • Exploring [Destination] on a Budget
  • A Simple Guide to Saving Money on the Road
  • 30 Day Budget Travel Challenge
  • Travel Budgets: The Do’s and Don’ts
  • Is It Cheaper to Fly or Drive?
  • Best Credit Cards for Frequent Travelers
Travel Blog Ideas List

Blog Topics for Travel Destinations 

  • Best Road Trips in [Destination]
  • The Most Popular Things to Do in [Destination]
  • A Complete Guide to [Destination]
  • Off the Beaten Path in [Destination]
  • A Culinary Journey Through [Destination]
  • Historical Wonders of [Destination]
  • The Ultimate [Destination] Itinerary
  • Exploring Nature in [Destination]
  • Festivals and Events in [Destination]
  • Seasonal Delights in [Destination]
  • The Best Desserts in [Destination]

Solo Travel Blog Post Ideas

  • How to Stay Active on Social Media While Traveling
  • A Guide to Solo Travel Blogging
  • The Best Travel Tips for Solo Travelers
  • The Simple Joys of Traveling Alone
  • Empowering Tips for Solo Women Explorers
  • Creating Your Solo Travel Itinerary
  • Navigating Solo Adventures
  • Solo Travel Photography Tips
  • Solo Travel and Personal Growth: Life Lessons from the Road
  • Top Tips for Mindful Solo Travel
  • Finding Community as a Solo Traveler
  • How to Nurture Your Mental Health When Traveling Solo
  • The Most Common Solo Travel Challenges
  • Balancing Work and Exploration as a Solo Traveler
  • How to Confidently Solo Travel in a New Area

Family Travel Blog Topics Ideas

  • A Travel Insurance Guide for Families
  • How to Survive Long Plane Rides with Kids
  • Family-Friendly Destinations in [Destination]
  • Tips for Stress-Free Family Travel
  • A Guide to Memorable Family Car Journeys
  • Turning Family Trips into Learning Experiences
  • How to Find Family-Friendly Accommodations
  • Tips for Introducing Outdoor Activities to the Family
  • Technology-Free Family Vacations: Embracing Quality Time Without Screens
  • Celebrating Holidays and Special Occasions on the Road
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Family-Friendly Cruises
  • Tips for Exploring with Furry Companions
  • Essential Packing Tips When Traveling with Kids

Group Travel Blog Ideas

  • Group Travel Planning 101
  • Choosing the Perfect Destination for Group Getaways
  • Group Travel on a Budget
  • Navigating Group Dynamics on the Road
  • What You Need to Know About Group Travel Etiquette
  • Eco-Friendly Group Travel Tips
  • Foodie Group Adventures in [Destination]
  • How to Create Meaningful Connections with Locals as a Group
  • Group Travel for Special Interests: Niche Adventures for Like-Minded Explorers
best travel blogs

4 Best Travel Blogs

Wit & Whimsy

Wit & Whimsy is an absolutely FANTASTIC example of a travel blog! Meghan, the founder of Wit & Whimsy created this amazing venture in 2006. Since then, it has grown from a small blog for her to share her travel, passion, and beauty, to a successful, full-time gig!

Meghan can do the career blogging thing, because she’s doing so much right with her brand! First of all, you’ll notice that she posts super regularly, which is ESSENTIAL for blog growth. Additionally, all of her posts are search engine optimized with subheadings, linking, images, the right content length, proper URL structure, and a super distinct voice! Definitely take notes on how to write SEO-friendly blog posts from Meghan! 

The Emerald Palate

The Emerald Palate is another great travel blog to take notes from. What Adria has done really well is hone her niche and monetize thoughtfully. Her travel blog focus is food, so her content is really unique and so interesting for all types of travelers, but especially foodies. Her blog is thoughtfully broken up so you can easily find travel-specific content, food-specific content, or something in between. 

And, as far as monetization goes, Adria does it right. She offers food tours, custom trips, retreats, and events where her audience pays her to plan trips for them, deliver self-guided tour guides, or take them on incredible adventures to specific destinations! What does that sound like? That sounds like getting paid to travel and do what you love! 

A Solo Woman Traveling

A Solo Woman Traveling is also a perfect example of a niched down blog that’s gained huge success. Melissa has inspired thousands with her content, highlighting her adventures traveling alone all around the world. She’s gained the notoriety she has not just from posting awesome SEO-friendly content on her blog, but also including a ton of engaging extras to keep people coming back! 

On her blog, of course you’ll find blog posts, but you’ll also find links to her social media accounts, budget calculators, customized itineraries, packing lists, quizzes, and more! It makes her blog not only entertaining and informative, but also a super helpful resource for booking and planning your own solo adventures! 

Hey Ciara

Hey Ciara is a super popular blog, and it’s clear why! Her content and portfolio is incredible. But, what really draws us in is her incredible SEO-friendly web design. Everything is well organized and highly readable, which gives her credibility. Plus, you can easily view everything on desktop or mobile, which is super important for optimized web design

You can also take notes from Ciara’s navigation structure. It’s easy for readers to find exactly the content they need with her simple main menu. And, whatever page you want to access opens super fast, which is essential for lowering the bounce rate. Speaking of bounce rate, there aren’t constant annoying ads and pop-ups on Hey Ciara’s website. That’s great for the user experience! Ciara achieves all this with her blog while also keeping it 100% branded. You’re not going to forget this site after you visit! 

Fill up your content calendar with these travel blog post ideas!

No matter what type of travel you usually focus on, these blog post ideas will help you fill up your content calendar, generate more traffic, engage with your audience, and identify monetization opportunities! Make sure you jazz up each of these blog post titles so they fit your voice and vibe!

Just make sure your AWESOME blogs are search engine optimized like the examples in this blog post to get the biggest gains from your efforts. For more helpful SEO and blogging tips, tricks, and hacks, check out more posts from our InfluencerSEO blog! We want to help you make your brand the next big thing!

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