How to Diversify Your Website Traffic Sources

How to Diversify Your Website Traffic Sources

When it comes to blogging, web traffic is like currency. But, sometimes the digital marketing space can be tricky to navigate and feel very overwhelming. If you’re seeing a slowdown in your web traffic with your current content marketing strategy, you might just be exhausting the same lead sources over and over.

One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website is to diversify your traffic sources. But, what does this even mean? How do you do it? Well, basically, it means going beyond your fantastic blog posts and finding alternative places to grab new readers and new followers. Don’t worry, it can sound a little daunting, but it really is quite simple!

We all know that organic traffic is better than paid traffic, so today we’re dedicating a whole post to the organic diversification of your website traffic. We hope this article will inspire you to check out new ways to create great content and draw in more enthusiastic and loyal followers! Believe in yourself, you’ve got this!

How to Diversify Your Website Traffic Sources

How to Diversify Your Website Traffic Sources 

Sometimes, paid advertising can just feel icky. But, when you’re seeing a dip in your web traffic growth, it’s time to switch things up. You don’t need to create ads and beg for views. Instead, you can gain new sources of traffic from other creative outlets. This way, your product or service gets more viewers and maintains your blog’s creative influence and integrity! 

So, let’s get right down to it then so you can learn how to diversify your website traffic sources. Here are the top 8 ways to diversify your website traffic sources:

The Top 8 Ways to Diversify Your Website Traffic Sources

Guest Posting 

First up, we have guest posting! Guest posting is when you write a blog post for another blog in your niche. When you share your expertise on their platform, their followers will take notice and gain interest in your content too. Because of this, guest posting on a variety of other blogs will help drive traffic to your site.

Guest posting is a relatively easy and strategic way to diversify your website traffic by tapping into the audiences of other relevant websites. You should get started by identifying different platforms within your niche that accept guest contributions. Craft compelling pitches that are specifically tailored to each site.

This helps to emphasize the value your content brings their audience. Once you’ve been accepted, you can focus on delivering high-quality content with relevant backlinks to your own site. From there, promote your guest posts across your channels to maximize exposure and engagement. 

Consistently seek new opportunities for guest posting to broaden your reach and further drive traffic from multiple different sources. This can help you a lot when it comes to enhancing your website’s visibility and authority within your niche!

Social Media Engagement 

Another way to develop new web traffic is to ensure you’re marketing your content effectively on social platforms. Social media platforms are like a town square of millions of people just waiting to be fed valuable information and material. You’ve just got to know how to reach them with quality content!  

Post quotes from your blogs, helpful graphics, and other creative content with links to your website. As you gain interest on social media, users will start reading, commenting, liking, and sharing. When this happens, you have the opportunity to develop relationships with your readers. And when this happens, they will naturally gravitate to your helpful site. 

If you feel like you’re doing a good job on your current channels, create new ones! Your audience might be gravitating to one of those other, more modern, platforms. Plus, when you move to a new social channel, you have the opportunity to engage in more trends, reach new people, and take advantage of that platform’s algorithms. A platform you don’t currently engage in might be surprisingly lucrative for new traffic! 

Podcast Guest Speaking

Recently, podcasting and blogging have become two sides of the same industry coin. They really have a lot of the same target audience. Because of this, many bloggers have moved to creating a podcast platform as well. If this is intimidating, don’t worry! We’re not suggesting you start a whole podcast. But, guest speaking on podcasts that your target audience will listen to could definitely help you generate tons of new interest in your website.  

It presents a really cool opportunity to diversify your website traffic as well! You can get started by researching different podcasts that align with your specific niche or target audience. Consider crafting a pitch that showcases your expertise and unique insights, but don’t forget to infuse it with your personality!

Once you’ve been booked on a podcast, it’s a good idea to thoroughly prepare for your interview. Ensure you deliver content that is valuable and resonates with the audience. During, share some hot tips, anecdotes, and engaging stories to really captivate listeners and create a positive, lasting impression!

Encourage listeners to visit your website for more resources or to learn more about your offerings, leveraging the podcast platform and driving traffic back to your site. After the episode airs, promote it across your channels to further enhance its reach and attract more visitors to your blog. By using this opportunity strategically, you can effectively boost your online presence and connect with new audiences!

Email Newsletter Mentions

Email marketing has been around since the beginning of blogging. And that’s because it works! Though much of the online world has evolved rapidly over the last two decades, emailing is still one of the most utilized internet features! In fact, the number of email users is expected to increase from 3.9 billion to 4.8 billion by 2025. (That’s right, BILLION.) 

Since email is tried-and-true, most blogs like yours have an email list. Of course, there isn’t much new traffic through your email marketing – but getting mentioned in someone else’s email newsletter will definitely get your site more visits. Find another blog in your niche that you value, and offer to swap email newsletter mentions. They plug your blog and you plug theirs – then you both benefit from this simple way to boost traffic!

YouTube Videos

YouTube, much like podcasts, has become a favorite companion to blogging. In fact, YouTube provides content to millions of people, and many of these users actively search for their niche. Or, when they watch one video on your topic, YouTube continually suggests more! This means, if you have quality content on YouTube, you can easily gain new readers and followers just from YouTube’s search metrics and algorithms.  

Of course, once they gobble up your valuable video content, they’ll want to head to your blog to hear more! You can also regularly plug your site into your videos. The way YouTube has designed its search engine and suggested feed is perfect for bloggers like you looking to gain more web traffic. 

Site Optimization

One of the absolute best ways to get more organic website visitors is through search traffic. Most Internet users travel to Google when they have a question or need information on something. So, if you play your cards right and create a good seo strategy, your content will show up as one of the top sources for that specific search. When your content populates closer to the top of the search engine results pages, you’ll get tons of new web traffic. 

Have you googled your niche before? I bet those Google searches resulted in lots of valuable content populating, but was any of it your own? If not, you’ll need to optimize your site. Search engine optimization is the process of formatting your content for Google’s web crawlers. When you do this, Google can easily interpret your content, understand it has value, and deliver that material to users searching your topic! 

You can optimize your own blog with some research and focus. In fact, we’ve got a whole blog dedicated to your SEO journey for you to check out when you’re ready to start optimizing! On the other hand, if this side of blogging is intimidating to you, you can always opt for an optimization service like the one we offer here at Influencer SEO. We’ll take your content and format it for Google’s SEO criteria to help move your content up the ladder. This way, you can focus on the creative part of the job while we handle the tedious technical side. 

Forum Chats

One of the best ways to gain more traffic is to connect with your audience. Joining online forums, Facebook groups, and other social channels will help you not only hear what type of information your niche is seeking but also allows you to converse and provide helpful links to your website based on their questions. As long as you do this only when prompted and don’t spam people with links, you’ll ‌build your web traffic as more readers see the usefulness of your content! 

Influencer Partnerships

Finally, you can gain organic traffic through influencer partnerships. Having an endorsement through a well-known influencer in your niche will help you gain brand awareness and credibility. As their followers flock to your site, you’ll see an increase in traffic and an increase in regular readers.

Now, these partnerships can sometimes come at a pretty penny if you go too big. So, instead of finding the biggest, most influential figure in your niche, try to find someone with a similar size following you. Then, you can partner with them instead of paying for their sponsorship. You post about them and they post about you! It’s a win-win for both groups as you mutually grow your audiences. 

Build your audience and maintain regular new views by diversifying your web traffic sources

Diversifying your web traffic sources will help you build your audience and maintain a steady flow of new viewers! 

Blogging isn’t just crafting a post every week. For success, you’ve got to hustle to build an audience and keep it! Site traffic from one source can run dry after a while, leaving you feeling lost and frustrated. But, diversifying your traffic sources with some ‌ideas on this list will bring in a whole new audience of viewers and keep that new traffic coming day after day!

Here at Influencer SEO, we truly hope you found this blog helpful. With these tips, you can definitely make a different and achieve online success. You just need to put your mind to it! For more on blogging, SEO, optimization and more, head on over our blog page. And, if you have any additional questions or comments, feel free to drop us a line below and we’ll get back to you! 

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