How To Reach Out To Brands As An Influencer

contacting brands as an influencer

Having a social media presence is a powerful thing. Not only do you have the influence to impact people and support from thousands of fans, but you also have a lucrative business opportunity! Monetizing your social media pages through influencer marketing allows you to be a full-time influencer and totally pursue your brand’s mission. 

What is influencer marketing??? It’s when companies pay you to market their products in the form of “brand collaborations.” Much like dating, brands will usually reach out first, but that’s not always the case! Especially when you’re just starting out. It’s best to market products you genuinely love, so reaching out to brands for partnership can be a great way of establishing connections, providing more valuable content, and profiting off your social media presence! 

So, today, we’re giving you a step-by-step guide to contacting brands in an effective and professional way. Here’s how to land your next brand collaboration: 

How To Reach Out To Brands As An Influencer

How To Reach Out To Brands As An Influencer

Step 1: Determine how you’re valuable to brands. 

Brands love influencer marketing, because it’s usually a cheaper form of advertising that gets better ROI than other types of advertising. So, in order to get accepted by brands for collaboration, your online presence has to be demonstrated as valuable to them. 

They’re more likely to think you’re the best fit if: 

  • Your niche includes the brand’s target audience
  • You have an engaged following of at least 500 users
  • Your Followers regularly respond to your call-to-action
  • The content you post is high-quality and valuable
  • All your channels are active and updated regularly 

Step 2: Create a media kit. 

Next, you need to create your media kit! Think of this as your resume as an content creator. It includes all of your basic info, as well as branding specifics and loads of data. All of the statistics and insights you share will help companies see how partnering with you will pay off. You’ll send out your media kit along with your pitch when the time comes!

Here’s what should be included in your media kit:

  • A short bio
  • Engagement rates
  • Performance data
  • Past collab success
  • Audience demographics 
  • List of content offered for collaboration (like reels, stories, blog posts, etc.) 

Step 3: Research brands you want to work with.

Here’s where it gets a little more real! Search for brands that align with your niche, values, and target audience. Consider scouting out smaller brands first or brands that have a strong history with influencers. Just make sure the brand really aligns with who you are and what you want to preach. 

And, the best place to look for brands is around your own home! Remember, brands want to partner with people that already use and love their products. Readers will see right through an inauthentic salesy post marketing a product they know you don’t use. Basically, keep it real! 

Step 4: Engage with the brand’s content.

Before reaching out, engage with the brand’s content on social media platforms. Like, comment, and share their posts and demonstrate genuine interest. This interaction sets a really good example and helps the brand recognize your name when you decide to pitch!

Step 5: Create a friendly and persuasive pitch.

It’s time to reach out! Honestly, finding how to even contact them can be the hardest part! The best place to send an email pitch is to a PR email address. However, not every company has those publicly posted. The next best place to contact is by emailing the address linked to the brand’s Instagram account. If neither of those are an option, you can try DMing the brand on Insta! 

Once you have your in, craft a professional, friendly, and persuasive pitch that will get brands excited about working with you. Introduce yourself, your niche, and why you think that this collaboration would be mutually beneficial. And, of course, express your enthusiasm and outline the value you can bring to the table.

Keep it all short, and don’t forget your media kit either! Your email will make them fall in love with you as a person. The media kit will have them fall in love with your brand as a business opportunity! 

How To Reach Out To Brands As An Influencer

Step 6: Determine how much you’ll charge. 

Pricing sponsored posts is hard when you’re just starting out, but you need to be ready with a number in case that brand gets back to you! Spend your time waiting for a response, deciding on your rate. This post should help you decide how to price your post! Of course, they may not jive with your first pitch, so brush up on your negotiation skills too! 

Step 7: Use professional communication.

Once you’ve sent your pitch to brands, one of four things can happen.

  • You don’t receive a reply.
  • You receive a reply, but they deny collaboration.
  • You receive a reply, and they want to talk more.
  • You nailed it! They want to work together!

No matter what happens, make sure you stay professional in all your communication. Professionalism will help you build a positive reputation in the industry to land future collabs.

Step 8: Follow up.

After you’ve sent your initial pitch, you can follow up in a professional and courteous way. A simple follow-up email or social media message further expresses your interest. Just be respectful and give the brand time to consider your proposal.

Being pushy will NEVER look good, so make sure you allow a good amount of time before you consider following up. Clear, open, honest, and respectful communication will make a HUGE difference.

Step 9: Be flexible and open to negotiation.

Be open to any negotiation and be flexible. Brands may talk to you about specific constraints or requirements, so being open to adapting makes your chances of landing a collab much better. They may also push back on your rate, and you just need to decide what you’re comfortable with. 

Though you should be open to conversation, never compromise your values or the integrity of the brand. If you don’t like what they’re offering and can’t come to an agreement, it’s okay to walk away! There are lots of fish in the ocean or brands on Instagram! You’ll get a partnership in no time. 

influencer brand collaboration
It’s time to reach out. You got this!

Feeling ready to reach out? Yay! You got this!

Working with brands is the next step for influencers of all sizes to take social media from a hobby to a real career. You’re ready to do this whether you’re a micro influencer or a mega influencer! With these tips, we hope you can make a plan, get noticed, and land your first deal. Once you get one gig, usually the others just come rolling in!

For more info on brand collaborations, affiliate marketing, influencing as a business, and so much more on SEO, blogging, and social media, check out the InfluencerSEO blog! We can help you reach your goals of becoming the next big influencer!

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