36 Photographer Blog Post Ideas

Blogging is now an essential part of running a successful business. No matter your niche, a content marketing strategy can help you gain credibility, reach new customers, and expand your monetization opportunities. Photographers specifically can gain traction by adding a search engine-optimized blog to their website—Plus, your blog will have an edge since it’ll have your ah-maz-ing photos on it that people love!

36 Photographer Blog Post Ideas

36 Photographer Blog Post Ideas

  • How to Take iPhone Photos
  • Best Apps for Editing iPhone Photos
  • Best Photography Editing Software
  • Tutorials for How to Edit in a Certain Style
  • Tips for Shooting Outside
  • Tips for Shooting Inside
  • Tips for Shooting with Natural Light
  • Tips for Shooting in a Studio
  • Tips for Baby Photo Shoots
  • Tips for Food Photo Shoots
  • How to Shoot Beauty Products
  • Tips for Influencer Photo Shoots
  • Posing Tips for the Best Photos
  • Different Camera Angle Techniques to Create the Perfect Vibe
  • Best Lighting Equipment for Bloggers
  • Best Camera Lenses for Bloggers
  • Top Cameras for Bloggers
  • Top Camera Accessories for Bloggers
  • Best Photography Food Props and How to Use Them
  • How to Find Photography Clients
  • How to Set Your Photography Rates
  • Social Media Tips for Photographers 
  • Winter Photo Shoot Tips 
  • Tips for Finding the Best Photography Locations 
  • Photographer Family Session Tips
  • Tips for the Perfect Headshot Session
  • How to Make Portrait Sessions Creative
  • Best Locations for Outdoor Family Portraits
  • Editing Tips for Portrait Photographers
  • How to Do a “Day in the Life” Photography Session
  • Birth Announcement Photo Ideas
  • Big Events Where You Should Hire a Professional Photographer
  • Step-by-Step Guide Edition to the Perfect Portrait
  • How to Preserve Family Photographs
  • Best Cameras for Wedding Photographers
  • How to Be a Successful Boudoir Photographer
  • Ways to Display Your Family Photos
Best Photography Blogs to Follow

Best Photography Blogs to Follow

Regan Baroni

Regan Baroni is a food photographer with a stellar blog! On her homepage, she has three options: work with me, learn from me, or take a course. We love this because it ensures that visitors are taken precisely to the right place. So, potential customers can find her portfolio while aspiring photographers can find her educational blog content. 

Her blog posts have gorgeous featured images of her dramatic, high-quality photos of food and props. And, each post is categorized for easy browsing. She also has sections for food photography, equipment, business, iPhone, and courses. Every post is search engine optimized too, with subheadings, labeled images, affiliate links, internal links, external links, and lots of helpful lists. Not only are her posts great inspiration for your posts, but you can also learn a lot about food photography with her content!  

Joy of Marketing 

Joy of Marketing is for boutique photographers who want to grow their business! She doesn’t try to gain additional clients from this blog. Instead, she appeals to other photographers. Her top posts discuss topics like the top conferences for photographers, rebuilding a failing photography business, the best business models for higher sales, and common marketing mistakes photographers make. Needless to say, there’s a lot of great info!

Every post is also a podcast episode. So, if you’re interested in running a photography podcast too, definitely follow Joy of Marketing for inspiration! She also has free training, fun quizzes, books, and downloadable starter kits that make her blog more dynamic and engaging!

Two Loved Studio

This food blog is another one all about educating other photographers! The blogger breaks up her posts into beginner, intermediate, and advanced tips to make sure readers find exactly what they’re looking for. Every post has a beautiful food photo, an optimized title, a brief description, and a topic section. In addition, the topics include “composition and styling,” “lighting,” “retouching,” and more! 

To further monetize her blog, she has ebooks, courses, and a comprehensive list of affiliate links to her favorite products. So for ways to expand your photography business revenue sources, definitely consider a blog like Two Loved Studio!

Paige Gribb Photography

Paige Gribb is a Paris-based photographer who uses her website to gain clients and help other photography professionals! For clients, she has a digital portfolio that shows some of her best couples photography work. Her blog also shares inspiring stories of her success, information on the state of the photography industry, behind-the-scenes reviews of her past blogging sessions, and how-to guides for various photoshoots! 

Her style and strategy are different especially when compared to other photography blogs. So she’s a great one to read if you want to take a unique approach to your own photography blog. 

We Eat Together

Here’s another food photography blog! And rather than this blog being the dual purpose for future clients and food photographers, this one only shares how to take great pictures of food. Every post is about general food photography principles, food photography lighting, or food styling! So most of his posts are accompanied by YouTube videos and really helpful step-by-step photos.

Whether you want to up your food photography game or emulate your food photography blog, We Eat Together is a great one to follow. 

Ashlyn Savannah Creative

First of all, we looove the aesthetic of this photography blog. After all, the way your photography blog looks is so important since your business is ALL visual. Ashlyn uses her blog exclusively as a form of content marketing to gain lots of new clients. Like most photographers, she has a digital portfolio that’s broken into her niche categories: couples, lifestyle, and weddings. But, what makes her unique is the way she uses her blog!

Each post highlights one of her recent shoots. It’s rich with great photos and the text usually has something to do with the location, the style of the shoot, or other essential information a client would need to replicate that shoot. Prospective clients open the blog, get inspired by the behind-the-scenes of her shoots, and book her to do their next session! It’s so smart! 

SEO for photographers
A blog can help grow your photography business!

All in all, blogs are a great way to grow a business organically. As long as you prioritize search engine optimization, your blog can put your website at the top of Google’s search engine results pages. That means you get more people to your website and more people booking photo sessions or learning from your helpful photography content. You can get all the essential info on SEO for bloggers on our blog

If you’ve already started your blog, and just want more blog post topic ideas, we’ve got them! We have ones that work for almost any niche, including post ideas for spring, self-care, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, moms and Mother’s Day, summer, weddings, wellness and mindfulness, fall, New Year’s… you name it! InfluencerSEO is your hub for all things blogging. Join us and let’s make your photography business BIG! 

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