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Why SEO for bloggers is important

What Is SEO For Bloggers?

Our goal as a business that supports bloggers is to give you the very best insight into how to grow your blog and brand. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned blogger looking to double down, we’re here to help. Our goal is to inspire you to grow your community and make more money off your blog. So today, we’re answering one of our most frequently asked questions:

Influencer Marketing and SEO

Influencer Marketing and SEO

Marketing in the 2020s isn’t what it used to be! You no longer need to pay for TV ads, billboards, and flyers—even traditional social media ads don’t quite hit the consumer like they did before. But, this isn’t a bad thing! Modern strategies like influencer marketing offer an inexpensive and effective way to boost your search engine optimization and generate more loyal customers.  Since influencer marketing impacts your SEO, one

How to Choose a Blogging Platform

How To Choose A Blogging Platform

Making the decision to start a blog comes with an AVALANCHE of choices to make. Creating a blog is much more complex than just writing blog posts and snapping a few photos! We wish it was this easy! One of the first crucial decisions you’ll have to make is which blogging platform to build your blog on.  Where you build your site determines your blog’s design, functionalities, potential reach, growth

Search engine optimization for fashion bloggers

SEO For Fashion Bloggers

When you launch your blog out into the world wide web, it doesn’t take off overnight. With over 600 million blogs out there, optimizing your site for search engines is vital to get noticed and gain traffic. Of course, there are some basic SEO principles that work for all types of blogs, but it’s best to understand the nuances of your niche specifically to launch your blog to the next

11 Best Web Hosting Services For Blogs

11 Best Web Hosting Services For Blogs

11 Best Web Hosting Services For Blogs If your blog is already live, you have a web host. If your site isn’t live yet, you’re going to need one. So, what is web hosting and why does it matter? Web hosting is one of the most important, yet often most neglected, aspects of blogging.  A web host provides the technology and services required to make your website public and accessible

What is a good call to action?

What is a Good Call to Action

Digital marketing is no easy feat. You can’t sell anyone on your blog using your charismatic personality, dazzling product demonstrations, or local credibility. That may have been the way it worked in the past, but not in the age of the internet! Plus, the worldwide web poses another challenge: There are thousands of competitors and your potential customer’s attention span is short.  So, is there hope? How do you increase

16 benefits of a content calendar

16 Benefits of a Content Calendar

When you first start your blog, coming up with great content each week is a breeze! You’re brimming with ideas and motivation, which makes pumping out these posts easy. But, as your blog business grows and the weeks drone on, it’s not always so easy to stay consistent with quality content.  Using a content calendar is a great way to stay on top of your blog and social media posting!

How to Start a Mom Blog

How to Start a Mom Blog

It’s back to school season and everyone, including moms, are looking for ways to make extra cash. Though options like Instacart, dog walking, and house sitting might be viable options for making money, they’re not very fun or sustainable! Why not do something you’re really passionate about? And, why not fulfill a lifelong goal while doing it? Why not start a MOM BLOG? Whether you’re a working mom, a work

How to Make a Business Out of Blogging

How to Make a Business Out of Blogging

Some start blogs as a hobby. And, some start blogs to build an empire. If you’re one of the brave content creators who hope to create a successful blog that makes an impact AND generates an income, come along with us today! We’ve got a great post for you.  Today, we’re dedicating our post to making a business out of blogging. Using these steps when starting a blog will help

Influencers with Podcasts

25 Influencers with Podcasts

Influencers use a variety of platforms to connect with their readers. They use blogs, social media, and even podcasts! Podcasts are an extremely lucrative way to generate income and build your audience. A jarring 60% of the US population listens to podcasts regularly, and platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts also make it super easy for users to find your content.  There are all sorts of popular podcast categories like

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