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What Are Blog Categories?

When you first get started blogging, everything seems super straightforward. You build a quick website and start posting! However, the longer you blog and the more serious you get about it, the more you realize that details matter. Things like SEO (search engine optimization), branding, and organization matter BIG TIME!  What we want to discuss today is that last piece: organization. If your website is laid out in a way

writing seo friendly blog posts

How to Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

If you run a blog, there is nothing more important to your brand than your weekly post uploads! This content is what draws your readers in post after post! These readers share your articles, engage with you on socials, respond to your CTAs, and, at the end of the day, help you profit from your blog! But, we all know blog posts are a lot of work. No matter what

March Blog Ideas

30+ Inspiring March Blog Ideas

When it comes to creating online content, CONSISTENCY IS KEY! Posting quality content as much as you can helps establish your online presence, drive traffic, and keep your audience engaged. To make it easier, we can help you fill in your content calendar with evergreen, seasonal, and always-relevant post ideas! In the past, we’ve given you blog post ideas on everything from food content to Mother’s Day ideas. Today, we’re

How to get blog followers

How to Get Blog Followers to Grow Your Audience, Influence, & Income

As a blogger, growing your readership is of course your top priority. It’s absolutely essential in order to grow your blogging business. Your blog is the home base for your blog as a brand. It’s where you can dive deep, build a loyal audience, develop relationships with readers, and create a community that will grow and evolve with you and your brand. So learning how to get blog followers should

how to change font color on wordpress

How to Change Font Color in WordPress

How your blog looks matters big time! Not only should you have eye-catching images and a great layout, but your text needs to be readable, aesthetic, and engaging. That means you need the right color that’s super legible for easy reading, but also represents your brand vibe. You can learn more about how web design impacts your blog here, but today we’re talking all about how to change your text

How To Set Up A Blog On WordPress

How To Set Up A Blog On WordPress

Blogging is an AWESOME way to express yourself, share ideas, and connect with a community. Beyond that, you can even make a personal brand and business out of blogging with the right strategy! At the end of the day, there are SO MANY benefits of starting a blog and establishing your online presence.  However, choosing the right blog site platform also has a lot to do with your online success.

How google analytics differs from universal analytics

How Google Analytics 4 Differs From Universal Analytics

Well, the day is officially upon us y’all. Google is “sunsetting” Universal Analytics, something we all know and love. Let’s all take a moment to mourn the impending loss of Universal Analytics, but also celebrate the potential opportunities and value we’ll gain from the new data collection methods presented by G4. How Google Analytics 4 Differs From Universal Analytics In 2022, Google announced that Universal Analytics will be phased out

Why blogging is important to modern marketing.

Why Blogging is Important

There was a time that delivering flyers and standing on a soapbox drove people to your business. But, modern technology has changed the way consumers engage with companies. Blogging has set itself apart in this techy world as one of the most lucrative ways to grow for business owners! This is because starting a blog is easy, inexpensive, and helpful for marketing any product or service. Billions of people worldwide

How To Create a Contact Form in WordPress Without A Plugin

How To Create a Contact Form in WordPress Without A Plugin

Establishing meaningful connections with your audience is SO IMPORTANT in the world of online interaction. This is where contact forms come in. These powerful little tools are so helpful for connecting with your target audience and potential partners! (Not sure what a contact form is? Here’s ours for reference!) That contact form is essential for you as a blogger, because it’s that gateway that allows readers to send inquiries (and

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How To Collaborate With Other Bloggers

The world of blogging is hardly a cutthroat industry. Since every brand has its own personality, it rarely feels like you’re dealing with direct competitors. Instead, you and other bloggers in your niche are like a tight-knit community of voices with the same mission. And, because each blogger is an individual with a unique perspective, most readers will read many blogs on the same topic.  This is good news for

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