How To Make a LTK Collage

How To Make a LTK Collage

LTK is one of a blogger’s best tools for engaging with followers and monetizing their brand. If you’re not familiar with LTK, no sweat!

Here’s the DL: LTK offers a unique shopping experience where real people can browse and shop thousands of products across fashion, beauty, home, fitness, and more. 

What’s totally original about LTK, is that all the curated clothing is posted, recommended, and showcased by you, the blogger, on your own LTK Shop page! So, it makes followers feel like they’re getting a much more reliable and authentic shopping experience. LTK is one of the best influencer affiliate marketing platforms for readers AND bloggers alike. 

One of the standout features of LTK is the ability to create eye-catching collages. These collages allow you to curate a collection of products that speak to your unique taste and correlate to a specific blog post. By incorporating these collages into your articles or social media posts, you can provide your audience with direct links to the products you’re showcasing, making it easier than ever for them to recreate your looks and for you to make a profit on your posts!

Today, we will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating stunning and effective LTK collages. So, whether you’re a fashion influencer looking to share your favorite fashion trends or a fitness blogger sharing your must-have workout gear, LTK has got you covered.

How To Make a LTK Collage

How To Make a LTK Collage

Step 1: Choose the right tools. 

To create an LTK collage that will catch everyone’s attention, you’ll need the right tools. One app that can make the process a breeze is Canva Pro. Canva Pro offers a range of stylish templates and editing features that will help you create stunning collages for your blog or social media posts.

If you don’t have one yet, you can sign up for a Canva Pro account on their website. It’s worth the investment for the enhanced design capabilities over the free version. You’ll need the extra features for crafting your LTK collages.

Once you’re logged in, open Canva and click on Create a design. In the search bar, type in Instagram story to access the perfect canvas size for your LTK collage. This canvas size is ideal for creating content specifically tailored for your Instagram stories and LTK, providing a great visual platform for your product collages.

Step 2: Gather your images. 

Before diving into the collage-making process, gather the images you want to include. Whether you’re creating product collages or showcasing your favorite fashion finds, having your images ready will make the process smoother. 

Simply click on the Uploads tab on the left sidebar and upload the images you want to include in your LTK collage. These could be product images or images of yourself wearing/using the products. Both work well!

Step 3: Select a template. 

Now that you have your tools and images ready, it’s time to start designing your LTK collage. Be sure to choose a collage template that perfectly showcases your products and brand.

Once you have a template, drag your desired images into the photo placeholders. (Canva will replace the current image with your picture when you hover over it. Or, if you’re not using a template with image placeholders, drag in your pictures and consider using the “Remove Background” function in Canva Pro to create an aesthetic collage with floating product images.

Step 4: Customize your collage. 

With your images in place, now’s the time to get creative. To make your LTK collage truly unique branded and engaging, take advantage of Canva Pro’s customization features. Add text, frames, arrows, and other elements to give the collage the right vibe. Then, access your brand kit in the left side panel to add your own fonts and colors instead of what was included in the template.

Here are some of our favorite Canva Pro tools for customization:

  • Background Remover: If you want to remove the background from some of your images for a cleaner look, Canva Pro has a simple background remover tool. Click on the image you want to edit and then select the Effects tab, followed by Background Remover.
  • Text and Graphics: Add text, stickers, and graphics to label or enhance your collage. Play around with your fonts, colors, and positioning to make your LTK collage pop.
  • Filters and Adjustments: Experiment with filters and adjustments to fine-tune the overall look and feel of your collage.
Steps How To Make a LTK Collage

Step 5: Save and download. 

Once you’re satisfied with your LTK collage, it’s time to save and download it. Click the Download button in the top right corner of the Canva interface. You can choose to download your collage as an image or a video, depending on your preferences.

Step 6: Upload your collage to LTK. 

Login to your LTK account and click Add Post. Select the collage image or video you downloaded from Canva. You should also add a captivating caption that best describes the products in the collage and tag the appropriate brands. Make sure to include active product links for everything in the collage. Click Publish

Step 7: Feature the collage on your blog. 

Login to your WordPress blog dashboard. Create a new post and upload the collage image. Write a blog post discussing the products/styles featured in the collage. Then, make sure to add the embed code from your LTK dashboard at the bottom of the post. This allows readers to easily shop all the items directly from your blog. 

Step 8: Drive traffic and sales. 

Finally, share the new blog post on social media to generate traffic. Be sure to link back to LTK or make a Shop the Post widget. On LTK, encourage readers to “Shop all these looks!”. Over time, your collages will introduce your readers to new brands and products. With this, you’re well on your way to building ideal customers for your affiliate links!

Creating LTK collages
Creating stunning LTK collages has never been easier.

Creating an LTK collage doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right tools like Canva Pro and a few simple steps, you can create eye-catching collages that will help up your affiliate market game.

If you want more tips, we’ve got you covered with how-to guides:

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