70+ Self-Care Blog Post Ideas

70 Self Care Blog Post Ideas

When you’re managing a blog, consistent posting is key to gaining organic traffic and keeping followers engaged. However, the pressure of coming up with new and unique topics every week (or more) is crazy stressful. Some days, you just get writer’s block, and finding a fresh topic for your blog feels impossible. 

If this is happening to you, just breathe. We’ve got you covered! A trending topic that we’re seeing across all blogs is self-care. Everyone is realizing their need to take care of their mental, physical, and spiritual health to survive the day-to-day challenges of modern living. So, to capture your followers and new readers, choose a self-care topic!

To help you out, we have a round-up of over 70 self-care blog post ideas! One of them is bound to speak to you or inspire you. Choose as many self-care topics to write about as you want—you could do a single post or a whole series! The choice is yours, but don’t let your writer’s block discourage you. Here at InfluencerSEO, we’ve always got you covered. 

70+ Self-Care Blog Post Ideas

Self-care can take so many forms! It’s not all about managing emotional well-being. When you think of self-care in this broader sense, it’s easier to figure out how you could incorporate a mental health topic on your blog! To make it easy, we’ve broken these blog ideas into various self-care categories! Here they are:

Physical Self Care Ideas

Physical Self-Care Ideas

  • The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise 
  • How to Make Time for Exercise 
  • Why Exercise Makes You Live Longer
  • Meditative Exercises for Mental Health
  • Breathing Exercises to Reduce Anxiety 
  • Yoga Poses for Beginners
  • Exercises for Better Posture
  • How to Stick to Working Out 
  • Tips for Throwing Yourself an At-Home Spa Day 

Emotional Self-Care Ideas

  • How Sleep Impacts Your Mental Health
  • Foods with Mood-Boosting Benefits
  • How to Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Ways to Practice Self-Care at Work
  • Best Self-Care Books
  • How to Be Kind to Yourself
  • Proven Ways to Reduce Stress 
  • How to Care for Yourself When Caring for Others 
  • Ways to Build Your Self-Esteem
  • Tips for Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone 
  • How to Find a Good Therapist 
  • Journaling Prompts for Positive Self Talk
  • Stress Management Techniques 
  • How to Move on After Grief 
  • Weekend Activities for Relaxation
  • Morning Routines for a Happier Day

Spiritual Self-Care Ideas

  • Best Morning Guided Meditations
  • Prayers for Anxiety and Depression
  • Benefits of Worshiping with Others 
  • Tips for Honing a More Grateful Spirit
  • Journal Prompts for Self-Reflection 
  • Ways to Practice Self-Care in Nature 
  • Fulfilling Ways to Volunteer in Your Community 
  • Spiritual Benefits of Unplugging from Social Media
  • How to Forgive Someone Who’s Wronged You
  • Benefits of T’ia Chi, Yoga, and Other Meditative Exercises 
  • Affirmations to Build Self-Love
  • Self-Care Routine for Mindfulness

Social Self Care Ideas

Social Self-Care Ideas

  • How Time with Friends Benefits Your Mental Health
  • Benefits of Talking on the Phone Over Texting
  • Ways to Re-Engage with Your Husband
  • How to Reconnect with an Old Friend
  • Places to Make Mom-Friends
  • Safest Places Online to Meet New People
  • Where to Meet Dates Other than a Bar
  • Techniques to Overcome Social Anxiety
  • Guide to Maintaining a Strong Friend Group with a Busy Schedule
  • How to Cut Ties with a Toxic Friend
  • Why Writing Letters Needs to Make a Comeback
  • The Importance of Having a Community 
  • How to Set Boundaries in a Relationship
  • How to Prepare for a First Date

Financial Self-Care Ideas

  • How to Overcome the Fear of Opening Your Bank Account
  • What is Ambient Financial Anxiety?
  • How to Return and Refund Items with Confidence
  • Why Paying Off Debt is Good for Your Mental Health
  • Best Websites to Learn About Money 
  • Top Budgeting and Finance Apps
  • Step-by-Step Guide on How to Ask for a Raise
  • When to Take a Mental Health Day 
  • Ways to Visualize Your Future Money Goals
  • What is a Financial Coach and Why Do You Need One?

Nutrition Self-Care Ideas

  • Physical, Mental, and Emotional Benefits of Drinking More Water
  • Best Vitamins to Add to Your Routine 
  • What is Mindful Eating?
  • What Does a Nutrition Coach Do?
  • Top Brain Foods for a Healthy Mind 
  • Benefits of Healthy Fats 
  • How Does Diet Affect Sleep?
  • How to Stop Stress Eating 
  • The Importance of Gut Health 
  • Foods to Eat to Improve Your Mood

Best Self-Care Blogs 

The Skinny Confidential

The Skinny Confidential is mainly a lifestyle blog, but it has a strong self-care tie-in! Influencer Lauryn Bosstick discusses beauty, nutrition, and what she calls “realness” on her blog. That last section is where she discusses big topics covering all aspects of self-care—whether you need help with spiritual, social, financial, physical, or emotional self-care. 

In her “realness” section, some of her recent posts highlight things like postpartum depression, feeling comfortable in your own skin, saving money, mouth-taping, and narcissism. There is no topic left undiscussed with Lauryn’s team, and if you really can’t find a topic that inspires you on her blog (which is unlikely!), she has a podcast too!  

Dr. Will Cole: The Future of Natural Healthcare

Dr. Will Cole has an expert view of self-care. He’s a leading functional medicine practitioner, doctor of natural medicine, and doctor of chiropractic medicine who developed one of the first telehealth centers in the world! He connects with patients all over and helps them find natural ways of healing. 

A big part of his online presence is his blog!  There, he talks about all sorts of self-care practices that help your mind, body, and soul. All of his topics, of course, are backed by research and his expertise. It’s a great place to find trending self-care topics that experts are buzzing about! 

The Blissful Mind

This Blissful Mind is a blog completely dedicated to self-care. Catherine, the writer, is a mindset coach and she uses her blog to help readers gain peace, contentment, and self-love. Her blog helps readers develop routines, get organized, and practice gratitude. Often, the content is inspiring and provocative while also providing real tips for bettering your mental health! 

In addition to her helpful weekly posts, Catherine also sells self-care tools and shares her favorite books, journals, and podcasts for developing a better state of mind. Definitely check out her blog for self-care inspo! 

The Balanced Blonde

If spiritual self-care is your focus, The Balanced Blonde is your blog! Jordan is a spiritual teacher and healer who walks her readers through their own psychic awakenings. Though it might sound far-out, most of her content is really approachable for anyone looking to deepen their spiritual self. 

She has sections of her blog dedicated to health, self-care, and healing. Some of those posts highlight getting good sleep, eating right, digital detox, and managing anxiety. Her whole catalog of posts should give you great ideas for your own blog! 

The Sunshine Suitcase

This lifestyle blogger is a mental health advocate that centers a lot of her posts on self-care, mental wellness, and personal growth. Her blog is broken into categories including self-care, mental health, travel, and more! Each post has a positive and restorative element that inspires the reader to tackle a new mental health challenge. 

Recent posts covered topics like recurring depression, therapy, burnout, reinventing yourself, mediation, ADHD, journalling, and so much more! Her blog is extremely content-rich, and since self-care is her whole thing, you’ve got plenty of posts to browse for inspiration. 

The Birds Papaya

The Birds Papaya is a hugely successful lifestyle blog from Sarah Nicole Landry. Her content is all about having authentic conversations with real people and cultivating body positivity, self-love, and good relationships. She has posts focused on the journey of motherhood, marriage, and divorce.

For those looking for social self-care practices, her relationships section provides a ton of great content. Whether a reader is struggling with weight gain, recovering from cheating, navigating being a single mom, or just learning to love themselves, The Birds Papaya is an important mental health resource for their life journey. For ideas for relationship and social self-care content, Sarah Nicole Landry has you covered. 

Best Self Care Blogs

Battle writer’s block with these self-care blog post ideas! 

If you don’t know what to write about, don’t worry. The inspiration and motivation will return soon enough. Until then, use one of our blog post idea lists to find the best topic for your upcoming upload. We’ve got this idea post, plus one for Valentine’s Day, one for Halloween, and one for New Year’s

Check them out, and make sure that whatever you post is search engine optimized. If you’re not familiar with that process, you can browse our SEO guides HERE. And if that’s just TOO MUCH to tackle yourself, take advantage of our intuitive SEO services that’ll handle all the technical stuff for you! 

Are you still struggling with writer’s block week after week?!?! We recommend outsourcing your blog writing. Managing your brand is supposed to bring you joy! So, if blog writing isn’t doing that for you, but you know it’s a super advantageous part of your business, look into Influencer SEO’s copywriting services. We can keep your blog moving and allow you to focus on the big picture! 

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