The 22 Best Affiliate Platforms For Bloggers

Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

As a blogger, finding ways to make money off your content is really the key to success and making your blog into a life sustaining business. You can work with brands on sponsored content, sell an online course, sell your own products, make money through advertisements, and of course earn commissions off affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is essentially a partnership between you and a company to earn affiliate commissions or referral fees off the customers you drive their way that convert into sales. They typically work by first signing up for their program and platform. Then, through their user-friendly platforms you select a physical product or a service that you want to market on your own blog or social media. 

What is affiliate marketing?

The goal is to organically drive sales for the brands you love and use regularly. Your readers can then consume your content and purchase any products they’re interested in. Every affiliate marketing network has their own ways of doing things. You can earn referral fees, commissions at varying percentages, offer discounts, etc. It just depends on the individual retailer and what they’re offering for you and your audience. You are able to earn the commission on the sale because you’ll use a special link or code that uses web cookies to keep track of the sales you’ve facilitated. 

Best affiliate marketing platforms

The 22 Best Affiliate Platforms For Bloggers

Some of the key things to consider when choosing the affiliate marketing programs that work best for you are do they fit with your niche and offer the brands you regularly post about, does the vendor or platform have a good reputation, and are the commission percentage or referral fee in line with your goals. As you get further down your journey of using affiliate programs you’ll also want to consider the ease of use of the platform, and how in-depth the commission and sales reporting data is.

So if you’re new to affiliate marketing or interested in joining a few more networks to earn more commissions off your blog traffic, the list below is an absolute gold mine! Below we’ve curated a giant list of affiliate marketing platforms for bloggers. These platforms are user-friendly and offer great products and commissions. Plus, they’ll hopefully give you a wide range of options to encourage income generation for any blog niche. Enjoy!

The 23 Best Affiliate Platforms For Bloggers

Here’s our ever-growing list of the best affiliate programs for bloggers and a little information on each of them to help you choose the best platform for your business, blog niche, and marketing strategy. Some networks are for one specific brand, and others give you access to thousands of brands. You can use a range of networks too based on the content you typically create.

1. LTK

On LTK you’ll gain access to over 5,000 brands like Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Revolve, and Walmart. This popular affiliate program has tons of features and an intuitive system that makes creating links, shopping widgets, boutiques, and codes easy. LTK also provides tons of support for small businesses so you can get the most out of your affiliate linking. You can incorporate LTK affiliate links on your blog, or use the LTK app to showcase specific products. Essentially, when someone clicks the link and makes a purchase or shops through your LTK page, you earn a commission.

We also love the detailed reporting offered by LTK. You’ll gain access to tons of conversion data that you can use to pitch brands for sponsored posts.

2. Shopstyle (Now Collective Voice)

Collective Voice offers two different affiliate marketing packages, so whether you’re experienced or just beginning to start a blog, they have a place for you!

In this model you can get paid by clicks or by purchases. You’ll have the opportunity to host sponsored campaigns and have access to thousands of brands! They offer reporting to help you track the success of your strategy. Which, similar to LTK, can help you pitch yourself for sponsored content.

Experienced influencers who have a good handle on affiliate marketing can also gain access to commission increases and bonus events. 

3. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates connects Amazon products and influencers like you! You’ll earn up to 10% commission and have millions of products to choose from. Amazon also has specialized linking tools for blogs of different sizes. 

Chances are your home is already full of Amazon products you can’t get enough of, so think of how easy it’ll be to craft a review and start raking in the cash!

4. PopularPays

In the PopularPays platform you will gain access to a wide range of brands varying in size from boutique to enterprise with products varying from beauty to fitness! To grab a product you apply for one of their posted campaigns and get crafting that content. 

5. ShareASale

ShareASale has a massive network of over 16,000 brands! It hosts an intuitive platform for bloggers to use to build relationships with brands and track your progress through campaigns. This program is also open to all types of content creators regardless of your size! 

6. Rakuten

Rakuten offers three different avenues to gain commission, so you can decide which path works best for your audience and content! Rakuten’s platform is also global, but they boast great affiliate support despite their large size.

This is another platform that provides fantastic technology to track your growth, but Rakuten also has a “matchmaking” service that links you to brands that fit your niche! This is just one way Rakuten curates a more personalized experience for both you and your readers.

7. Etsy

Etsy’s affiliate platform allows you to promote their fun, unique, and often handmade products and monetize any purchases that come from your content! Etsy offers its bloggers and influencers exclusive trend reports that will always keep you in-the-know on the next great craze.

8. Sephora

This affiliate program partners with Rakuten to provide users with a great platform for managing your marketing. Sephora offers access to over 13,000 quality beauty products and allows bloggers like you to earn commission, get free samples, and free shipping over $50 on your own purchases. 

Sephora also provides its affiliate marketers with exclusive product and new launch information. This along with their provided branded materials will make producing content for lucrative commision super easy! 

9. MaxBounty

MaxBounty’s affiliate program focuses on allowing users to join active campaigns through lots of different advertisers. You receive payments weekly with this platform and can receive performance bonuses for great sales. 

10. Target Affiliates

Target Partners is an affiliate marketing platform made simple. Not only is managing your digital marketing super easy, but Target sends out regular newsletters and promotions to make finding more products to promote a snap. 

Target has a massive product catalog of over one million items, and let’s be honest, you probably already spend a good deal of time shopping at Target. Finding a product that you connect with and is relevant to your audience will be no problem with this legendary brand!

The one downside is that Target only gives you up to 8% of sales that are generated from your posts. The good news is, many of Target’s products are easy for readers to access and more approachable than lesser known brands. 

11. CJ Affiliates

CJ Affiliates is another hub of thousands of brands looking for you to promote their products. They have unique brand offerings like Barnes & Noble, Blue Apron, and Overstock. Additionally, they have a few good brands for travel bloggers like IHG and Priceline! 

CJ provides great support for their affiliates as well, offering development opportunities to help you grow your commission check! They also match you strategically to brands similar to ones that you have successfully promoted in the past. 

12. FlexOffers

FlexOffers is a user-friendly affiliate platform that hosts over 10,000 brands like Nike, Sephora, Samsung, Hulu, and Wayfair. They have a range of reporting tools and a unique comparison widget that allows you to add flavor to your posts and boost engagement. 

13. Sovrn

This affiliate network is pretty cool and can save you a ton of time. Sovrn turns your existing product links on your site into affiliate links. It’s a great way to monetize on blog posts from the past that you were writing before you had access to affiliate programs. It’s automated affiliate marketing that works in the background with a single snippet. It can definitely save you time, that’s for sure!

14. InfluencerSEO Affiliate Program

The InfluencerSEO program is launching soon! We’ll be offering the ability for current clients to earn commissions off any bloggers they refer to us. The program will be rolled out first to clients that request access pre launch. If you’re interested, you can request pre launch access to our affiliate program by emailing with the subject line “InfluencerSEO Affiliate Program”. We can’t wait to roll this out!

15. Awin

Awin also provides content creators with an easy-to-use platform and excellent user support. On their platform you can select from a wide range of over 16,000 brands like Etsy, FabFitFun, Naked Wines, and more! 

16. Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum’s affiliate program is for “Tasty Food Photography,” which is an eBook on food photography, and “How to Monetize Your Food Blog” eBook. If someone purchases via your blog, you receive a generous 50% commission. 

Pinch of Yum utilizes ShareASale’s platform for tracking and marketing management, which makes the affiliate process fast and easy! They’ll provide you with banners and other creative assets to market their eBook, and you just do what you do best and blog about it!

17. Generation Mindful

Generation Mindful is a super cool company focused on gentle parenting and teaching kids emotional wellness. They sell all sorts of products focused on helping moms and dads through their parenting journey. If this is your niche, this might be just the affiliate program for you! 

You can earn 10% commission on every sale you drive. This company also provides the branded material for your blogs and social media pages, which takes a ton off of your plate and allows you to generate passive income for your growing blog. 

18. Food52

Food52 sells stylish kitchen home goods and provides tons of delicious recipes. Affiliates earn 9% commission and can choose from their regularly updated product data feed from thousands of items! 

19. Beau-Coup

If weddings or event planning is your niche, Beau-Coup is a great, quality brand to partner with! They make personalized favors for any occasion and deliver 10% commission to its affiliate partners. They utilize ShareaSale’s intuitive platform and branded assets to help your promotion journey easy and profitable.

20. RoseGal

RoseGal is a plus size clothing brand. It not only offers an affiliate program with commission on sales, but also delivers free items to its influencers to review! RoseGal does require their affiliates to already have 2000+ followers prior to submitting, but if clothing is your category this can be a great way to earn more income and build your closet! (Who doesn’t want that?)

21. Outdoor Vitals

If your blog has anything to do with outdoor adventures, Outdoor Vital’s affiliate program might be perfect for you! If you love their ultralight weight products and would like to promote them, you can earn 10% commission on every purchase. 

22. NewChic

NewChic is a clothing brand where you can earn up to 50% commission on sales directed from your blog! All new affiliates start at 18%, but that’s still more than some others on this list. If clothing and accessories are your game, NewChic might be the perfect partner for your new income stream. They offer plenty of products and brands to match your style and taste.

What are your favorite affiliate programs?

Hopefully this list of the top affiliate programs is super helpful for both new and seasoned bloggers. Most of these affiliate programs offer lucrative incentives, are very easy to join, and make it oh-so easy to start earning money online. Do you use any of these great affiliate programs? If so, which are your favorite? Also if there are any affiliate programs for bloggers missing from this list, let us know! We would love to add more affiliate networks to this list!

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