How To Write A Travel Blog

How To Write A Travel Blog

Travel blogs are all about culture, cuisine, and capturing life’s most incredible moments. The life of a wanderer is soooo inspiring to people. Readers love to transport themselves to far-off places through a well-written travel blog. And, if you’re a traveler yourself, you should def consider chronicling your experiences using blog posts. 

Not only does starting your travel blog mean you can preserve some of your life’s most precious memories, but it also means you can get paid to travel and do what you love! Seriously, you can GET PAID to blog, and your passion for traveling can become your full-time career. Now, that’s living the dream, right?? 

To help you start your travel blog, we’ve used this post to give you a step-by-step guide to launching your travel brand! Here are our top travel blogging tips to take you off the beaten path and toward your travel influencer dreams:

How To Write A Travel Blog: Intro

How To Write A Travel Blog

Read top travel blogs. 

Before you start a travel blog, you should read some travel blogs. That way, you can get a sense of what you like and what you don’t. Not all travel blogs are created equal—each one has a different tone, covers different topics, and captures trips uniquely. As you’re reading other blogs, ask yourself, “What do I want my travel blog to be like??”

Lock your niche down.

Travel blogs are one of the most popular types of blogs out there, but there are THOUSANDS of them. To stand out and find your audience, you need to niche down. What kind of travel do you specialize in? There’s camping, road trips, backpacking, resort life, and so much more! Just write about whatever you’re into. You do you, girl!!

Develop your brand. 

Now, it’s time to develop your brand. Once you know your niche and your favorite things about other travel blogs, you can curate your perfect brand kit. You’ll need to consider things like colors, fonts, voice, tone, and logo. Oh, and you can’t forget to name your brand!! For tips on that, here’s our post on how to name your blog

Build your website.

Your blog will live on a great travel website. Luckily, platforms like WordPress make it super easy to create a professional, aesthetic, and user-friendly blog. (Plus, WordPress has hundreds of plugins to make your website ultra-functional and streamlined.) For an effective, SEO-friendly blog, make sure you prioritize the following:

  • Readability
  • High-Quality Content and Images
  • Keyword-Rich Alt Text
  • Minimal Pop-Ups
  • Simple Main Menu
  • Easy Navigation

You can learn more about how web design impacts search engine optimization here. Even if you’re new to blogging, SEO should always be in mind!

Make social media accounts.

Search engine optimization and social media go hand-in-hand. Social media allows you to target your audience and engage with your followers more intimately. This helps you find and establish super-loyal readers that come back every week for your new posts! 

How To Write A Travel Blog: List

Write SEO-friendly posts.

Finally, it’s time to start writing and uploading optimized blog posts! You can write a blog post on any aspect of traveling. Everything from hotel reviews to full travel guides to journal entries to packing tips can live on your blog. The possibilities are endless!!! 

Just make sure that whatever you write is optimized for search engines. Here are some quick tips for creating SEO-friendly blog posts: 

For more advice, check out the SEO section of our blog

Invest in a good camera and editing software. 

Some blogging niches don’t need a lot of photography. They can get by with stock images and Canva graphics. Travel blogs are not one of those niches!! People need to feel transported to their destination, and the best way to do that is with your photography. Invest in a good camera and editing software to make magical images for your blog. 

Find ways to monetize.

Successful travel blogging starts with a solid brand, but it thrives because of a great monetization strategy! Travel is expensive, so without brand partners, collabs, and other ways of making a profit, you’ll run short on adventures to document. 

To make money on your blog, start with affiliate marketing. You can do this even when you’re relatively small, and it’s super easy! All you need to do is join a travel affiliate program, share products you love, and wait for your followers to buy. When they click the links and make a purchase, you get a cut of the profits! 

As a travel blog, brand sponsorships will be another great way to make extra cash. Partner with brands you use often like hotel chains, airline companies, camping supply stores, luggage boutiques, and more! By posting about the brands, you may get free products/services or big payouts to fund your trips. You can learn more about brand collabs here

You can also make money by selling ad space, selling a product or service, and even selling trips! To learn more about monetizing your blog, read this post called, “How to Get Paid to Travel and Review Hotels.”

Engage with followers.

For the long-term success of your blog, you need a loyal readership. To cultivate a strong community around your blog, be engaging with your followers regularly on social media and in your blog comment section. As they establish meaningful connections with you, they’ll return to your website again and again! 

Explore new places and write new posts. 

Now, just keep traveling and creating content! As long as you have new sights to see, your followers will want to hear about it. Keep an eye on your Google Analytics and social media insights to see what your readers like best. That way, you can always be adapting your strategy to the trends! 

Best Travel blogs

6 Best Travel Blogs

A Solo Woman Traveling

Melissa Byron traveling as a solo woman is SO empowering. It’s a great niche, and just one example of the unique spin you could put on your blog. Right away on her homepage, you’ll see links to posts about travel planning, travel gear, and car rentals. These are her posts that pay the most, since they’re full of affiliate links! It’s helpful to the reader to have these articles nice and handy, but it’s great for Melissa’s bottom line too! 

Overall, we love how Melissa’s blog is organized. She has submenus within submenus within her main menu that perfectly sorts all of her posts. Want to learn about solo traveling in Croatia? Want the best travel organizer? Need a packing list for Greece? Do you need to know why the heck someone would travel alone??? All of this content is super easy to find on Melissa’s website. Check it out for web design inspo!

Hey Ciara

Ciara from Hey Ciara is a travel blogger who likes to focus on both the outer and inner journey that takes place when you travel around the world. Her personality and brand voice shines in her photos and writing style the minute you jump on her blog. It’s super inviting and inspires you to plan your trip, like, IMMEDIATELY. 

She takes all that energy and uses it to gracefully push her call to action. It simply says, “Grab My Free Packing List,” and when you click it, a pop-up tab asks you to subscribe. This is such a great way of getting your email list going and maintaining life-long followers! And, it’s so simple. Just offer something useful in exchange for a name and email. Give a little, get a LOT when you include an attractive CTA on your page! (Find more CTA ideas here.) 

Jillian Eversole

Jillian Eversole is a lifestyle blogger who frequently posts about her travel adventures among other topics. We wanted to include her, because having a lifestyle blog with a travel twist is something you can do too! This gives you a lot of flexibility, because your travel posts can focus on more than just the destination. 

Jullian often posts not just about her favorite places, but also about what she wore! The style angle gives your readers one more thing to engage with AND it provides another avenue to monetize your post. (Win-Win!!) All of her photos are aesthetic and cohesive on each post, which makes the whole post such a memorable moment. Readers will not forget it!

And, if followers are afraid they might forget, Jillian has a Pinterest integration that allows you to save her posts and pictures to your Pinterest board right from her site. How cool??? If Pinterest becomes a big part of your blog strategy, use this post for our top Pinterest tips

The Blonde Abroad

Here’s another solo woman blog! This niche is broad enough, that she can do all sorts of travel, and she does. Kiki has posted on adventure traveling, budget traveling, luxury traveling, eco traveling, and more! Every one of her posts is FULL of helpful links and info. She links to her favorite products, her favorite places, her curated packing lists, and, most importantly, to other blog posts! 

Linking to products and places is great for monetization, but so is keeping your readers on your website longer. When your readers jump from blog post to blog post, your page views go way up, which makes your influence more valuable to advertisers! Don’t forget to tell people about your other great articles when they’re finishing up their current posts. 

Salt in Our Hair

You know what we love just as much as a solo woman traveling?? A couple traveling together. It’s so sweet! There is already something soo romantic about traveling, add an adorable relationship to the mix?? STAHP. We love it, and so do the readers of Salt in Our Hair. 

Nick and Hannah of Salt in Our Hair have a great way of setting up each of their posts. Since their uploads tend to be on the longer side, they have a table of contents at the beginning of their article. This way, readers can get right to the info they want. 

The couple also highlights a few key facts about each destination including their currency, their best travel times, and the trait they’re best known for. This consistent format tells readers what to expect, and makes Nick and Hannah their go-to destination for travel info. You may want to consider a predictable format that’ll make writing easier and will ensure readers get what they’re looking for every time. 

Jess Keys

Jess Keys is another lifestyle blogger that has a travel spin on her blog! She adds a motherhood and style element to most of her travel blog posts, which helps her niche down and find her audience. Plus, it makes sure that all of her followers relate to each upload! Even if they’re not big travelers, they may resonate with the parenting element or they might fall in love with the styled looks! 

In addition to Jess Key’s highly personal content and super helpful tips, she shares a ton of incredible photographs with each post as well. This not only makes your post vibrant and memorable, but it gives Jess dozens of ways to repurpose a singular article for social media. She can repost all the pictures and deliver the same content, but in bite-sized chunks for Instagram. It’s great for readers and makes for easy content curation on Insta!

All you need to write a travel blog is your unique perspective and experience!

Are you ready to drop that 9-5 and document your adventures? We’re here for it!! Use these tips to develop your brand, establish your niche, build your website, find a following, and share your experiences with the world. Just don’t forget to write!

For more blogging tips to make your full-time travel dreams a reality, check out the InfluencerSEO blog. We’re experts on blogging and influencing, and we can help you take your brand anywhere your heart desires. 

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