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The absolute best halloween blog post ideas

Halloween will be here before you know it! Hopefully, you already took our advice and recirculated your Halloween content from the past! Plus you’re currently publishing new Halloween posts, right???

As a reminder, Halloween posts should be published this week at the latest, but honestly, it was a good idea to have them circulating all throughout October. Don’t wait until after Halloween to publish posts about your parties and costumes. By then, it’s too late for readers. Use those only for personal posts, NOT SEO.

If you’re a bit late to the game and still working on your Halloween content, don’t stress! Today’s post is for you! We’re here to help you get those creative juices flowing and remind you what SEO-friendly seasonal content really looks like.

So, get excited! Below, we’re sharing a list of the absolute best Halloween blog posts; all of which are excellent examples of blog SEO done right.

These posts are spooky, informative, and unique, and add value in some way that most typical Halloween content doesn’t. They are formatted in a way that search engines can understand. The content is packed with information to make sure the reader really gets the value they’re searching for. Plus, we just genuinely find these posts uniquely over the top and one of a kind.

So with that, let’s get the spooky vibes going because this post is going to be absolutely epic. Get ready for some major inspiration for your next Halloween blog post; ideas that are fun, creative, and valuable. Below is a full round-up of some of our favorite Halloween content:

The Absolute Best Halloween Blog Posts

DIY Paper Bats Tutorial - Best Halloween Blog Posts

DIY Paper Bats Tutorial by Cottage Living and Style

This is a tutorial every one can utilize. Who doesn’t love a little classy Halloween detail for their home? Teaching people how to do things is incredible for SEO. Plus, paper bats are always trending every year during Halloween. So we LOVE this one. With beautiful photos, Stephanie takes you step by step through the process of creating these DIY paper bats for Halloween home decor.

DIY Skull Wreath - Best Halloween Blog Posts

DIY Skull Wreath by Ice Cream and Neon Dreams

Bloggers are really the tastemakers when it comes to showcasing how to decorate your home for the holidays. And Halloween is no different. Readers go to bloggers to find inspiration for something unique, out of the box, edgy, and fun. So it’s no surprise we LOVE this DIY Skull Wreath tutorial. Erin shows readers how to make the wreath in just a few simple steps, plus she shares the final product on her door so they can really see it all come together.

Halloween Charcuterie Board - Best Halloween Blog Posts

How To Create A Halloween Charcuterie Board by Foxes Love Lemons

What party-goer doesn’t appreciate a good cheese & meat board? This blog post checks every box from an SEO standpoint. Lori shares what to build your charcuterie board on, why she chose the items included on the board and tons of tips for decorating and bringing out the spooky vibes. When it comes to creating valuable Halloween content, it’s all about finding a unique angle and really explaining things to readers in depth – which this post does a great job of!

Halloween Grazing Board | Best Halloween Blog Posts

Creating the Perfect Halloween Grazing Board by Alicia Tenise

Since they’re recent rise in popularity, charcuterie boards are literally ALWAYS trending. So, if you have a unique take on this popular food trend, definitely consider writing a recipe of your own. But first, check out the awesome example by Alicia Tenise. It’s not often that we see a recipe where the blogger has linked to every. single. ingredient. That, friends, is true value. 

Quick and Easy Halloween Treat by Life on Cedar Lane 

Like we mentioned earlier, we LOVE articles that teach people how to do something. And guess what? Search engines love these articles too! So, if you’re just dying to share a recipe of your own, definitely check out this SEO-friendly recipe by Life on Cedar Lane. With simple and clear instructions & plenty of helpful photos and links, this blog gives readers so much value. And by now, we all know that value = good SEO.

Spooky Halloween Treats Roundup

Spooky Halloween Treats Roundup by XO Jasmine

Good roundups = good SEO, and this roundup is TOP KNOTCH. All of the recipes included in this post are over the top spooky and super unique. Bring any one of these to your next Halloween party to WIN the dessert game. When it comes to SEO, we’ll keep saying it. ADDING VALUE is really the most important thing. This post has serious inspiration, which means value. Plus, it’s broken down in an easy to digest format so people searching online can quickly find the inspiration they’re looking for. So well done!

Halloween Charcuterie Board

Easy Halloween Dessert & Charcuterie Board Ideas by The Gray Details

Because there are SO MANY articles out there about holiday desserts, and especially charcuterie boards, these types of articles are always trending. So, here’s another example of an excellent roundup that is not only super aesthetically pleasing, but also super SEO-friendly. From using trending keywords to using clear and creative photos and widgets, this article by The Gray Details hits all the best SEO marks.

Trick or Treat Safety Tips | Best Halloween Blog Posts

10 Trick or Treat Safety Tips by Salty Lashes

We’re OBSESSED with this one. Not only is Lisa of Salty Lashes offering super informative content for moms trying to keep kids safe on Halloween, but she also showcases her kids’ incredibly unique costumes. So you’re really getting double inspiration in this post as a reader: safety, and costume creativity for your kids.

Halloween Safety Tips for Families by Mommy Diary 

Another blog on safety tips for Halloween? Absolutely! Believe it or not, Halloween safety tips are one of the most Googled phrases by parents around this holiday. (Which, by the way, makes this an excellent content idea for any mom or parenting blogs out there.) Again, we just LOVE articles that give us double the content: safety tips and awesome Halloween costume ideas for kids and adults. Double the value, double the SEO.

Best halloween movies

My Favorite & Best Halloween Movies (Kid-Friendly) by RD’s Obsessions

Not to be too corny, but we’re totally obsessed with this blog by RD’s Obsessions. With just one quick look at this blog, we can already tell Rach put some serious thought into her SEO game. Especially when it comes to keywords. Not only are there plenty of keywords and trending topics mentioned throughout the article, but they’re included in the title and headings as well (which is great for SEO and searchability). AND, she uses all keywords in a super authentic way – no spammy keywords here. LOVE IT!

How To Set Up A Halloween Candy Bar Cart

How To Set Up A Halloween Candy Bar Cart by The Skinny Confidential

As SEO’s, we love any post that teaches people HOW TO DO SOMETHING. So, styling a festive Halloween candy bar cart is definitely ideal. In this post, Lauryn walks you through what kind of items to include in a festive candy bar cart, how to style it, and all the decor items you’ll need to complete the look. Readers really get a sense for how easy it is to throw together a spooky, fun candy bar cart.

Cute Family Halloween Costumes | Best Halloween Blog Posts

50 Cute Family Halloween Costume Ideas by Truly Destiny

If you’re going to do outfit ideas for Halloween, there are really only two ways to succeed from an SEO standpoint. One: get SUPER focused on a very specific, unique costume. TWO: Include A LOT of valuable ideas. This blog post by Destiny of Truly Destiny checks both of those boxes. She’s focused on cute family costume ideas, plus she listed 50 ideas. This really gives readers a ton of inspiration in one place. So, they hopefully won’t need to look anywhere else if they stumble across this post online. We love it!

Starlord and Gamora Costume

Starlord and Gamora Costume by Color Me Courtney

As we mentioned above, if you want to succeed in the SEO game when it comes to costumes, YOU HAVE TO GET UNIQUE. This couples costume by Courtney of Color Me Courtney is definitely unique. It’s not a simple zombie, witch, or ghost. Choosing a specific character like this is a great way to win in SEO. Plus, they really committed. The costumes are perfect!

Dog costumes for Halloween

16 Easy DIY Dog Costume Ideas To Try This Halloween by Daily Paws

First of all, how cute? It doesn’t get any more adorable than dressing up your dog or cat for Halloween. (As long as they don’t mind, right?) Anyway, from an SEO standpoint, this blog is top notch. It’s a roundup, it’s niche, and it’s super aesthetically pleasing. And most importantly, it’s extremely valuable. This article includes 16 costume ideas, including the supplies you might need, and where to purchase them. It even includes an adorable REAL LIFE INSTAGRAM PHOTO of each costume in action – OMG!

Maybe The Weirdest, Most FLATTERING Halloween Tip EVER? by The Skinny Confidential

Maybe The Weirdest, Most FLATTERING Halloween Tip EVER? by The Skinny Confidential

Like charcuterie boards, cocktails, and dessert recipes, Halloween costume blogs are ALWAYS trending this time of year. Everyone wants to look their absolute best as they show off their costumes & party the night (of the living dead) away. Like we mentioned before, if you’re not sharing a roundup of costume ideas, then you need to get super specific about ONE. That’s exactly what this blog does, and we are totally here for it.

Halloween makeup ideas | Best Halloween Blog Posts

30 Best Halloween Makeup Looks to Elevate Your Costume This October by The Pioneer Woman

Keeping with the costume theme for one more blog, let’s talk Halloween make-up. Every Halloween, TONS of people are in search of make-up tutorials to take their costumes to the next level. If you love make-up, hair accessories, and face paint, we highly recommend sharing a tutorial. Something like THIS ONE from The Pioneer Woman! In the form of a gallery, Shelby breaks down 30 different Halloween make-up ideas, and even suggests tutorials for the more difficult options. Tons of options + tons of value = good SEO.

Classy Halloween Nail Designs

14 Classy Halloween Nail Designs by The Gray Details

Like make-up tutorials, Halloween nail designs are also a trending topic this time of year. Author of The Gray Details, Amanda, breaks down 14 different nail designs and why they are perfect for Halloween. She also links to a variety of tutorials, diy nail designs, and products. All of which can help make your Halloween nail dreams come true this year. We love all the value this article provides, and so will those search engines!

Salem Halloween Itinerary

Salem Itinerary For Halloween by Jessica Litras

As SEO’s, we love a good itinerary. Travel guides are really great for SEO overall. And even better if you’re doing a guide in the CREEPIEST city in America. Which is exactly why we had to add this Salem Travel Guide Itinerary to our list. In this post, Jessica explains that Salem is one of the spookiest cities in the USA, then guides you through all of the best places to eat, drink, explore, and of course take in all the spookiness! Definitely a fun trip to plan on Halloween if you want to immerse yourself in the scary.

Best Halloween Fun In Seattle

Best Halloween Fun In Seattle by Emerald Palate

Another fun way to do an itinerary is to take all of the best Halloween themed events and round them up in your city! It’s super SEO friendly, and can help build up your local authority. That’s why we LOVE this post by Adria of Emerald Palate! She found all of the absolute best Halloween events happening in her area, Seattle, for readers to enjoy. These kinds of posts are super valuable for anyone trying to plan their holiday festivities. And if you read our content regularly, you know that valuable = SEO friendly. You can do this in any city, and recirculate this type of post year after year!

The Best Places For Families to Celebrate Halloween in the USA by The Mom Trotter

So, we just talked about how itineraries AND roundups are both really good for SEO, right? The reason we LOVE this article by The Mom Trotter is because it combines both of these SEO-strategies. Plus, its super informative, and brings a lot of value to the reader. For example, Karen not only suggests several different places for families to celebrate Halloween, but she also suggests possible itineraries, family friendly events, and helpful tips!

The Witch’s “Brew” Crawl Through Salem by The Food Lens

One more itinerary? We think YES! Since itineraries and activity roundups are popular during this time of year, we figured we’d include one more favorite from the itinerary category. We just LOVE how The Food Lens not only includes a roundup of the best bars, but also where they’re located, what you can expect, and recommendations for drinks and shopping. So much value, so much good SEO.

Witch's Brew cocktail

Witch’s Brew by Pizzazzerie

When it comes to Halloween cocktail content, there is A LOT out there. However for as much as you’ll see out there, it does tend to fall within the same general guidelines. Dark drink. dry ice, etc. When it comes to SEO, finding a UNIQUE angle is actually really important. That’s why we added Purple Witch’s Brew Recipe to our list of favorite Halloween blog posts! It’s a unique twist on Witch’s brew and adds a little something extra to the spooky cocktail. Lori keeps the spooky vibes going with glitzy spiders and some dry ice, of course. But its not your typical Witch’s brew, that’s for sure!

Halloween Inspired His and Hers Cocktails by Mommy Diary

His and hers Halloween cocktails? Adorable and spooky at the same time! With so much cocktail content out there, especially around the holidays, it’s important to make sure your content stands out from the rest. So, we figured we’d include one more UNIQUE example of a creative and authentic Halloween cocktail recipe. With clear, step-by-step instructions, readers will love learning how to make these Halloween-inspired cocktails.

Halloween Crafts and Hands-On Activities - Best Halloween Blog Posts

7 Easy Halloween Crafts and Hands-On Activities To Do With Young Kids by Glitter, Inc.

If you’re a mom and a blogger, sharing tips for your readers to keep kids busy and entertained on Halloween is a must! In this post, Glitter, Inc. shares some impressively creative ideas. These Halloween crafts are unique, fun, and beautifully photographed. Roundup posts of activities like this can really add a lot of value for readers and give them a ton of inspiration in one easy place.

How To Host A Sophisticated Halloween Party - Best Halloween Blog Posts

How To Host A Sophisticated Halloween Party by An Indigo Day

Hosting tips are honestly some of the best SEO-friendly style blog posts. You would be surprised how many people go to Google when they’re tasked with hosting. We love this post because it’s not only focused on Halloween party ideas. It’s also hyper niched down, focusing specifically on a sophisticated party. For SEO, it really is the best idea to get as specific and focused as possible. So this post is perfect!

Scary stories for kids

10 Best Scary Stories For Kids by Mom Loves Best

Who doesn’t love a good scary story during the spookiest month of the year? We know we do! What we love most about this blog is the attention to detail. Mom Loves Best not only shares ten super spooky stories for kids, but also the suggested age group, and when and where to share each story. So much value for the reader!

Halloween Blog Post Ideas

  • Halloween costume ideas (adults or kids)
  • Family, couples, or group Halloween costume ideas
  • A roundup of celebrity Halloween costume ideas
  • Halloween make-up tutorial
  • DIY Halloween crafts
  • Halloween decoration ideas (decor ideas)
  • Halloween food ideas
  • Healthy Halloween treats
  • Halloween-inspired cocktail recipes
  • Best places to visit for Halloween
  • List of Halloween activities or events
  • Halloween safety tips
  • Tips for saving money on Halloween
  • Halloween hosting tips
  • Halloween party theme ideas

Are you looking for Halloween blog post ideas and inspiration?

So there you have it! A ton of Halloween blogs are not only unique from the readers’ perspective but absolutely ideal from an SEO standpoint. Perfect for lifestyle blogging and beyond. To the naked eye, they definitely appear to be following all of the SEO best practices & finding a unique way to deliver valuable information.

We love these posts and highly recommend you keep these in mind while you’re creating your content. We’ll definitely keep adding to this list and recirculate the post year after year to remind you of what HIGH-QUALITY content really looks like.

If you have an epic Halloween blog post you want us to add to the list, feel free to send it over. You can leave it in the comments below or email it to us! You can find our contact form HERE.

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