Best Mediavine Alternatives for Bloggers that Don’t Meet the Monthly Pageview Threshold 

Best Mediavine Alternatives for Bloggers that Don't Meet the Monthly Pageview Threshold

Mediavine is a popular marketing company that provides monetization options for bloggers. If you’ve been blogging for any amount of time, you know turning your blog posts from a hobby to a business is no easy task. Learning how to earn money blogging is one of the most challenging parts of developing your brand. (With monthly costs, you might even be losing money on your blog.)

You can generate income through brand collaborations, affiliate links or affiliate marketing, selling products or services, and providing ad space! As your blog grows, it becomes the perfect canvas for companies to display ads. This is why finding an ad network like Mediavine to facilitate the placement of ads on your blog is a great plan for many content creators. 

Ways to Monetize your Blog

The problem is, Mediavine requires 50,000 monthly sessions and requires you to be Google-certified. This is a huge ask for small publishers like yourself, which makes this ad agency unreachable for the time being. Luckily, there are plenty of Mediavine alternatives out there that don’t have this large page view quota. 

So, today, we’re going to talk about ad network alternatives that don’t have criteria ‌as demanding as Mediavine’s requirements. Here are 10 alternatives to Mediavine:

Best Mediavine Alternatives for Bloggers that Don’t Meet the Monthly Pageview Threshold

Newor Media

Newor Media is a slightly smaller advertising network that requires 30,000 page views per month. In addition to the page views, Newor only accepts U.S.-based, English blogs due to the targets of their U.S.-based advertisers. 

The platform provides partnerships with advertisers, of course. But, beyond that, it has included planning strategies, blogger support, optimized ads, and multiple types of ads to choose from. Of those ads, you get lots of control over the content and where they are placed to ensure you’re not irritating your long-time or prospective readers

The platform has a maximum of six ads, which may be disappointing for those looking to really make the most out of ad placement. There are no fees to get started, and you get paid every 30 days! Users wish ‌the analytics were a little more thorough, but other than a few downsides, Newor is a great ad choice.    

Pageview Threshold: 30,000


Outbrain doesn’t have a minimum traffic requirement. They just require you to create high-quality, original content. This is great for blogs just starting out that don’t have a lot of daily users just yet. This platform offers a pleasing, non-intrusive ad format that doesn’t hinder the user experience. Additionally, they offer many types of ads like native ads, banners, and more!

Beyond thoughtful ads, Outbrain has solid security and adaptive ad planning features informed by your site analytics. That being said, some bloggers don’t find the adaptive tech all that helpful for gaining a higher ROI. 

Plus, you don’t have much customization and agency over what and where the ads are placed on your site. But, if you’re looking for something simple and non-intrusive for your followers, Outbrain is a solid choice for an up-and-coming blog. 

Pageview Threshold: None

SHE Media

SHE Media has a few criteria for its publishers. They require 20,000 monthly page views, original, quality content, good standing with Google AdSense, and U.S.-focused material.

Their package includes content strategy, SEO assistance, video content support, sponsored content opportunities, and invitations to exclusive events! Users didn’t like that they had to commit to annual membership, though, and some found the ads to be a little intrusive. But, many are happy with their SHE Media subscription and love the energy of their inclusive community. 

Pageview Threshold: 20,000


Monumetric is unique because it has different levels of programs. What’s great about this is that their lowest package starts at 10,000 page views. This makes their ad network a lot more approachable than some others! Beyond needing 10,000 page views, you’ll also need a good Google Adsense rank and WordPress or Blogger as your platform. Others aren’t supported. 

This ad program has no contract, great support, and even provides an ad management team. Beyond that, you can expect video content applications, higher earnings, and control over the placement of your ad units. They also have multiple ad types for you to utilize to increase your chances of making ad income! 

Monument may have higher payouts, but it takes a while for that money to get to your bank account. It takes 60 days to be exact! Also, you’ll have an initial setup fee if you have fewer than 80,000 monthly page views. But, if you can start earning a consistent income in the first year, that set-up fee will be well worth it. 

Pageview Threshold: 10,000


Like Monumetric, Ezoic requires 10,000 page views, a positive Google AdSense standing, and quality content. Ezoic also prefers that your target audience is mostly U.S.-based and your content is written in English. 

Their handy network is really intuitive as well! It provides constant suggestions on ad placement changes as insights pour in from customer use. The platform also offers plenty of control over your ad placement and content—a lot more than the others! 

Additionally, Ezoic improves your site speed, provides video media integrations, personal ad managers, and educational content about growing your ad revenue. Since Ezoic is heavily data-centered, it takes a few months to generate enough information to make predictions and suggestions, but it’s worth the wait. 

Pageview Threshold: 10,000

Best Mediavine Alternatives for Bloggers


Epsilon doesn’t have any required page view thresholds listed on their website. Anyone can join! Epsilon has SEO, user experience optimization, stat builders, consulting, messaging, and tools for your follower management! These include the loyalty program, consent form curation, and a lot of AI help to make your blog HUGE. 

Pageview Threshold: None


PropellerAds provides ad monetization services to anyone! Even if you are out of the U.S., you can still be a success here. This is due to PropellerAds’ huge network of advertisers. And, PropellerAds does everything it can to make you money by bypassing ad blockers and monetizing your 404 pages! 

PropellerAds includes a lot of standard ad types like banner and native ads. But, where they really specialize is in their full page pop-unders and push notifications. These are more intrusive, and users don’t love them, but they do make you more cash. It’s really a toss up! Content creators also love that PropellerAds has no commitment, video ad opportunities, and a minimum withdrawal amount of only $5. 

Pageview Threshold: None


Evadav has no required threshold. They offer security, targeted ads, multiple ad types, an easy-to-use dashboard, and weekly payments through your chosen payment method. Though there is no required starting point for page views, you may be disappointed by your first few months of results. The big bucks come in when you can increase your blog traffic. 

Besides low revenue for bloggers with lower page views, you’ll also have fewer analytics shown on your dashboard until you hit the next milestone. Additionally, some users find Evadav’s ads invasive. And since Evadav doesn’t offer much control, you’ll have to take up an obtrusive ad with your ad manager. 

Pageview Threshold: None


Media.Net requires 10,000 monthly page views, great content, and only English language writers. They are unique in that they provide targeted and relevant ads that don’t rely on third-party cookies. This is beneficial as more and more people are installing ad blockers. Media.Net claims to be future-proof! 

You can choose between HD traditional ads, native ads, banner ads, contextual ads, and more. The payouts aren’t always the best, but with the use of their handy analytics page, you can adapt your content to get your followers the content they want. 

Pageview Threshold: 10,000


Adsterra also has multiple package levels to make ad income. Starting at just 5,000 followers, you can start utilizing pop-unders. As you go, more types of ads become available! In addition to having low requirements, Adsterra has user support, 2-week payouts, a URL shortener, and optimization assistance. It’s one of the highest earners on the list! But remember, not everyone enjoys a pop-under.

Pageview Threshold: 5,000


Journey by Mediavine is a great option for bloggers with around 10,000 sessions per month. With Journey, you get the advantage of using the same ad tech and connections from Mediavine. To get started, you’ll first need to install Grow by Mediavine, run it for a minimum of 30 days, and apply for Journey so that they can measure your traffic. Then, depending on how much traffic your site gets, they will contact you about running ads. However, you can still increase your traffic and grow your audience using Grow while you wait for your invitation to join.

Pageview Threshold: 10,000

Mediavine Alternatives for Smaller Blogs
Regardless of your monthly page views, there is an ad network for you! 

Making money from your content is a huge milestone in your blogging journey. It’s when your dream of blogging full-time starts to form in front of you! Allowing ads on your website will help you generate passive income while you pursue affiliate marketing and brand collaboration opportunities. With some hard work, you’ll be making a sustainable income on your blog in no time!

InfluencerSEO is here to help you all along the way. If you’re interested in more ways to monetize your blog, SEO info, or other helpful blogging tips, check out our website. We’ve got tons of articles to help you take our blog to the next level. Plus, you can check out our SEO services and learn how they can help you increase your organic traffic and reach your page view goals. Let’s get your blog out there!

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