15 Printable Ideas To Sell On Your Blog

printable ideas to sell

No matter what your intentions were when starting a blog, chances are you’re now looking to make a business or side hustle out of it! To make a business out of blogging, it needs to be monetized. There are lots of ways to do it from ad placement to affiliate marketing. However, one of the best ideas and ways to generate income from blogging is to make printable products and other types of digital content to sell!

Printables, AKA “digital products,” are super smart for busy bloggers for a few reasons. First of all, after you create the product, you don’t need to do anything else but sell and watch the profits roll in. Second, they’re inexpensive to sell, because you don’t need to ship or hold inventory! Finally, digital products are usually pretty inexpensive and user friendly, making them easy to sell. 

But, what kind of digital products should you sell on your blog? That’s what we’re dedicating our post to today! We have some of the best blog printable ideas to bring in some low-effort income. Let’s get into it!

printable ideas to sell on your blog

15 Printable Ideas To Sell On Your Blog

Planners and Habit Trackers 

It seems like everyone is looking for the perfect planner for them. Your followers probably trust you can deliver a planner or habit tracker that will actually work! Try offering a daily, weekly, monthly, or specialty planners for your reader’s specific needs. Canva has plenty of templates online to help you out. You can completely customize them to align them with your brand. Include some motivational quotes, cute designs, and unique features, and you’re good to go!

Digital Wall Art

For certain niches, digital wall art could be another great monetization opportunity. Art is expensive, and a lot of people just want something in their homes that’s meaningful to them. So, if you have an art-centered blog or your blog delivers a lot of great “quotable” tidbits. The wall art could be prints of drawings, paintings, photos, or digital illustrations but it could also just be well-made word art using a Canva template and your branded fonts and colors! 

Craft Patterns and How-Tos

If your blog has a craft or DIY focus, your followers will probably love helpful guides to make their own creations! Consider making some printables that offer something like knitting/sewing patterns, step-by-step painting guides, DIY wall decor plans, and more. Just get creative! The best thing about this printable is the possibilities for adding more content are basically endless! 

Meal Planner

If you’re a health or food blogger, meal planners make great digital content! Of course, your readers can probably get a lot of their meal-planning needs from your blog, but it can be tedious to assemble a menu from hundreds or even thousands of blog posts! Your followers will love the simplified approach to reaching their nutrition goals through a curated meal planner from you. (You could even do a new one every month and rake in some membership fees. Cha-ching!) 

printable ideas to sell on your blog

Recipe Book

Along the same line, food bloggers could launch a recipe book! Even if the recipes are all available in some way on the blog, your readers will definitely love having the recipes organized and aesthetically formatted in a printable recipe book. It’s user-friendly, suits their taste, and they can get their hands on it as soon as they click “purchase. ”That means these things will sell sell sell! 

Games and Activities 

Develop some fun printable coloring pages, party games, board games, activity sheets, or card games. You might think this is only for kids, but it could be for adults and families too! Whether you make digital conversation starters, funny baby shower games, or printable road trip activities. Make the rules clear, use attractive designs, and make sure the games are super unique and worth the cost of the digital product! 

Educational Worksheets

Create printable worksheets for different subjects and age groups this would be perfect for a mom blog that has a homeschool or other educational twist to it! You should do your best to make them fun, unique, and reach the education standards of your state. As always, make sure it’s well-branded to remind people where they can find more great content like that!

Gift Tags and Greeting Cards 

Consider creating gift tags and greeting cards for different occasions such as holidays, birthdays, and special events. These should be anything but generic. The tags need to have your unique humor or angle that motivates your readers to purchase. Pro tip: offer some generic options as well so the cards to make aren’t so seasonal or sell all the cards in one set for your readers to use year round! 

Printable Invitations

Create invitations for weddings, parties, and other special events. This one can be a bit tricky, because there will need to be customizable areas on the invitations that allow people to insert dates and details. Microsoft Word and Adobe should allow you to do that, but spend some time researching and practicing before you spend all the time designing. Just like with gift tags and greeting cards, these invitations should be unique to your brand! 

printable ideas to sell on your blog

Fitness Plan and Log 

If you’re a fitness blogger, chances are your readers really trust you for the best fitness advice! They’re probably already following your systems and post exercises, so why not make it easier for them to get your workouts and easier for you to make a profit on them. Create printable fitness plans that include tons of workouts from your blog and include plenty of extras like a workout log, fitness journal, goal tracking sheets, and other helpful add-ons! 

Style Guides

For style bloggers, styling probably comes easily to them. However, that’s not the case for everyone! Even with plenty of outfits post on LTK and Instagram, your followers probably still need help with knowing what to wear and what not to wear. Make a printable style guide that makes you your follower’s personal stylist! It can include outfits that work best on each body type, seasonally inspired style help, special occasion dressing tips, and more! 

Example Routines

Whatever you blog about, you’re an expert in or damn near close! Your readers are probably wondering how you’re so productive or how you manage certain elements of your life, so tell them! A great digital download idea is an example routine that your readers can purchase, download, follow, and tweak to their liking. Think things like: toddler and infant routine, work from home routine, college work and homework routine, skincare routines, and so on! 

Packing Lists

If you’re a travel blogger, packing lists are a popular printable to add to your shop! It can be super overwhelming for readers to pack on their own for big trips they’ve never taken. However, if you’re a seasoned traveler to Disney World, various national parks, or tons of global destinations sell some packing lists that help your readers be prepared for anything! 


Regardless of your niche, you can probably sell a checklist. If you’re a fashion blogger, maybe it’s a must-have list of capsule wardrobe items. If you’re a food blogger, maybe it’s a list of pantry essentials. Or, if you’re a mom blogger, maybe it’s a first baby registry checklist. Whatever it is, as always, brand it to perfection and get it uploaded and marked for sale! 

Planning Guides

Much like checklists, pretty much any blogger can find an opportunity to create a planning guide! It could be a planning guide for your first baby, your wedding, a big vacation, a cross-country move, a job change, or really anything else! Brainstorm for a while to see if there’s a way you could incorporate a planning guide to your blog! 

Boost your income by selling printables on your blog!

Selling printables on your blog is a great way of earning passive income on your blog without a lot of investment. You spend some time creating printables, put it out there, and then just sell it organically on socials and in your blog posts! Not only will it make you money, but it’ll make your blog more engaging and memorable for any visitors that come by! 

As we mentioned above, the best place to design most of this stuff is on Canva! On the InfluencerSEO blog we have tons of tips on how to use Canva effectively, plus more monetization strategies and advice for brand growth. What are you waiting for? Let’s have a printable party!

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