How to Become a Beauty Influencer

How to Become a Beauty Influencer

Becoming an influencer at the same time both feels totally within reach and completely impossible. On one hand, you have all the resources and connections you need to get started. On the other hand, sticking out in a sea of influencers and social media users is no easy task. And, when you’re interested in a niche as crowded as the beauty market, gaining a following seems unreachable. 

So, how do you do it? How can you use the resources you have to gain followers, develop a brand, and make a real career out of your influencer business? Today, we’ve dedicated our post to answering that very question. We at InfluencerSEO are experts in, well, influencing. So, here’s how to become a beauty influencer:

What is a beauty influencer

What is a Beauty Influencer

Beauty influencers are social media stars and/or bloggers who make content related to skincare, make-up, hair, nails, or similar self-care practices. These individuals usually post tutorials, reviews, reactions, and advice about their niche. 

Even though many of these influencers may be bloggers, they’re almost always on social media too, since the visual part of their craft is so important! If you want to explore popular beauty influencers, check out Huda Kattan, Lauryn Bosstick, and Safiya Nygaard

How to Become a Beauty Influencer

Figure out where you’re most skilled. 

If you’re not sure what aspect of the beauty industry you want to go into, take time to consider where your passion really lies. The aspect of beauty where you are the most talented or knowledgeable is probably the best route to take! Your content will be most appealing to users if the beauty process is well done, credible, and fun!

Find your niche and determine what makes you unique. 

Once you figure out whether you’re doing nails, hair, make-up, or skincare, niche down further. There are SO many content creators out there in the beauty and make-up world, so you’ll need to be unique and specific to make it. Feed the market somewhere it hasn’t yet been fed!

Make a brand kit. 

Brand consistency and quality are super important for growth. On your website and on Instagram, users will connect instantly with your content if the branding is professional and aesthetically pleasing. So, develop a brand kit that’ll keep you on track with every post. Use the same language, colors, fonts, and vibe each time. (Can’t forget about the vibes.) 

Choose the best platforms for you. 

As a beauty influencer, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are going to be your best social media platforms. You should try to leverage all the channels, but if you’re looking for one to focus on, choose the one you’re most familiar with using. If you are an avid social media user of one or two of the platforms, it’ll feel more natural and approachable to start promoting your brand there!

Blog and post on social channels.

Social media goes a long way to build your influencer status, but adding a blog to your brand can double your results. This is because SEO and social media go hand-in-hand. Blogging regularly will send a steady flow of users to your social media platforms and vice versa. 

I know what you might be thinking, but, yes, blogs are still a thing. In fact, Google promotes long form quality blog content and drives it up their SERPs. And, having a website makes your brand easier to monetize. In the end, blogging is a tremendous asset to your brand! If you’re intimidated by the posing demands, consider outsourcing your blog writing

Post great content. 

This part you probably already have down. It’s time to post great content! Figure out what your audience wants, and create content using your expertise and style. People want to see you cut hair, do makeup tutorials, review beauty products, or try strange skincare routines. Remember, none of the rest of this matters if you don’t have content people want to watch and read! 

Plan content and post daily.

The algorithms demand you post regularly. The easiest way to do this is by using a social media post scheduler. Not only does this ensure you’re posting regularly to reach more people, but it also confirms your brand stays consistent visually. With these apps, you can see your Instagram grid before even posting. This means, you always stay on-brand!

How to become a beauty influencer checklist

Optimize your content. 

Your blog definitely needs to be search engine optimized, but what about your Instagram? You need to consider SEO there too! Beauty influencers on Instagram can’t make it with referrals alone. They need organic traffic! When you optimize your profile, it connects you with the whole beauty community. Check out this post on SEO and Instagram

Collaborate with other influencers. 

A great strategy to grow your blog and social channels is through collaboration. Find an influencer that’s a similar size to you, then, offer to do a post for a post. By similar size we mean similar in follower count, brand size, and content engagement rates. When they post your content on their profile, you gain their audience. And, when you post their content, they gain your audience. It’s a great way to see big growth fast. You could double or triple your followers in just a couple of posts!

Go live. 

All successful beauty influencers are using live. It’s a great way to connect with your users, because it reminds them you’re there, and they can engage with you in real time. Almost every platform has a feature that sends out a notice to your followers when you go live. Try it out!

Interact with the community. 

You should be interacting with your targeted audience all the time. Reply to their comments and DMs as often as possible. Also, be in the comment sections of other beauty posts. When people have questions, shoot them answers by linking your content and showing them love. This will establish credibility and loyalty among the ranks! 

Host contests.

Contests are a great way to build followers quickly. Host some sort of giveaway where the entries come as interactions. Users have to like, subscribe, follow, comment, etc. to get an entry into the contest. Just ensure you’re giving away something that has value to your niche! 

Use good hashtags. 

Hashtags are super important for reaching an organic audience. As users look at other popular beauty influencers’ posts, they’ll click the hashtags they have associated with their content. When they do this, you want your content to pop up, because it has the same or similar hashtags! Use a hashtag research tool and be careful not to reuse the same ones too often. Mix it up and use between 6-11 hashtags per post. 

Monetize your profile with brand collaborations and affiliate links. 

If you want a beauty influencer career, you need to make money off of your content. There are a  few ways to do that, but the two main ones are affiliate marketing and beauty brand collaborations. The best part is: You can influencer market with just a few thousand followers! Read more about monetizing your content here

How to become a beauty influencer checklist
Use these helpful tips and your passion for beauty to let your inner influencer shine. 

Becoming an influencer isn’t impossible. In fact, you have everything you need right now to accomplish your goals and make it big. Determine your branding, build your strategy, and get to posting. We’ll see you at the top! If you’re looking for more influencer tips and tricks, browse our blog. We’ve got tons of expert info on how to utilize these platforms and reach a wide audience. Let’s do this together!

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