What to Name Your Blog

How To Name Your Blog

When you were given the inspiration to create your blog, maybe you were immediately blessed with an epic title. Or maybe not. So now you’re in the camp of bloggers that want to start a blog but have NO idea what to name your blog. Before you start stressing, take a breath. Know that you will find the perfect name for your blog, and we’re here to help.

Your personal blog name is important to you, and it should be! It is important. You want something that will capture your audience’s attention and stand out from the crowd.

And you also want your blog name to convey your branding on search engines. You want it to elicit a certain emotion or vibe. You want it to be positive and approachable. There is a lot riding on just a few words! 

Because we know naming your blog can be a challenge, we are sharing practical and creative tips for how to curate the perfect blog name! So if you’re currently struggling with what to name your blog, we got you! Below are a ton of tips for choosing the perfect blog name.

How to come up with an epic name for your blog

How To Decide What to Name Your Blog

Selecting your blog name is both a creative and pragmatic process. Great blog titles are inspired as well as logically selected to capture your target audience. Here are a few tips for choosing a blog name. 

How to craft the perfect blog name

Consider Your Topic and Range

Considering your specific niche is the first step to crafting some good blog name ideas. Are you a travel blog? Are you a food blog? Are you a fitness blog? Maybe you’re a fashion blog? Nailing down the topic your articles will cover will allow you to get in the right mindset for the rest of the tips. 

If you have already picked your original and creative blog niche, take a minute to consider the scope of this topic and your potential long term goals. For example, if you plan to create a blog on birthday party event planning, you may come up with a fun and SEO friendly name for your blog such as, “The Birthday Girl.” 

However, a name so specific could limit the range of topics you can cover in your future posts and possibly limit your personal brand. All brands evolve, and you want a name that can evolve with you. Perhaps down the road you’ll struggle to come up with content on the birthday theme. Because of the specificity in your blog name, you wouldn’t be able to expand into covering weddings and showers as well. 

Then again, maybe you want to start a blog that is hyper focused on a specific niche. After all, it is great for SEO best practices.In that case, crafting a title that reflects that specificity is super strategic and can give you a competitive edge from an SEO standpoint. So find a balance! Just ensure you’re considering the future implications and possible limitations of your blog name.

Blog examples that reflect their topic and range: Apartment Therapy and Tech Savvy Mama

Ponder Your Target Audience

Think about your prospective readers. Those are the people you want to grab with a catchy blog title. If you have a mom blog, consider including the word “mom” in the title. This grants you MAJOR SEO points and makes ranking for mom related topics way easier.

Beyond that, ponder on how a mom might want to feel when she reads your blog title. Does she feel accepted? Does she immediately relate to words like “mess” and “stress?”

Your target audience should connect instantly with your blog name, whether it’s the exact words you selected or the tone implied in the name. Don’t forget who your audience is and what attracts them. 

Blog that hits its target audience in the title: Megan the Vegan Mom – she’s covering both moms, and vegans with this name.

Contemplate Using Your Own Name

A simple word to add into your title is your name! Maybe your first or last name would sound nice with a couple other words that describe your blog topic well. If you’re looking for a place to begin when drafting ideas for titles, playing with your own name can be a great way to mold a creative blog name. 

Blog that uses the blogger’s own name: Camille Styles, At Home with Natalia

Meditate on Your Tone and Style

Think about the blogs you read regularly. Each one has a specific style and tone. One blog may satiate your intellectual side. Another blog may feed your hunger for mindless fun. Chances are, the title reflects the emotions you have while reading it. 

Consider the tone of your unique blog. Is it high-end and professional? Is it approachable and light? Is it humorous and bold? Write down some descriptors and use that as kindling when crafting your blog name. If you’re not sure of your blog’s tone, check out InfluencerSEO’s article on how to find your blogging voice.

An example of a blog that conveys tone and style is The Gottman Institute. This obviously feels very professional and academic. Another great example is the blog A Foodie Stays Fit. This obviously communicates that the blog is about food and fitness, and communicates balance because you can be both a foodie and focus on your wellness.

Research Your Competitors’ Names

Your competitors’ blog names show what works in the market. You don’t want to outright copy, of course, but this can be a great source of inspiration. If other blogs like yours all use the same root word, that might be a sign that word needs to be included in your blog name. Or if all the blogs have a humorous angle, maybe yours should too.

Competitive blogs with similar titles: Wellness Mama, Well + Good, Living Well Mom, & Bites of Well. They all have the word Well in them to reflect their focus on wellness. In order to compete in that space you could find a way to work in the word well to your wellness blog name. 

Craft a List of Associated Words

Rather than trying to come up with a title outright, try instead collecting a bunch of words you can mix and match to create a potential name. Think about your blog’s niche and write down as many words associated with that niche as possible. Just write anything that comes to mind with no restraint! 

If you’re having trouble coming up with word associations, use Word Hippo or Related Words! Simply type something in and these resources will populate hundreds of words that are similar based on the keywords you enter! 

Use a Blog Name Generator

The internet has a generator for just about anything you can think of, including a blog name generator. Sites like Name Generator or The Meisle will ask for some keywords related to your blog and populate tons of options! 

Once they’re created, pick your blog name! Even if these names aren’t perfect, with a little tweaking they might get you exactly where you need to be! Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration in order to find the name that truly fits! 

How to name your blog

Grab a Thesaurus

Much like making a list of associated words, grabbing a thesaurus (or, let’s be real, pulling one up on your phone) can be a good way to come up with similar words to those connected with your niche. 

Think About How it Sounds 

Blogs are remembered by their incredible content . . . and their fun-sounding names. The title of your blog should be easy to pronounce and somehow memorable. A catchy blog name can grab your audience right from the Google search page or make you stand out on social media. It could be easy to remember for a variety of reasons, including: 

1. It Rhymes 

Things that rhyme always have a way of sticking in your head. Use a site like RhymeZone to figure out a fun rhyming blog name. Smitten Kitchen is a great example of a memorable, rhyming blog name!

2. It Uses Assonance or Alliteration 

Assonance or alliteration just means it uses the same consonant or vowel sounds to allow your phrase or title to roll easily off the tongue. Bargain Babe and Design Darling are both great examples of alliteration. 

3. It Combines Two Words

A good way of making a catchy blog name that sticks stands out from the crowd is to put two words together to create a new one. This process has been used to name anything and everything since forever! No shame in stealing a tried-and-true option. 

Remodelaholic, The Fitnessista, and Corporette all hit their niche and target audience in one beautiful, made-up word!

Dabble in Another Language

Sometimes adding real intrigue comes from taking a word you think is overused in English and translating it into another language! This can give you the meaning you’re looking for, without exhausting your title with a word or phrase that’s lost its flavor. 

A great example of a blog name that uses another language is Ciao Bonita – which simply means hello beautiful!

Use Abbreviations or Acronyms 

The beauty of abbreviations and acronyms are not only that they’re easy to say and memorable, but they can also hold a lot of meaning and contain multiple words that would otherwise be too busy in a blog name. 

Think about any already-established abbreviations or acronyms that might be associated with your niche and consider adding those to a title! 

A fun example of a blog that uses abbreviations or acronyms is Addicted 2 DIY. Rather than having to spell out Do It Yourself, you can simply include DIY in your blog name.

Spin Popular Phrases or Puns

One of the coolest and easiest ways to make a memorable blog title that hits your target audience and elicits a specific tone is to take a popular phrase and adapt it to your blog. Usually you take a phrase and replace one word with a word in your niche that rhymes with it or at least starts with the same letter.

Think of a pun, a phrase, or an idiom that is commonly known. Then, look at your list of associated words. Chances are, there is probably some swapping you could do that would create a truly memorable and effective blog name. 

Here are two unique examples that use popular phrases as the inspiration for their blog names: Helen in Wonderlust and Style and Error

Get Weird

Some blog titles have nothing to do with the blog and are just plain weird. This is a risky move, but when you start gaining popularity, it can definitely help you stay relevant and distinguished from the rest. 

Maybe the title is totally random or maybe it has some personal significance to you no one else would know about. Either way, finding words not usually related to each other can be a productive way of naming a blog! 

Weird blog titles that totally work: Goop and Melting Butter

It’s Time to Name Your Blog

Alright, tiger, it’s time to name your blog. You can do it! Take some time with real pen and paper and consider all the tips above to get those creative juices flowing and select the best name for your blog. 

Don’t be afraid to get some advice from friends or from your niche community once you narrow down your choices. Of course, make sure you check to make sure that domain is not taken before you get your sights set on that perfect name for your blog. You can also check social media handles & trademarks if you want to go down that road.

The InfluencerSEO team believes in you and can’t wait to see your blog name shooting to the top of our searches and blowing up our social media pages! For more valuable tips like this, check out our blogging tips page! It’s full of all the best blogging advice for both newbie and seasoned bloggers.

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