30+ Inspiring March Blog Ideas

March Blog Ideas

When it comes to creating online content, CONSISTENCY IS KEY! Posting quality content as much as you can helps establish your online presence, drive traffic, and keep your audience engaged. To make it easier, we can help you fill in your content calendar with evergreen, seasonal, and always-relevant post ideas! In the past, we’ve given you blog post ideas on everything from food content to Mother’s Day ideas. Today, we’re giving you ideas for March! 

As we step into March, a month marked by growth, Saint Patrick’s Day, the arrival of Spring, and so much more, the possibilities for blog content are ENDLESS. So, today we’re sharing some blog post ideas to freshen up your March content calendar. 

Let’s make March a month to remember for both you and your readers!

30+ Inspiring March Blog Ideas

How to Participate in “Mindful March” 

March is a great time to post self-care content, because with the seasons changing and the days getting longer, everyone’s mood just becomes better! People are ready to do stuff that makes them feel good and basks in that refreshing spring vibe. So, add some wellness content and self-care content to your blog this month! 

If you want a PERFECT example of this kind of Spring-centered self-care content, read the post from The Everygirl called “Ways to Romanticize Your Life this Spring.” The post delivers so many unique ideas, from creating a “morning moment” to buying yourself some flowers. This is what March self-care is all about!

How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring Blooms

Purples, pinks, whites, and blues, all the colors of a beautiful spring bloom garden! Teach your audience the BEST tips and tricks to prepare their garden with fertile soil so that their garden looks incredible this spring. Be sure to include lots of pictures with this one! That’ll boost engagement and SEO! 

Ways to Experience the Outdoors this Spring

When Spring comes, it’s finally time to get back outside. No matter where a person lives, spring provides lots of outdoor activities. To capture searchers looking for things to do outside, consider curating a list of things to do and places to go! Highlight activities, showcase local hotspots, or detail an exciting outdoor opportunity. 

Tasty Spring Recipes 

If you run a food blog, sharing the best Spring recipes will keep your audience engaged and draw in tons of organic traffic. Put together a delightful round-up of the most delicious snacks and meals to cook up this spring. Just ensure everything is SEO-friendly with recipe card plugins, great food photography, and the right content length for recipe posts. If you need some inspo, check out this Spring-inspired recipe post from The Mom Nutritionist

Green Makeup Looks for St. Patrick’s Day

We all love a good makeup look, don’t we? If you’re in the beauty niche, consider creating a list of stylish green makeup looks for St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th of March. This international day captures interest from around the world, making it a fantastic thing to feature on your blog! Tons of party-goers will be looking for cute looks! 

Spring Cleaning Easier Tips and Tricks

Nobody really likes to clean, but something about spring cleaning is a little exciting! But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Lean into all things cleaning and create a blog with spring cleaning tips and home organization ideas. Spring cleaning is basically a tradition, so a lot of people will be searching for helpful content. This would be a good opportunity to include a checklist to boost engagement! To niche down, you could take a unique spin on the topic like with the post from Mommy Dairy called, “Spring Cleaning Your Medicine Cabinet.” 

Local Spring Festivals and Celebrations Guide

As we said above, March is FULL of fun, celebration, and events. Talk about local festivals and celebrations your audience can enjoy this spring. If you need some more content, you can add tips for getting the most out of the event or getting the best bang for your buck. 

Updating Your Wardrobe for March

This one is for all you fashion bloggers or anyone that dabbles in that niche! As the weather changes, your readers will want to update their wardrobe. You can post capsule wardrobes or lists of must-haves for the season. We love this, because it’s the perfect affiliate marketing opportunity! You can see how the expert bloggers pull off these kinds of posts by reading “Spring and Summer 2024 Fashion Trends” from The Gray Details.

Book Recommendations for Spring Reading

Book lovers are always looking for new books to add to their library, so help them out by putting together a list of book recommendations for spring reading. Use subheadings to break books up by category or type! Look at this post from The Stripe for a great example of a book rec post. 

Celebrating Women in March

Help spread the word about International Women’s Day by sharing about all the wonderful and inspirational women in the world! In fact, what about celebrating women for the whole month because it is also Women’s History Month? March is all about GIRL POWER, and your readers will be all about it! 

Inspiring March Blog Ideas

Spring DIY Projects

Who doesn’t love a bit of DIY? Put together a cool list of DIY Spring projects that your audience can enjoy with their friends, family, or by themselves! These projects can be as simple as making a vase of beautiful spring flowers or as extreme as a whole renovation project! Just make sure to link to all the products you use to maximize affiliate marketing monetization potential

Sustainable Living Tips for a Greener March

Our world is beautiful, and we want to keep it that way! After New Years, everyone is looking for ways to be more sustainable and live a greener life. Give your audience some awesome sustainable living tips so that they can kick off the rest of the year sustainably. 

Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy This Spring

Spring is a beautiful time of year to spend quality time with your family. Wherever you are, appeal to your audience with some super fun and enjoyable activities that the whole family can enjoy. It can be as simple as some DIY crafts or a family adventure! This blog post about “Snow Day Activities for the Whole Family: from Mommy Diary is a great example! If you can, get a little personal with this one to really connect with your audience. 

Spring Outfit Ideas

Spring can be windy, chilly, warm, rainy, and humid all at the same time! This poses a unique problem for your fashion and lifestyle blog readers! Help them out by sharing some layered looks and transitional outfits that are totally spring. Add helpful collages and all your affiliate links to monetize the post, boost SEO, and increase engagement! 

Cutest Easter Craft Ideas

Who doesn’t love some craft activities with the kiddos to celebrate Easter?! Create a list of fun and cute Easter craft ideas to keep little hands busy and get ready for Easter! Look at how cute this post about an egg decorating party is? You could definitely do that!

Eco-Friendly Spring Travel Tips

Spring is the perfect time of year to enjoy some travel, whether locally or in another state. But if your audience is worried about emissions and a more sustainable way of traveling, write a list of eco-friendly Spring travel tips to help them enjoy their holiday in an Earth-friendly way!

Current Tech Trends

For those tech-focused blogs, this topic is PERFECT! Keep your audience engaged and up-to-date with these top tech trends that are getting all the attention in Silicon Valley. There’s always something new, and reviewing freshly released products can generate a lot of organic traffic! 

How to Turn March into the Season of Growth

Here’s another wellness-themed idea that can work for pretty much any niche! Being more aware of the world around you and your inner being is super popular nowadays. Help your audience thrive with some great tips to help them turn March into the season of growth. At the end of the post, ask a question or challenge you readers to encourage them to comment on the article! That interaction is so important for SEO, engagement, and credibility. 

Navigating Your Emotions as the Seasons Change

Seasonal depression and anxiety is very real. Although they say it only really happens in the colder months, it can affect people throughout all times of the year. Help your audience out by teaching them how to navigate and be aware of their emotions this Spring. Add lots of external links to credible sources to make the post trustworthy and better optimized! 

Celestial Events and Astronomical Wonders in March

March has SO MANY celestial events and astronomical wonders, so make sure your audience knows when they’re coming and how to enjoy them! Some of these include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Conjunction of Venus and Mars (March 1)
  • Full Worm Moon (March 18)
  • Vernal Equinox (March 20)

How cool?

Budget-Friendly Spring Activities for Kids

We all know activities with kids can be expensive, but Spring Break is around the corner! Help your audience enjoy quality time with their family at a fraction of the cost with some budget-friendly Spring activities for kids! Mothercould has tons of great DIY ideas for activities to do at home, but you could definitely be about inexpensive local spots too! Make it fit your niche and audience!

Spring Photography Tips

Spring is one of the most BEAUTIFUL times of year to take photos. If you’re a photography blog, know that people are going to start calling for sessions SOON! Whether you’re teaching other photographers how to maximize your business, or you’re promoting your own work, definitely take advantage of the blooming flowers and flourishing wildlife! Here are more specific photography blog post ideas

March Blog Ideas list

Natural Remedies for Spring Ailments

A lot of people suffer throughout Spring with stuff like allergies, fatigue, immunity issues, and skin issues. Offer your audience some great natural remedies to fight the sniffles, stomach bugs, and more. Everyone is desperate for remedies, so you can draw in lots of organic traffic with the right SEO techniques! 

How to Unplug for Lent or Mindful March

Lent runs all through March, and a lot of people, religious or not, love to take advantage of the opportunity to give up a bad habit or take a break from something taxing. Unplugging is a great way to be more mindful of your wellness and ditch some negative habits. Give your readers lots of researched-baked reasons to unplug and tips to do it successfully! 

Best Budgeting Strategies for March

With the cost of living rising, now is a better time than EVER to help your audience out with some helpful budgeting tips that help them lead a more financially free life! This would also be the perfect opportunity to market a printable! Budgets trackers, net worth calculators, and other types of lists can help you capture emails and maybe some additional profit too! 

Spring Wardrobe Essentials for Men

Dress to impress is the name of the game, right? Men’s fashion so often gets the flick, but appealing to your male audience with fashion tips is a great way to capture search volume other fashion bloggers don’t and maybe gain some new male followers! 

Hot Spring Social Media Trends

Help your audience thrive online with some helpful insights on the HOTTEST Spring social media trends! Do some research, surf the web, and keep your audience up-to-date. Make sure to update this post every year to keep it relevant! 

Best DIY Spring Cocktails

Spring and cocktails? YES PLEASE! As the weather improves, people are going to start getting back together and everyone wants to have a good drink. You can focus the post on a specific drink, a list of drinks, or hosting a killer cocktail party! Get inspo from this list of cocktails posted from The Skinny Confidential! Just make sure you use subheadings to break up your post and make the recipes super clear.

Spring Skincare Routine

Skincare matters ESPECIALLY when the seasons change! With the seasonal change, you need a skincare change. Make sure your audience knows just how important it is to update their skincare with the seasons and create a more suitable routine. Add all your recommended products as affiliate links or reach out to the brands for sponsorship!

Spring Nail Art Ideas

Nail art is SO cute, especially in Spring! Include florals, peachy tones, and green tones to capture this whole era and make sure you include plenty of gorgeous pictures and infographics to help your readers recreate these looks. suit a range of people!

Best Places to Visit in Spring

Help your audience plan their trip with a round-up of the BEST places to visit in Spring! Whether you’ve been there or heard rave reviews, make sure your audience has the inside scoop! Even consider hosting a group trip or tour! It could be an amazing way to engage with your audience and make some extra profit! Here’s a spring travel post from A Single Woman Traveling for inspo!

March Blog Content Ideas

Build out your content calendar using these blog ideas! 

Now, you have everything you need to keep your audience engaged, post quality content, generate more traffic, and plug those affiliate links! Just ensure that every post is search engine optimized to be the most beneficial for your blog and brand goals. For more AMAZING SEO tips, tricks, and hacks, check out more from our InfluencerSEO blog!

*We also have other monthly blog post ideas for January and February.

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