100+ February Blog Ideas: Bye-Bye Writer’s Block

February Blog Ideas

February may be a short month, but it’s packed with lots of celebration! February doesn’t just have Valentine’s Day (and Galentine’s Day), but February is also Black History Month. If all that wasn’t enough, additionally, don’t forget Chinese New Year often lands in February too! So, if you’re a blogger looking for content ideas for February, these holidays should give you plenty of inspo! 

Posting both seasonal and evergreen content is a great way to draw in traffic, while also helping to keep your website feeling consistently fresh. To help you fill in your content calendar, here are our top ideas for February blog posts:

100+ February Blog Ideas

100+ February Blog Ideas: Bye-Bye Writer’s Block 

February Blog Ideas for Food Bloggers 

  • Best Heart-Shaped Cookie Recipe
  • Valentine’s Day Party Treat Ideas 
  • Cocktails for an Adult Valentine’s Day Party 
  • Best Black-Owned Restaurants in [City] 
  • Traditional Cuisine to Honor Black History Month
  • Favorite Caribbean/South African/Creole/Cajun/Southern Recipes to Celebrate Black History Month
  • Nostalgic Soul Food Recipes to Try This Month
  • Best Restaurants for a Valentine’s Day Date
  • What to Cook for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Meal
  • Foods You Didn’t Know Had Black Roots 
  • Best Fashion-Forward and Practical Winter Shoes
  • Black-Owned Food Brands to Support 
  • Traditional Chinese Dishes to Ring in Chinese New Year
  • What to Cook for a Chinese New Year Party 
  • Best Chinese Food Appetizers 
  • Mocktails for a Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Party 
  • Best Chinese Restaurant for Chinese New Year Outing 
  • What Foods Are Considered “Lucky” on Chinese New Year

February Blog Ideas for Fashion Bloggers 

  • Cute Valentine’s Day Date Night Outfit Ideas
  • Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for Work
  • Sexy Valentine’s Day Lingerie 
  • Favorite Black-Owned Fashion Brands
  • Valentine’s Day Date Night Outfit Ideas for Women 40+
  • Work to Weekend Valentine’s Day Outfits
  • What to Wear to a Valentine’s Day Party 
  • Outfit Ideas to Embrace Your African/Caribbean Heritage 
  • Red and Pink Shoes for Valentine’s Day
  • What to Wear to a Chinese New Year Party 
  • Outfit Ideas to Embrace Your Chinese Heritage 

February Blog Ideas for Beauty Bloggers 

  • Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas
  • DIY Valentine’s Day Nail Art
  • Best Black-Owned Beauty Brands
  • Easy Hairstyles for a Valentine’s Day Date 
  • Chinese Beauty Trends to Follow
  • Black Beauty Habits We Could All Learn From 
  • Cold Weather Skincare Ideas
  • Best Red Lipsticks for Valentine’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day Beauty Gift Guides 
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February Blog Ideas for Mom Bloggers 

  • Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers
  • Homemade Valentine’s Day Treats to Make with Kids
  • Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids
  • Indoor Activities Ideas for Cold Winter Days 
  • Best Books to Read Your Kids for Black History Month 
  • How to Celebrate Chinese New Year with Your Kids
  • Black-Owned Kids Boutiques to Support
  • Best Books to Read Your Kids on Chinese New Year
  • Valentine’s Day Baskets For Kids 
  • How to Learn Your Family’s Love Languages 
  • Tips for Showing Your Kids Love
  • How to Teach Your Kids About Black History 
  • Outdoor Winter Activities 
  • Black Historical Figures to Teach Your Kids About
  • Black History Month Activities for Kids
  • Game Ideas for Valentine’s Day Parties
  • Cute Valentine’s Day Outfits for Kids
  • Winter Emergency Kit for the Car
  • DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts Your Kids Will Love to Make
  • Decoration Ideas for Valentine’s Day Parties 
  • How to Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day 
  • How to Make Paper Lanterns for Chinese New Year

February Blog Ideas for Travel Bloggers  

  • Most Romantic Destinations in the World
  • Romantic Places to Propose to Your Girlfriend
  • How to Create a Dreamy Valentine’s Day Getaway 
  • Black Travel Bloggers You Should Be Following
  • Best Places to Learn About Black History
  • Winter Travel Safety Tips 
  • Best Places to Celebrate Chinese New Year
  • How is Chinese New Year Celebrated in China
  • How to Make Camping Romantic
  • Best Views for a Romantic Hike on Valentine’s Day 
  • Black Cultural Centers in Your Area
  • Top Black History Events to Attend
  • Black History of [City]
  • Best Shoes for Winter Travel
  • How to Support Your Local Black Community
  • Best Warm Places to Visit in the Winter 
  • Most Beautiful Places to Experience Winter 

February Blog Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers 

  • How to Throw a Classy Valentine’s Day Party for Adults
  • Valentine’s Day Cocktail Party Ideas
  • Tasteful Valentine’s Decorations 
  • How to Honor Black History Month As A White Person
  • Ways to Practice Self-Love this Valentine’s Day 
  • How to Respectfully Celebrate Chinese New Year
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
  • How to Throw a Galentine’s Day Party
  • What is Feng Shui?
  • Ideas for a Valentine’s Day Date Night In
  • Romantic Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day
  • How to Be Okay with Being Single
  • Ways to Deal with Valentine’s Day Loneliness 
  • Black Influencers You Should Be Following 
  • What Are the Chinese Zodiac Signs and What Do They Mean?
  • Chinese New Year Superstitions and Traditions
  • Winter Safety Tips 
  • How to Stay Motivated while Completing Your New Year’s Resolutions 
  • What is the Animal for this Chinese New Year?

February Blog Ideas for Fitness Bloggers 

  • What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?
  • Ways to Fight Seasonal Depression
  • Winter Self-Care Tips
  • Best Black-Owned Fitness Brands
  • Chinese Parables We Can Learn From 
  • Best Treats for a Sugar-Free Valentine’s Day
  • How to Overcome Valentine’s Day Blues
  • Inspiring Stories of Black Heroes
  • Couples Workout Ideas 
  • Inspiring Stories of Chinese Heroes
  • Pink and Red Athletic Wear for Valentine’s Day 
  • Supplements You Should Be Taking this Winter
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Use these ideas to write your SEO-friendly February blog posts!

If you’re running dry on content ideas, we hope this list helped you get inspired and fight that writer’s block. Just make sure all of your posts are search engine optimized, so they have an even better chance of ranking high on the search engine results pages! You can find all the deets on SEO at the InfluencerSEO blog

And, if you need more ideas to flesh out your content calendar, here are more blog post ideas:

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