80+ Engaging and Delectable Food Blog Ideas

food blog ideas

Food blogs are one of the most popular niches out there! No matter who you are, you probably cook, so with such a broad audience, this type of blog content is hugely successful! People are constantly searching for recipes, cooking tips, kitchen hacks, and so much more. 

The core of your blog is your collection of recipes and the beautiful food photography that motivates readers to cook or bake your creation! However, after a while, coming up with new content can be exhausting and overwhelming. Whether it’s writer’s block or just a lack of content ideas, sometimes we need a little help to push through the rut. 

That’s what we’re here for today! We’ve got plenty of ideas to inspire new, engaging blog posts that’ll attract readers new and old. Get out that content calendar, because we’ve got tons of topics to add to the list!

best Food Blog Ideas

80+ Engaging and Delectable Food Blog Ideas

Food blogs cover a huge range of topics, so if you’ve only been trying recipe posts, it might be time to switch things up! Consider your audience and let our content ideas get your creative juices flowing. What else might your readers enjoy? Maybe a review of a kitchen gadget? Maybe a post about plating? Or, maybe a list of your favorite restaurants? Let’s expand our mind to expand that content calendar! 

What is a Food Blog?

A food blog is simply a blog that showcases cuisine in some way! Successful food blogs focus on a specific niche. Some are all about high-end dishes and cooking tips, whereas other ones are all about giving parents healthy, fast weeknight meals. You may even find some that are more about the science of food or the culture and history behind a certain type of cuisine. 

Whatever it is, there’s an audience for it! As we mentioned earlier, there is no one out there that doesn’t cook or indulge in food. This is one of the reasons food blogs are SO popular. Both evergreen and season content performs really well, which makes growth much easier as long as you’re following our SEO tips for bloggers

To help you develop your brand and get more engaging content uploaded, we’ve compiled dozens of post ideas for food blogger below:

food blog ideas list

80+ Food Blog Post Ideas

Recipe Blog Post Ideas

  • Budget-Friendly Weeknight Meals 
  • Best Southern Food Recipes
  • Grab-and-Go Breakfast Recipes 
  • High Protein Vegetarian Meals 
  • Cheapest Meals to Make on a Budget 
  • Toddler-Friendly Lunches
  • Healthy Versions of Comfort Foods
  • Favorite Paleo Meals 
  • Meatless Meal Ideas
  • Slow Cooker Chicken Recipes 
  • One-Pot Ground Beef Meals 
  • Whole30 Weeknight Recipes 
  • Healthy Homemade Snacks 
  • Gluten-Free Dessert Ideas
  • Recipes for Fresh Market Ingredients 
  • Inexpensive Meals for Large Groups
  • Cold Lunch Recipe Ideas for Work 

Cooking Tips Blog Post Ideas

  • Step-by-Step Guide to Meal Prepping 
  • How to Carve a Turkey 
  • How to Master Breadmaking 
  • The Science of Baking 
  • Time Saving Meal Prep Ideas 
  • Guide to Mastering Knife Skills
  • Different Types of Grills and How to Use Them
  • Guide to Seasonal Produce 
  • How to Cooking Eggs Every Way 
  • Plating Like a Professional 101 
  • Substitutes for Common Ingredients 
  • How to Make the Perfect Sauce 
  • Types of Cuts and How to Do Them 

Reviews Blog Post Ideas

  • Best Restaurant in [City]
  • Favorite Destinations for Amazing Foods
  • Best Food Trucks in [City]
  • Rating Pre-Packaged Healthy Snacks 
  • Kid-Friendly Restaurant Reviews
  • Ranking Drinks at [Local Coffee Shop]
  • Best Places in [City] for Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisine 
  • Top Food Festivals in the Country 

Healthy Eating Blog Post Ideas

  • What Diet is Best For My Body?
  • Worst Diet Advice Out There
  • How Meal Prepping Can Help You Eat More Healthy Food
  • Best Plant-Based Proteins 
  • How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy 
  • Best Meal Plans for Keto Diet
  • Worst Foods to Eat When Trying to Be Healthy 
  • Healthy Substitutes for Common Ingredients 
  • How to Shop Healthy at the Grocery Store
  • How to Stay More Hydrated
  • Best Foods for Lowering Cholesterol 
  • Healthy Desserts That Won’t Break Your Diet 
  • Are Cheat Days Okay?
  • How to Eat for Better Gym Performance
  • Healthy Smoothie Recipes 
  • How to Eat Healthy on the Go
  • Best Restaurants for Healthy Eating 
  • What is Portion Control?

Kitchen Gadgets Blog Post Ideas

  • Must-Have Beginner Kitchen Gadgets
  • Kitchen Tools to Add to Your Wedding Registry 
  • Kitchen Gadgets to Simplify Meal Prepping 
  • Innovative Kitchen Gadgets for Foodies 
  • How to Make Your Kitchen a Smart Kitchen 
  • Multi-Tasking Kitchen Gadgets 
  • Affordable, Simple Kitchen Tools for the Chefs in Your Life
  • Best Gifts for Chefs 
  • Best Meal Prep Containers 
  • Unique Kitchen Gadgets
  • Kitchen Gadgets for Bakers
  • Best Kitchen Tools and Accessories for Coffee Lovers
  • Kitchen Tools for Home Bartenders 

Culinary Blog Post Ideas

  • Commercial Kitchen Organization Tips 
  • Tips for Creating a Seasonal Menu
  • List of Roles in a Kitchen and What They Do
  • Managing a Professional Kitchen 101
  • How to Incorporate International Cuisine into Your Menu
  • How to Build a Culinary Brand 
  • The Art of Flavor Pairing 
  • How to Elevate Your Dishes with Seasoning 
  • Ways to Navigate Food Allergies in the Kitchen 
  • Food Presentation Guide for Chefs
  • How to Create a Signature Dish
  • Ways to Create a Memorable Dining Experience
  • What is Molecular Gastronomy? 
best food blogs

5 Best Food Blogs

Smitten Kitchen 

Every food blog needs a niche, and Smitten Kitchen’s niche is simple meals. Deb Perelman, the blogger, has an aversion to “fussy” foods and pretentious ingredients so you won’t find truffle oil or caviar in Smitten Kitchen’s recipes! The focus is practical, delicious meals. You’ll find tons of well-organized recipes, outlines of Deb’s travels, and engaging extras, like food conversion charts and helpful videos. This is a great one to check out! 

The Prenatal Nutritionist

Can you guess this niche? Yep! Pregnancy eats! Ryann Kipping, the founder of The Prenatal Nutritionist helps women find actually helpful and satisfying meal plans for women in one of the most delicate stages of their life. You’ll find hundreds of recipes and answers to all of your “Can I eat that when I’m pregnant?” questions. 

Cooking With Cocktail Rings  

Kylie Mazon-Chamber’s blog Cooking with Cocktail Rings is AMAZING! Her approach to food is relatable, approachable, and totally inspiring. She has hundreds of recipes on her blog that are all organized in a dozen different ways from dietary restrictions to kitchen tools used. She also posts lifestyle and travel content and markets her cookbook on her blog.  

The Emerald Palate 

Adria Saracino has a super unique approach to her food blog. Does it have recipes, yes? But this food blog is equal parts a travel blog and takes a cultural approach to discovering and enjoying new foods. You can read international restaurant reviews, get foodie travel inspo, and even join Adria on a food tour or retreat! So cool! 

The Healthy Hippie

You can often find a health blog mixed with a food blog that’s what The Healthy Hippie is! You’ll find blog posts that all center around healthy eating, healthy living, and fitness. So, whether you want to know more about clean beauty or nutritious dessert options, blogger Jessica Coggins of The Healthy Hippie has you covered! 

Use these helpful ideas for your food blog!

Do you have a food blog? We hope these ideas helped give you plenty of inspiration and motivation to create content that draws in lots of new readers! Remember to always search engines optimize all your posts and follow the InfluencerSEO blog for all the best blogging tips, tricks, and advice from the experts. Let’s get you ranking!

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