Copywriting Services

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For clients enrolled in the Strategize package, the InfluencerSEO team can take the task of drafting complete SEO friendly and SEO competitive blog posts off your plate.

You’ll approve the topics, receive an outline of the proposed blog post, then our team will write and upload the post into your website CMS ( WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, etc. ).

We have a detailed intake form in order to get 1000% clear on your goals, voice, writing style, personality, and so much more. These posts will be competitive, entertaining, and sound LIKE YOU while packing a major SEO punch.

Each client enrolled in copywriting is assigned a dedicated writer, responsible for writing your content each week. This ensures that you have a cohesive voice and your writer can focus on your voice on a regular basis.

Additionally, each writer submits their content to a senior editor for final review prior to uploading the post.

Finally, the Blogger Account Manager is there to ensure the entire Strategy is streamlined.

So you have three individuals ensuring your content is strategic, brand aligned, and HIGH PERFORMING.

InfluencerSEO Copywriting Services:

+ This service is only available to clients enrolled in the Strategize package.

+ Option to receive 2, 4, or 8 drafted blog posts per month.

+ You receive a dedicated writer for your content.

+ Final edits are made by a Senior Editor to ensure grammar and brand voice.

+ Blogger Account Manager handles your Strategize Package and streamlines the whole copywriting process.

+ All content is created with your goals in mind. Whether you want to drive traffic to your top performing blog posts, sell courses, earn commissions through affiliate links, boost subscribers or followers, promote products, or just simply build your traffic through SEO, we got you!

What about blog post images?

Yep, we’ve got you covered!

The InfluencerSEO team can also create and upload custom graphics into your blog posts.

We’ll upload FOUR images into each blog post we write for you, in your branding. Simply select the graphics option in your Strategize Package intake form.

This service is only offered to clients enrolled in copywriting.

What about affiliate links?

Adding affiliate links and affiliate widgets can be such a time suck!

Let us do this for you.

Simply request the affiliate program management copywriting upgrade.

We can literally take everything related to creating HIGH VALUE, SEO FRIENDLY, COMPETITIVE, blog posts off your plate.

To enroll in InfluencerSEO copywriting services, sign up for the Strategize Package. In your intake form, select to add the Copywriting Upgrade.

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