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How To Name Your Blog

What to Name Your Blog

When you were given the inspiration to create your blog, maybe you were immediately blessed with an epic title. Or maybe not. So now you’re in the camp of bloggers that want to start a blog but have NO idea what to name your blog. Before you start stressing, take a breath. Know that you will find the perfect name for your blog, and we’re here to help. Your personal

Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

The 23 Best Affiliate Platforms For Bloggers

As a blogger, finding ways to make money off your content is really the key to success and making your blog into a life sustaining business. You can work with brands on sponsored content, sell courses, sell your own products, make money through advertisements, and of course earn commissions off affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is essentially a partnership between you and a company to earn commissions or referral fees off

how to outsource your blog writing

How to Outsource Your Blog Writing

Running a blog is hard work. Probably more work than you expected when you initially wrote and published your first post. Between maintaining your hosting account, managing social media, engaging with your audience, promoting your blog, and managing your small business, writing can somehow end up on the bottom of the to-do list. And don’t even get us started on writers block and running out of creative brain power. Writing on

What Is Duplicate Content: how to find it, its impacts, and how to remove it

What Is Duplicate Content?

As a blogger and content creator, one of your main goals should be to grow your traffic through gaining search engine rankings. Being one of the first results on search engines helps you get more page views, reach new audiences, and increase your readership. For that, you need to follow SEO best practices strategy and stick to creating high value, quality, original content! But creating SEO friendly content is more

30+ Gift Ideas For Bloggers

30+ Gift Ideas For Bloggers

It’s gift-giving season! This is a seriously busy time for Bloggers. Brands are pushing for all the promo, looking to drive sales and awareness. Bloggers are featuring all the sales, best deals, and most epic gift ideas for anyone and everyone. So it’s all holiday content and gift guides on their site and social media through most of this season. Most people are used to going TO bloggers for advice

How To Make A Gift Guide Collage on Canva

How To Make A Gift Guide Collage on Canva

Gift guides are the easiest way to recommend to your readers what to gift their loved ones for a special occasion. This can of course be during Christmas & Hanukkah. But you’ll also most likely need to create gift guides for tons of other holidays including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, & Valentine’s Day. Gift guides are a great way to give your readers quick shopping inspiration and insight into

The absolute best halloween blog post ideas

Best Halloween Blog Posts

With Halloween this weekend, hopefully you already took our advice and recirculated your Halloween content from the past! Plus you’re currently publishing new Halloween posts? As a reminder, Halloween posts should be published this week at the latest, but honestly it was a good idea to have them circulating all throughout October. Don’t wait until after Halloween to publish posts about your parties and costumes. By then, it’s too late

Pinterest Tips For Bloggers

Pinterest Tips For Bloggers

Pinterest, as a social media platform, should be at the top of your list when it comes to what time, energy, and yes money you’re willing to invest. It is growing rapidly, has the highest concentration of most influencers’ desired demographics, and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. As of the latest statistics, Pinterest has approximately 250 million active users in a month. Pinterest is also showing its willingness

how long should a blog post be for seo

How Long Should A Blog Post Be For SEO?

Our goal with these weekly blog posts is to remind you that SEO really is the fastest path to a successful career in the blogging world, to help break things down and make it more simple, plus answer some of the most burning questions coming from bloggers. So today we’re answering one of the most asked questions: How long should a blog post be for SEO? We’ll kick off this

How To Find Your Blogging Voice

How To Find Your Blogging Voice

Your blogging voice is one of the most important aspects of your blog’s brand. It’s how you connect with your readers and directly impacts how they perceive your personality. Your writing style and voice are very personal things! It has to be unique and make you stand out from the sea of other bloggers present within your niche. It’s just as important as your blog’s content!  You’ll be using your