How To Be A Pinterest Influencer

How to be a pinterest influencer

Being an “influencer” could mean a lot of things in today’s modern world. Your mind might immediately go to Instagram models and famous mom bloggers, but really – you can be an influencer anywhere on the internet! All an influencer really needs is a community to influence. Luckily, you can find that community on a high traffic website ( like your blog! ), on Instagram, on Facebook, or even on Pinterest

Pinterest can be one of the best places to grow your following or market your blog. Whatever your goals are, Pinterest’s massive community of over 400 million users is the perfect place to share and monetize your content. But, how do you do it?

Today, we’re going to show you how you can become a Pinterest influencer—a Pinfluencer! From strategy to search engine optimization, InfluencerSEO has you covered for all your Pinterest needs and know-how. Let’s get into how you can grow your brand by creating and optimizing your Pinterest persona:

How To Be A Pinterest Influencer

How Much Do Pinterest Influencers Make?

Pinterest influencers can make anywhere from $20 – $200 a day. But, some make up to $35,000 a day! Of course, that last one is the highest earning Pinterest user, and $20 is normal for someone just starting out. But, it’s clear that Pinterest is a viable place to show people your stellar content and make money off of it! 

How Do Pinterest Influencers Make Money?

There are a few ways Pinterest influencers can make money. Since the influencer marketing industry is booming, you can find brand collaborations and sponsored post opportunities even with minimal followers (and good quality content, of course!)

An influencer can also use Pinterest as a digital marketing tool for blogs. Boosting blog posts on Pinterest allows you to grow your readership, increase your website traffic, and build credibility within your niche. As your blog and Pinterest page grow together, there will be lots of space for monetization on both platforms. 

For example: When blogging as a business, you can use affiliate links to make money, in addition to selling ad space and even your own digital products. And, for your Pinterest page, you can make a profit using the website’s shoppable pins feature that allows you to make your page into a market for your favorite products. So as you can see, an optimized website and social media page make a profitable combo!

why seo is important for pinterest

Why Is SEO Important For Pinterest?

Search engine optimization is when you specially format your content to rank high on search engine results pages. It’s one of the primary ways websites and posts gain organic traffic. Essentially, a user searches a topic they’re interested in, and if the engine believes your content matches what they want based on your optimization, it’ll push the content to the top of the results page. The user will see your post in the first few options, which makes them more likely to select it and give you traffic! ( Because after all, do you ever click to page 2 on Google search results? Most likely, you don’t – and neither will your followers! )

Why is this important for Pinterest? Simply, Pinterest isn’t just a social network, it’s a search engine itself! Think about it: You type phrases into the search bar to answer a question or feel inspired. Pinterest then populates pins that it believes you’ll be interested in based on that search. It’s the same as a search engine like Google, just only for Pinterest! 

Because of that, SEO ( search engine optimization ) is essential when looking for Pinterest success. In order to reach those 400 million users, you’ll need to strategically create and format all of your pins. Below we have our top Pinterest SEO tips:

pinterest seo best practices

Pinterest SEO Best Practices

Change your settings to a business account. 

If you’re planning on making money as an influencer, you’re a business owner. Before you dive into the details of Pinterest SEO strategy, make sure you switch your Pinterest account from personal to business. This will give you full access to Pinterest’s analytics and influencer tools, which will come in handy as you grow your brand. In turn, this will also increase your credibility within your niche as you will now be recognized as a full-fledged business account.

Ensure you have an optimized website and claim it. 

Your Pinterest and website should work together to grow your brand. Though you can gain traction from repinning existing content, you REALLY gain traction and notoriety when you upload original posts. Here’s the catch: Pinterest will evaluate the website the pin links to, and if it’s not “high quality” and well optimized, it’ll hinder your Pinterest SEO. 

Pinterest does this to avoid spam, but you definitely want the traffic to your website! So, take time to fully optimize your site using our SEO blog section or our innovative SEO services. Then, make sure you “claim” your website on your business account to further verify your site’s trustworthiness on Pinterest. If you’re unsure of where your website ranks, do a free SEO evaluation

Add the Pinterest tag and save button to your website.

If you want Pinterest marketing to be one of the main avenues of growth on your blog, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND adding the Pinterest tag and save button to your website. You can do this by using the Pinterest Widget Builder found HERE

That way, if someone finds your website before your Pinterest, they can pin your content on their own page and help get the word out. This will build followership and engagement on both your Pinterest page and your website

Upload engaging, strategic, and optimized images with quality content. 

Though Pinterest is a search engine like Google, it doesn’t rely on text to grab the user’s attention—it uses images! Because of that, pin quality is VERY IMPORTANT. Of course, great content behind the picture is essential, but the images MUST BE well optimized and eye-catching to be effective. 

Long, skinny images are Pinterest’s trademark, so go for the ideal ratio of 4:5 or 2:3. Additionally, your target pixel size should be 1000 x 1500. Beyond these technical attributes, all images should be bold and include text overlays that clearly state the content. Pins that include text often perform better than those that don’t. This is because it allows the user to clearly and quickly see if the topic is actually relevant to them or not.  

Here are a few more data-backed Pinterest image tips: 

  • Opt for red, purple, and pink color schemes, those colors tend to be the best performing on Pinterest
  • Don’t upload images with blank, white backgrounds. 
  • Don’t forget to add alt text
  • Try to include faces in your posts, images with a face perform 38% better
  • Keep your branding consistent across all your pins. 

Use keywords and hashtags. 

Keywords and hashtags are the pinnacle of search engine optimization. These phrases are how your content gets connected with the ideal reader. Everything from your board titles to your pin descriptions should include search terms that Pinners are likely to use. 

Pinterest keyword research is possible utilizing a few methods. You can either use the guided search feature in the search bar, the “related search” feature, one of Pinterest’s included tools. Pinterest Trends and Pinterest Ads both offer trending keywords to add to your content! 

Though keywords and hashtags are important, don’t overdo it. Pinterest will pick up on the overstuffing and send you to the bottom of the results page. Keep those 500 characters natural and add keywords where they fit best.

Create and maintain organized boards.

When someone views one of your pins, you want them to domino through your entire page for optimal profit benefits. The amount of traffic and length of engagement will help boost your SEO and increase your follower count. So, to take users on a journey through your content, make sure all your pins are inside well-organized boards that are super easy for users to browse. 

Collaborate with other Pinners.

There are group boards on Pinterest as well. These allow bigger users to help smaller users to share their traffic and influence. Whenever you can, contribute to a community board to get a seat with the Pinterest champs! 

Post 5 times a day at optimal times. 

Pinterest likes highly interactive users that deliver a lot of content. So, to rank high on their results page, we recommend posting 5 times a day. Luckily, if you already have a published blog, it’ll be easy to repurpose that into 5 separate posts promoting the same content! 

The best times to post on Pinterest are between 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm or 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm. To make sure you hit those optimal times, consider using a social media post scheduler like Planoly

Influencerseo pinterest services

InfluencerSEO Pinterest Services 

Not every influencer loves to search engine optimize their content. In fact, most influencers are really passionate about the content creation part . . . but not so keen on the technical side of rising through the ranks. That’s why here at InfluencerSEO, we have Pinterest SEO services that do the work for you! Here’s a quick breakdown our packages:

InfluencerSEO Pinterest Optimize Package

This package is for a blogger that wants SEO-pinning to be completely taken off their plate. You create your blog posts and run your Instagram, and we take care of Pinterest. Here’s what we’ll do for you:

  • Pin all of your new blog posts
  • Pin all of your new Instagram images 
  • Create 8 custom Pinterest-friendly graphics based on your blog post content
  • Weekly insights email detailing your Pinterest and website growth
InfluencerSEO Pinterest Strategize Package

This one is for those looking to get really serious about their Pinterest game. Not only will we take care of posting and some image creation, but we’ll also work with you to help you grow your brand using Pinterest. Here’s what’s included:

  • Pin all the images in your new blog posts
  • Create 15-30 custom Pinterest-friendly graphics based on your blog post content
  • Develop four custom Pinterest idea pins
  • Pin your Instagram photos and reels
  • Create 8 custom graphics for top performing old content
  • Assist with overall strategy regarding older content for recirculation
  • Weekly insights email detailing your Pinterest and website growth
  • Strategy emails for updating and recirculating old content 
Use Pinterest SEO to achieve your biggest influencer goals! 

If you have a dream of monetizing your blog, becoming an influencer, and building a career that matters, you’ve come to the right place! These Pinterest tips will help you build a real income on the social network while also building your other platforms. 

For more SEO, blogging, and social media tips, check out our blog. At InfluencerSEO, we’re experts in creating influential brands that reshape their niche. If you’re curious about our services and whether or not they’re right for you and your brand, check out what our customers have to say! Let’s tackle your influencer dreams together!

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