What we do

we make seo for influencers simple & efficient.

    The InfluencerSEO team understands how much work content creators have on their plate. So our services are designed to take work off of your plate. You can focus on being creative and connecting with your readers, knowing that your optimization is covered. We send our clients one email per week outlining the results you've gained and the tasks we've completed for you in bullet point form. Simple, and to the point. You'll always know exactly how we're adding value to your brand.

How Does InfluencerSEO Help Content Creators Grow?

We'll Optimize Your Content:

In all of our packages, our team will physically go into your posts and improve its SEO optimization. We'll fix optimization errors automatically, fix readability errors, and optimize your content for the most advantageous keywords.

You'll Learn To Create Search Engine Friendly Content:

Search engine friendly content is first and foremost valuable to readers. It's informative, easy to read, and overall more engaging content.

In the Strategize package, we conduct keyword research for you. We find out which topics you can potentially rank for based off your domain authority and how competitive keywords are. We also collect data to help you create the best post possible. It's not just about your blog post topic, it's also about what information you're including in each post and how you're formatting your posts.

We'll Restore & Maintain The Health Of Your Site:

All sites rack up issues, especially blogs with a ton of content. In the Strategize Package, we locate and fix those issues for you on a weekly basis, which improves both your user experience AND your SEO.

Want to know how many issues your site has one it? Request a free SEO evaluation.

Promote Your Brand On Other Platforms:

In the Publicize Package, we'll help you secure promotions, features, guest posts, etc. This package is similar to public relations, but from an SEO, data-driven perspective.

InfluencerSEO Founders

The founders of InfluencerSEO understand content creators and their goals. They have a background in the technical side of websites, and care deeply about the Influencer industry.

Connect with an InfluencerSEO Team member directly at Info@InfluencerSEO.com

Jordan Bosstick: President & CoFounder

Jordan fell in love with all things related to growing a blog, SEO, social media, & earning authentic influence while working for Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential. Jordan has a background in web development & project management, specifically with building social networks and Wordpress blogs.  Most importantly, Jordan has a deep understanding of how Influencers can increase their revenue through their blog. Which is one of InfluencerSEO's main goals through our SEO services.

Nico Becerra Esq: Cofounder & Business Manager

Nico is a business consultant, operations specialist, & attorney. He focuses specifically on working with new age businesses & Influencer Law. Nico has a passion for helping creative entrepreneurs create systems for scaling. He helps Influencers set up their business properly, manage brand partnerships, & overall learn how to run their blog like the business that it is.

Listen to Nico discuss Influencer Law on Beyond Influential Podcast.

Which SEO Service Package Is Right For Your Blog?

The Optimize Package is designed to make sure your current site and content have their best chance at ranking. We install & configure SEO software on your site, plus optimize your blog posts for you.

The Strategize Package is designed for the Influencer that wants to get more strategic with their content, receive brand aligned content inspiration, fix SEO hindering errors on their site, & see weekly SEO results & improvements.

The Publicize Package is designed for the Influencer that is already creating SEO friendly content, has an SEO friendly website, and is ready to start promoting their brand on other websites.

an SEO package for every influencer, with any audience size

InfluencerSEO strictly works with content creators looking to build a community and gain authentic influence. All of our SEO service packages are tailored to helping Influencers achieve their goals. Each package adds tremendous value, it just depends how much you're hoping to invest in your SEO. In each package, you can be sure that your site's SEO is headed in the right direction. Our service packages start at an affordable $99 per month, so we can achieve our goal of helping Influencers at any level work towards growing their blog faster.

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