How to Get Past Writer’s Block

How to Get Past Writers Block - Defeat writer's block, craft great posts, and meet deadlines!

Have you ever stared at a blank screen, feeling like you have no good ideas and no motivation to write? Don’t worry, it’s totally normal!

This is called writer’s block, and when it hits, writing couldn’t be more challenging and less fun. This phenomenon is super common among all types of writers whether you’re a law student crafting a dissertation or a blogger coming up with yet another topic in your niche.

Writer’s block can be a vicious cycle. Oftentimes, writer’s block can be sourced from fear of failure, procrastination, overwhelming thoughts about the task in front of you, and the looming due date. As your writer’s block prevents you from writing, these feelings of stress are amplified, thus rooting you deeper in your anxiety and your writer’s block.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to overcome writer’s block and get back to your normal workflow. So, today, we’re sharing our top 16 tips for getting past that pesky writer’s block and getting back to what you do best!

16 Tips to Overcome Writer's Block

How to Get Past Writer’s Block

Getting past writer’s block can feel impossible at times! But, don’t stress – we’re here to help! Here at SEOInfluencer, we are constantly creating exceptional content for our customers. This means overcoming writer’s block is a normal part of our day-to-day workflow! So, without further adieu, here is our list of pro-tips for overcoming writer’s block!

List of Tips to Get Past Writer's Block

Don’t wait for inspiration.

When writing doesn’t feel like it used to, it can make you think you’re doing something wrong or that something is wrong with your content! But, this is totally not the case. The truth is, sometimes writing comes easily, and sometimes it doesn’t. Even great writers like Stephen King admit that ‌you can’t wait for inspiration to strike. If you’re really serious about writing, just write! 

The best part is, your readers won’t be able to tell what you had a lot of fun writing, and what you struggled to write. As long as your voice prevails in the end, your readers will eat up your content no matter how easily or not it flows from your brain to the page! So, push on and start writing, even when it’s not fun and feels more like a chore. Believe us when we say, eventually, these feelings will pass and you’ll be back on your game in no time!

Don’t expect perfection.

Instead of typing a few words, and then worrying about the fact that it’s not as polished as you want, just press on! Keep writing even when you know it’s not perfect. 

Perfection will come during the next draft or during editing! And guess what? The next draft will be so much easier to write once you’ve got something to work with. You’ll find your writer’s block melts away once you have a starting point like a first draft—even if it is still a diamond in the rough! 

Change your process.

Like we said above, having something on the page really helps to push away the writer’s block. Take your tried-and-true process and throw it out the window. A change in your normal process can get you excited to write and break through whatever barriers that are preventing you from making progress! Try starting by writing an outline or typing in all of your headings. Once you have some guideposts, you can take your writing step-by-step! 

If your writing process is already this structured, try loosening up and just writing through your stream of consciousness. Or maybe you tend to multitask a lot while writing, and distractions always take over! Try a writing tool that helps you focus on your word count alone, like pen and paper or Freewrite.

Change your scenery. 

Writing in the same place at the same time every day can make your process stale. It can make the act of sitting down to write tedious and leave you feeling stuck. Instead of the same old routine, grab your laptop or your preferred writing tool and head to a park, art gallery, library, or coffee shop. A change of scenery can really help increase your focus and get those creative juices flowing! 

Research your topic.

For some, research can sound super boring, but for you bloggers out there, this is a normal part of the writing process! If you feel you’ve lost sight of your niche and can’t think of any new content, dive into more research. Sometimes the smallest things can spark big ideas! Doing some research can also remind you what you love about your topic and get you motivated to write again. 

Listen to music.

Research shows that music helps many people concentrate and get in the mood to write. If you’re used to working with silence or domestic background chatter from your home or office, try popping in some headphones. Just like changing up your workspace, listening to music can add new flavor to the writing process and get those fingers typing. 


Sometimes, to get over writer’s block, you just need to stimulate the creative part of your brain. Brainstorm some story ideas. Write from a different point of view. Throw away your niche for a minute and don’t worry about writing productively. Just let the words flow. 

Start by finding some writing prompts online and just start typing (or handwriting)! The goal of freewriting is to set a timer and write continuously without stopping. You can expect lots of incomplete sentences and spelling mistakes, and the flow will be a mess. But, that’s okay! Remember, this is just to get you warmed up. 

Once you’ve finished the freewrite, head back to your post and see if the words come a little easier. Chances are, this writing exercise will cure that writer’s block!

Go for a walk.

Going for a walk can definitely help you get past writers block. It is a great way to take some time out, clear your head, and refocus for the upcoming task. Getting out and moving your body around is an awesome way to shift your perspective and let your mind wander a little before you get back to the writing project at hand.

If you’re feeling stuck, taking a walk could be exactly what you need to get your creative juices flowing again! Whether you prefer long walks or a quick stroll, this can be a very effective tool for writers battling writers block!

Read a book. 

Reading books is the one of the best ways to develop your prose and curb that pesky writer’s block. The book doesn’t necessarily have to be in your niche, but you should strive to choose a book that closely matches your writing style.

There are plenty of lifestyle books out there that probably have a similar voice to you. Hearing your voice a little stronger in your head might be just the thing you need to turn that blank page into your next completed blog post! 

Create a ritual or routine. 

This method is the opposite of changing your scenery. If your daily writing is just sort of squeezed in whenever you have a free moment, you may struggle to get in the proper headspace to be creative. 

Try to make your writing time more ritualistic. Every day, grab your favorite mug with your favorite drink and turn on a music playlist that makes you feel creative. Then, sit down in the same spot and pump out your words! 

Your ritual could be anything—just think about some of your favorite things and places! But, keep in mind that the routine must be the same every day. By establishing a regular writing routine, your brain will learn to identify the rituals and promote better focus and productivity.

Treat your writing like a job.

Henry Charles Bukowski, often known just as Bukowski, has rules for writing that help you take it seriously and avoid writers block. Our favourite is his advice about treating it like a job! When you treat writing like a job, you have deadlines and tend to take it much more seriously!

Just like a job, pick a certain time of day where you sit down, write, and “meet your deadlines” at your desk. This is a superb way to get things done and avoid writers block.


Journaling has many cognitive benefits. Just like freewriting, journaling can also stimulate those writing muscles. But, in addition to getting those juices flowing, journaling can also help you sort through any psychological blockages that might be preventing you from writing. These could include pressure to succeed, personal issues, or burnout. Working through these issues in your journal can help cleanse your mind and get you back in the writing spirit again.  

Be creative in other ways. 

If the act of writing is just too difficult, start with another artistic medium to get those creative juices flowing! You could paint, dance, or scrapbook. Or, you could watch creative videos online, jam to some new music, or even listen to some great podcasts. Really, the options are endless. 

If you feel up to it, you could even try your hand at different types of writing, like crafting a short story or a poem! Once you start the creative process, your blogging will come easier and you can say goodbye to writer’s block. 

Join a writing support group. 

Creative writing support groups are not only great places to workshop content, work on character development, and get advice on writing-related issues, but they’re also a great place to conquer writer’s block! These communities often host writing circles or “word wars,” where you partner with a few people and race to see who can complete the most words in a given period. 

It may seem silly, but, in reality, it’s super fun and motivating! The friendly competition and the camaraderie of writing at the same time as others is perfect for beating writer’s block and getting your work finished! 

Don’t procrastinate. 

One of the major sources of writer’s block is pressure to meet a deadline. Nothing will make writing feel more like a chore than when you’re racing against the clock to get something posted on time! Always be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get your project done. Instead of waiting until the last minute, try to get your writing done early! This may prevent writer’s block from ever popping up in the first place!

Reward yourself.

If you’re having a hard time getting yourself moving, set a goal and reward for yourself upon completion. You might reward yourself with some TV or social media time or with a coffee run or a small online purchase! No matter which reward you choose, just be sure that it motivates you enough to push through that writer’s block.  Of course, this is not something you want to get in the habit of doing every time you write. But, it can be a great tool to combat writer’s block and get you motivated when you’re feeling really stuck! 

Take a little off your plate.

Chances are, you started your blog because you’ve got a mission with your writing. If you feel all the joy has been drained away and the demand for new posts is too high, take a little off your plate! 

Delegating some of the blog posts to someone else will allow you to really focus and enjoy the ones you keep for yourself. You can avoid writing about topics that aren’t your favorite, and do the writing that you’re really passionate about! The space between deadlines will also give you peace and motivate you to have fun writing again! 

To reduce your workload while maintaining the integrity of your mission, be sure to read our blog about how to outsource your blog writing. Or, if you’re looking to outsource to an expert that cares about your voice and your message, be sure to check out our SEO and Copywriting Services! We take the hard work out of writing for you, leaving you to take care of the things you really care about. 

What Causes Writers Block?

Understanding the root cause of your writers block can create awareness and allow you to address it quickly and effectively. Experiment with different strategies, like the ones above, to overcome it. Writers block can be caused by many factors, but some of the most common include:


Constantly striving for perfection can lead to self-criticism and fear of not meeting your own high standards, which can seriously have an impact on creativity.

Fear of failure

Fear of failure or the fear of not writing something good enough or of being criticized can seriously paralyze your creative process.


Exhaustion or mental fatigue from overworking or stress can drain you of your motivation and creative energy.


Noise, interruptions, and other external factors can disrupt your concentration and make it hard to focus on writing. Even internal distractions such as your inner thoughts or emotions, such as self-doubt, anxiety, or personal issues, can distract you from your writing goals.

Lack of inspiration

Sometimes, you may simply lack inspiration or feel uninspired by your current project or ideas.

Getting stuck in a rut

Getting stuck in a boring or monotonous routine or writing in the same environment all the time can lead to you becoming stagnant and experiencing blockages.


Having too many ideas or not knowing where to start can overwhelm you and make it difficult to begin or continue writing.

Get Creative, Change the Pace, Give Yourself a Break to Curb Writer's Block, Reach your Full Blogging Potential
Break the cycle of writer’s block!

So, how are you feeling about writing right now? If you’re still experiencing writers block, be sure to take one of these tips and give it a try! Here at InfluencerSEO, we know that one of these tricks will cure your writer’s block and get you moving forward again. Don’t let writer’s block stemmed from anxiety prevent you from achieving your blogging goals. Instead, get creative, change the pace, and cut yourself some slack. With determination and passion, you will be back to blogging at your full potential in no time!

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