SEO For Fashion Bloggers

Search engine optimization for fashion bloggers

When you launch your blog out into the world wide web, it doesn’t take off overnight. With over 600 million blogs out there, optimizing your site for search engines is vital to get noticed and gain traffic. Of course, there are some basic SEO principles that work for all types of blogs, but it’s best to understand the nuances of your niche specifically to launch your blog to the next level! 

If you’re a fashion blogger, you’re in one of the most popular blogging niches out there. This means LOTS of competition. Additionally, your unique content demands a specialized SEO strategy. To help you grow your brand, we’ve made a fashion blogging guide just for you. Here it is:

Search engine optimization for fashion bloggers

SEO For Fashion Bloggers

Create outstanding content.

This SEO tip probably sounds like a no-brainer, but it is important to note! Not only do readers demand quality content, but so do search engines. If they don’t find well-written, high quality posts on your fashion website, they’ll find it elsewhere. Driving traffic to your website will be very difficult if your posts seem rushed and uninteresting.

For some of you out there, you love to create content on your blog, so this part is easy! For others, you started on social media and are adding a blog to build your brand into a business. If this is you, and you doubt your ability to create quality content, definitely consider outsourcing your blog writing! You can still create awesome content based on your outfits, without having to write the posts yourself.

Use high-quality visuals.

For some niches, visuals aren’t that important. All blogs need graphics and images for good SEO, but the quality really matters when you’re writing about something visual. For instance, a mom blog focused on parenting tips doesn’t need visual aids for her readers to understand the content. However, a food, travel, or fashion blog definitely does!

Because your readers need to see your outfits, make sure you can upload high quality photos. You may need to invest in better equipment or hire a professional if you’re lacking in this area. But, whatever you do, add high definition images to increase your page SEO and to create a more enjoyable experience for your readers.

Build backlinks.

Links are another important SEO tool. Backlinks, specifically, are helpful because they show Google you are a credible source! Backlinks are when other websites link to your content, which proves you’re an authority within your niche. 

In order to get others to link to your website, you’ll need to build relationships with other bloggers, grow your social media presence, and guest post. We’ll get more into each of these later on this list!

Find and use the right keywords.

When a potential reader searches something, Google tries to match that user with the best content for them. They want the most relevant search results possible! In order for Google to match your content to your future readers, the words in the search bar must match up with the text in your blog post. These motivated phrases are called “keywords.”

Using the right short tail and long tail keywords will help you grab readers looking for content just like yours. In order to find these phrases, you’ll need to conduct keyword research. You can use free keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, or opt for a more comprehensive service like Moz Keyword Explorer!

Also, keep in mind the importance of using your keywords correctly. For SEO, your keywords should be included in your blog post titles, title tags, meta description, subheadings, URLs, alt text, image titles, and title attributes.

Perform a competitor analysis.

As we mentioned, there is a ton of competition in the fashion blog world. That’s good and bad. Obviously, it’s difficult to stand out among the crowd, but it also means there are thousands of fashion blogs out there who’ve already found success! And, guess what? You can learn from their strategy! 

With competitor analysis, you can discover how other blogs are reaching their goals. Figuring out their content strategy, marketing channels, and overall competitive advantage will help you plan for your own success. To execute one of these analyses, use SEMrush or a similar site to compare yourself to the competition. 

Make your blog mobile friendly.

As of 2015, Google favors the mobile optimization of a website over the desktop. This means if your website provides a poor user experience on a mobile device, meaning it isn’t user-friendly or is slow loading when browsed via cellphone, tablet, or other mobile device, it won’t rank as high on the search engine results pages on ANY device. So, as you’re working on your web design, prioritize the function and appearance on a phone or tablet. 

SEO For Fashion Bloggers

Use affiliate links wisely.

To make money off of your blog, you’ll probably decide to affiliate market. The influencer marketing business is bigger than ever, so there’s never been a better time to jump in and start advertising products you love for a paycheck! But as with all advertising on a blog, it needs to be done tastefully and intentionally. 

Affiliate marketing isn’t just posting generic, bland ads and collecting a commission on clicks or buys. Proper blog influencer marketing requires you to create real, quality content surrounding a product. You could do this through product reviews, guides, and showcases. Whatever you do, it needs to be just as high quality as your other posts, so your readers feel like they’re receiving valuable content and not just ad-heavy spam.

Additionally, make sure you’re only promoting products that you really believe in. Don’t link to low-quality websites and products you’ve never used yourself. And, even if you love a product, ensure it’s relevant to your audience, i.e. readers interested in clothes or the fashion industry. As long as you choose your links wisely, advertise respectfully, and keep ads to a minimum, your readers won’t mind the recommendations and additional content!

Seek opportunities to be a guest blogger.

Guest posting is great for all bloggers. Basically, you write a post for someone’s blog, and they write a post for yours! When you do this, each fashion site mutually benefits by gaining the readership of the other’s blog. In your guest post, you can add lots of backlinks to your own site, gain a valuable ally in the space, and reach a wider audience. Wins all around.

Participate in forums and comments.

To rank higher on the search engine results pages, you need to have backlinks and plenty of website traffic. A great way to gain backlinks and increase your brand awareness is to engage in online forums and comment sections. Also known as – networking. 

As you post your expertise, link to your articles, and build relationships, people will flock to your website. Just make sure the original post contains relevant content, otherwise the users in the comment section may not be your future followers. If it is your niche, get to chatting!

Link to your own content.

Google likes it when you have readers who hang out for a while on your website. Additionally, Google loves lots of website traffic. So, this means returning visitors are vital for search engine optimization! In order to get people to stay on your website for a while and come back time and time again, link to your own content within your blog posts. 

This will send them down a bunny trail of content and domino them through your entire website. Once they’ve spent that much time reading your material, they’ll be much more likely to return to your blog as a resource in the future – knowing you’ll produce quality content every time. Google will see this, and drive you up the SERPs. 

Leverage social media platforms.

Think about it; your favorite fashion brand probably uses social media quite a bit. Fashion blogs are no different. They MUST utilize social media. The fashion audience thrives on Instagram, so building a presence there will help you locate new readers. Social media and SEO go hand-in-hand, working together to build your brand. Don’t underestimate the power of either. 

Post consistently, share your blog articles, engage with followers, participate in brand collaborations, and network with other blogs to rank higher on the search engine results pages, become a micro influencer, and acquire more regular readers. Social media marketing is definitely time-consuming, but there’s no better way to find your audience!

Make use of analytical tools.

In order to determine if your SEO efforts are making an impact, use analytics tools. They’ll help you identify what’s working and what’s not working on your blog and social media pages. As you acquire this information, you can pivot and take a new course of action, and double down on the things that are doing the most for your blog! 

Here are a few analytics options for your blog: 

Search engine optimization for fashion bloggers

For fashion bloggers to stand out in their over-saturated niche, they need to keep their website search engine optimized. 

Building a blog is hard work. Through search engine optimization, though, it becomes totally possible. With intentional baby steps, you can reach readers and grow your brand to levels you couldn’t even imagine! 

BUT, if the whole SEO process stresses you out, don’t worry. InfluencerSEO provides search engine optimization services for all types of blogs. We’ll take care of optimizing, so you can focus on your followers, your content, and your style!

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