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travel affiliate programs for travel bloggers

If you’re a travel blogger, you need income to fuel your adventures. The more places you travel to, the more places you can post about on your blog! However, how you can make money blogging isn’t always clear. But, we’re here to tell you that there are lots of ways you can make a business out of blogging

Today, we’re discussing one of the main ways travel bloggers can make money—affiliate marketing! There are a ton of affiliate programs in the travel industry that make it easy for you to make a commission on vacations and the adventures your followers make! This list includes 30 programs that will help you monetize your blog as a traveler:

How Bloggers Make Money With Travel Affiliate Programs

Travel sites of all types use affiliate marketing to advertise their products and services in a unique way. When a travel blogger posts an article referencing a hotel, airline, excursion, or other travel-related item, they can link to that product or service using a special affiliate link. 

Each time a reader clicks the URL, makes an account, or purchases from that link, the travel blogger gets a commission check. (YAY!!!) It’s a small percentage, but with a big enough blog and some great programs, a blogger can make a significant affiliate income. 

The more links you have, the more opportunities you have to make great sales on readers who want to go on their own adventures. And even more, you can use these affiliate links on your blog posts and on your social media pages! Here are some of the best ones:

travel affiliate programs

Travel Booking

Travelpayouts Partnership Platform

Travelpayouts is an all-encompassing travel affiliate platform. Using one program, you can collect affiliate links from Kiwi, Booking,com, Hostelworld, and more! You can start using Travelpayouts no matter your follower account too, which is really amazing if you’re starting a new blog. 

Priceline Partners

This affiliate program is all about how you’ll get there and where you’ll stay. Your affiliate links will lead readers to hotels, cars, flights, and travel insurance. You can even get discounts on your own travel expenses! 

TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

On TripAdvisor, you get paid for clicks AND sales! In fact, you get 50% commission on hotel bookings, which is a really great commission rate. TripAdvisor doesn’t only do hotels, either. You can advertise their restaurants, excursions, airlines, and cruises too! 


If you have more than 1,000 followers, a secured website, and a good user experience on your blog, you can start working with Skyscanner for content monetization. There are options to link to hotels, flights, and cars. And, you get a commission on every completed booking! 

Agoda Affiliate Program

This affiliate program is all about quantity! Your commission check gets bigger and bigger the higher conversion rate you have. The best part? Agoda offers custom data to help you refine your content and make more sales. With the high earning potential, this is a travel blogger favorite. 

Scott’s Cheap Flights Affiliates

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Scott’s Cheap Flights gives customers really great deals on flights all over the world. For this affiliate program, you get $3.00 per person that signs up. After so many new sign-ups, that rate will increase! 

Expedia Affiliate Program

With Expedia, you can get your readers deals on rentals, activities, airlines, hotel bookings, car rentals, and cruises! Any time a reader uses your link to make a booking, you’ll take a cut of that sale. Expedia has millions of offerings and an easy-to-use catalog, so you’ll always find something really cool to support!

Kayak Affiliate Network

Here’s another all-in-one platform for all things travel. You can link to spots all over the globe and make money while you do it! According to their website, they don’t have any sign-up fee or minimum follower count. 

travel affiliate programs for accommodations & resorts


Booking.com Affiliate Program

Booking.com has nearly 3 million bookable rooms, and you can help fill those! You can set the destinations that appear on your website and customize the whole experience. Booking.com has pretty good earning potential too once you get the hang of it! 

Hostelworld Affiliate Programme

If you’re a world traveler, you know hostels are vital for an international trip. So, why not make money off your stays? Tell your followers about your favorite spots, link to them using Hostelworld, and receive a generous commission. 

RVShare Affiliate Program

Many people don’t realize you can rent RVs, but you totally can. You can make money two ways on RVShare’s affiliate program. Bloggers earn a $5 commission on bookings and $7 for anyone they get to rent out their own RV. Commission isn’t capped either, so once you get rolling you can keep on earning!

AirB&B Referral Program

AirB&B now rules the vacation rental industry. When you rent on AirB&B, it’s usually a cheaper and more authentic way of experiencing a new destination. (Ummm…yes please!) When you affiliate market with AirB&B you get travel credits from accounts made and completed bookings. Yes, travel credits, not cash. But, hey, if you’re staying in AirB&Bs a lot, this could save you some serious cash.


Cruise Direct Affiliates

Maybe as a travel blogger cruises aren’t your favorite thing, but many in your audience love this stress-free, all-inclusive style of vacation. With Cruise Direct, you can earn 3% commission on every booking that comes from your readers!

Anantara Online Affiliate Programme

Anantara has hotels, resorts, spas, and more all over the world. With Anantara, it feels like nowhere is off-limits. Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe are all accessible through their intuitive platform. For every Anantara’s international booking, you’ll be earning a cut of the profits. 

Sandals Affiliate Marketing Program

Everyone knows the name Sandals! They’re totally legendary in the vacation resort industry, which means your readers will probably already be familiar with them. Sandals Resorts have a great commission program for travel content creators. You’ll receive 4% on any bookings from your blog for their luxury all-inclusive getaways. 


Amazon Associates

When you travel, you need a number of travel products. Whether it’s an outlet adapter or some monogrammed luggage, Amazon has got you covered. If you have a roundup of favorite Amazon products that you use while traveling, use this program to promote them on your blog for easy monetization. Amazon Associates is one of the most versatile affiliate programs out there!


If you do a lot of hiking or backpacking, you know the name Osprey well. They sell high quality bags for any sort of adventure from snowboarding to diving. When you join their affiliate program, you get 8% commission and free shipping on your own products. 

All of their products are high-quality, made with travel in mind, and covered with a lifetime warranty. So, it won’t take much to get your readers to tap on those affiliate links!


Whether you’re a climber, cyclist, runner, snowboarder, or simple wayward soul, REI has the tools you need to take your trip to the next level. Through their affiliate program, you can market any of your REI favorites as affiliate products and make a commission on any sales made using your link.


CityPASS Affiliates

If you love going on adventures in major cities all over the U.S., CityPASS is the perfect affiliate partner for you. From Seattle to Tampa, you can book top city excursions with this user-friendly platform. For their affiliate program, bloggers earn a percentage of every excursion booked or ticket sold through your promotion!  

G Adventures Affiliates

This is another excursion booking platform. This one, though, is international and focuses on tours. G Adventures offers 6% commission on any sales made through your affiliate link. They’ll also provide you with display ads and copy to place on your blog to make the content creation part super easy!

Go City Affiliates

Here’s another commission on sales affiliate program. When you book excursions and activities with Go City, you purchase multi-attraction passes that save the buyer a ton. In fact, buying package tickets to multiple excursions saves travelers up to 55% on their bookings!

Not only will your readers be sold on this cool website, but you’ll fall in love with it too when you head to your next Go City eligible destination! Promote your package deals on your blog and earn 6% on any completed bookings.

Viator Partners

Viator is an experience booking platform that offers its “partners” 8% commission on purchases. They have over 300,000 excursions to choose from, so you and your followers are sure to find something you like to do – no matter where you’re going! 

Get Your Guide Affiliates

This is the last excursion booking platform on the list, but it’s another great one! It’s a little smaller than some others, but it still has nearly 70,000 activities to book. They also give their affiliates 8% commission on sales and provide a great platform for tracking how your readers are interacting with your links! (We LOVE extra analytics like this!) 

affiliate programs for travel


Shutterstock Affiliate Program

If you have a travel blog, you take A LOT of pictures. You take pictures of far-off places that people and businesses really need! Whether it’s the statement piece above the mantel or an integral part of a corporate presentation, there’s a need for travel photography. When you upload your photos to Shutterstock, you get 20% of the revenue from your photos. 

iStock Affiliates (Getty Images)

iStock by Getty Images offers the same commission rate as Shutterstock and includes a lot of advertising tools to promote your photos within the site. It’d be a great idea to upload your photos to both Shutterstock and iStock! 


World Nomads Affiliates

This is a global travel insurance brand for anyone worried about weather, tragedy, health crisis, or other unexpected occurrences ruining their travel plans. World Nomads has a new and improved affiliate program that offers competitive commission, audience insights, and a number of integration options.  

Allianz Travel Insurance Affiliate Program

With this travel insurance company, you can earn 12% commission on sales that came from your blog! WOW! The best part about travel insurance is it can apply to any trip or topic on a travel blog, so it’s easy to put those affiliate links everywhere! 

Other Notable Travel Affiliate Programs

Wise Affiliate Program

When you travel overseas, moving money around can become really difficult. Wise is a great tool that offers a cheaper way to send, spend, and receive money internationally. For this affiliate program, you get paid per account. 

It’s a unique structure with great payouts. Bloggers earn around $12 for a regular customer and around $60 for a business customer! 

Traveling Mailbox

Getting mail as you travel the world is no easy task. It’s easy to miss an important letter or document when you’re living a nomadic lifestyle. However, Traveling Mailbox makes it easy for you to send and receive mail all over the country. This program gives affiliates 10%-15% on each referred user’s monthly subscription fee. Yes, for life! 


Share-a-Sale hosts thousands of retailers with tons of products and services. These merchants aren’t just in the travel industry, but you can definitely find travel related goods and services. This is one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs with their robust platform and 20% commission for affiliates! 

 Do you make money using affiliate programs for travel bloggers?

Blogging in 2023 is still a lucrative way to pursue your passions and be your own boss. The influencer marketing world is only growing, and it’s time for you to take advantage of this opportunity. Just keep making quality travel content, but start getting paid for the recommendations you make on your blog! 

For more blogging tips, definitely check out our blog! InfluencerSEO has all the information you need to optimize your content, monetize your blog, and create the best platform for your followers. Start getting paid for all your hard work with our guidance! Allons-y & safe travels! Drop your recent adventures below!!!

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