How To Make Your Blog More Engaging? 

How to make your blog more engaging

Whether your brand is all about blogging, or your brand uses blogging as a digital marketing tool, one of your top goals should be gaining more loyal followers. You may have plenty of social media posts showcasing your articles and your content might even be optimized for search engines, but how else can you get more people reading your blog posts? 

Before keyword stuffing your posts to death or dropping thousands on a guy in your DMs who says he can sell you Instagram followers, ask yourself this question: Is my blog engaging? This is the key question! No matter your expertise or marketing budget, your posts have to be dynamic and engaging to grab a reader’s attention and keep it. 

So, today, we’re discussing how to improve your blog content and make it more captivating! Whether you want to start a blog or you’ve had a blog going for years, these tips will help you build a more loyal following. Here’s how to make your blog more engaging:

List of ways you can make your blog more engaging

How To Make Your Blog More Engaging? 

Don’t be overly formal.

There are plenty of resources on the internet for finding authoritative, hyper-professional advice or information. That’s not what people want from blogs! Readers want to follow influencers who feel authentic, humble, and relatable. Flexing your APA-paper formatting skills and infinite expert knowledge isn’t exactly approachable or charismatic. 

Instead, when writing engaging blogs, be informal and casual! Let the words come naturally. Of course, a little editing for clarity and proper spelling is always a good idea, but don’t feel like everything has to be perfectly polished. Write the post like a conversation with your followers. 

Emphasize your unique voice.

Along the same lines, capitalize on your unique voice. What is voice exactly? It’s the way you speak combined with the tone of your message. 

So, if you are naturally blunt and sassy and you want women to feel confident in the clothing they wear, your voice should be funny, sharp, and a little unrefined. If you’re more soft-spoken, calculated, and sentimental and you have a mom blog, your voice should be sympathetic, sweet, and encouraging in your posts. 

The point is, don’t suppress your instinctive voice when writing blog posts. Let it come alive, because it’ll distinguish you from other bloggers and allow you to connect more personally with your readers. If you’re still unsure of how to determine your voice, use this helpful guide

Highlight the most important content. 

The truth is 73% of people claim to skim blog posts. It’s just the reality of the industry! Most people are searching for a quick answer on their mobile device, and once they scroll and find it, they’re onto the next thing. Don’t try to fight this and create readers that absorb every word, instead highlight the most important content using short paragraphs, clear titles, and explanatory subheadings. Bullet points also super helpful.

Cover topics your audience cares about.

If you’re a full-time blogger, we bet you love being your own boss. But, really, your target audience is your boss. They command whether a piece of content does well or does not. The main way they do this is by simply engaging with content they’re interested in, and scrolling past posts they’re not. 

Your blog niche is full of community members engaging in conversation about your topic. To get a pulse on your audience rather than trusting your own preference, dive into Facebook groups, forums, comment sections, and more to hear the questions your future followers are asking. In your posts, target THOSE popular topics.

Create dynamic, branded visuals. 

Nearly 90% of people prefer visual content over written content, so it goes without saying that to engage readers in your posts, you must have visuals. This will also help you with your digital and content marketing campaigns as you share your post on social media. Great photos and graphics will definitely draw people to your website! 

This goes for every type of blog! If you’re a fashion blog, for example, post high quality photos of your outfits. Or, if you’re a tech blog, you could create graphics that showcase products or break down statistics. No matter your niche, ensure the visuals are top quality and are branded with your logo and color scheme! 

Make it interactive. 

Give your readers another way of connecting with your posts by adding an interactive element! Some great interactive content to consider includes a quiz, survey, custom calculator, live chat, or anything else you can think of! Also, consider inserting a creative call to action to exchange followers for a discount, giveaway, printable, or other offer.   

Keep it concise.

Blog posts shouldn’t be too long or too short. You need that Goldilocks just right position. Most posts are between 1,000 – 2,500 words long, which is ideal for SEO and for reader engagement. This ensures the answer to your reader’s question is easily accessible and not bogged down with fluff. For more on achieving the right content length, read this post

Offer additional services, products, and resources.

A successful blog solves some sort of problem for a reader or fills some gap in their lives. Whether you’re a lifestyle blog encouraging people to manage their self-care or a personal finance blog trying to get people out of debt, you have a cause! You can create free and paid content that engages your readers, helps them reach their goals, and increases your monthly profits. 

Many blogs are multi-facetted not only to create more monetization opportunities, but also to be of greater value to their readers. The more you do for your followers, the more they’ll visit your social channels and website.

You can offer services like consultations, courses, evaluations, and whatever else you can think of! Printables, products, memberships, and custom apps/programs are also great to present on your blog. Even if you don’t have the means to do much of this, you could at least add some affiliate links and widgets to make recommended products easily accessible.  

Include another content form. 

You’ve got a blog, you’ve got extra services/products, you affiliate market—what else is there? Well, you could always provide another way for your readers to hear from you on a regular basis! If the blog posts are only coming out once a week, you might be losing your followers during the in-between. 

Keep them consuming your content by starting a vlog, recording a podcast, or even writing a book! If you’re a fitness blog, create workout videos. If you’re a sports blog, vlog about your experiences traveling game to game. All the extra material will keep your followers engaged and thinking about you all week long. 

Add a search box. 

Once you establish yourself as an authority in an area, readers will return to your blog for answers to their questions. If it takes too long to scroll and scroll blog posts to find what visitors want, they’ll simply leave and find the content elsewhere. Creating a search bar allows followers to access the past content they want fast and easy. 

Respond to every comment.

No matter where you are in the blogging process, try to respond to every comment. This tells your reader you actually are in a conversation with them and you’re invested in their lives. It creates a deep connection point and literally engages them. Talk with your people in the comments and they’ll be more likely to return again and again.

Most engaging blogs

Most Engaging Blogs to Take Inspiration From

The Skinny Confidential 

The Skinny Confidential was created by Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, and it’s a lifestyle empire with a cheeky baby pink attitude. She shares weekly blog posts, but she also has recipes, two podcasts, a book, a YouTube channel, a product page of her own patented beauty tools, AND a unique “ask Lauryn” section. 

Lauryn’s uniquely blunt style of speaking that’s totally open and relatable is another way she grabs readers’ attention. Her followers can immediately recognize her bold and caring attitude. And, if they happen to miss that, her pink branding on all her visuals will give her away! 

Safe in the Seat

Safe in the Seat is a blog dedicated to car seat safety. They occasionally share general parenting tips, but for the most part, their mission is to deliver vehicle and car seat education! The blog’s voice is informative and encouraging but firm with an emphasis on facts and statistics, because it’s the type of content the audience wants.

Safe in the Seat also wants car seat safety information to be simple and straightforward. To help with this, they offer virtual consults, car seat buying kits, and safety courses that take one more thing off a mama’s plate. 

Style Charade

Style Charade is a fashion and lifestyle blog from Jennifer Lake who has a really vibrant style. Bright colors and a fun personality are what Style Charade is all about. She is uniquely open about her seemingly picture-perfect rainbow lifestyle and admits it’s not her true reality. Instead . . . it’s a charade! 

This slightly fantastical yet authentic perspective is what readers love to read about. Plus, her fashion sense and interior design style are all about maximizing color in texture in a way that’s anything but mainstream. This dynamic and one-of-a-kind approach is what keeps readers engaged. 

Mommy Diary

Angela Kim of Mommy Diary was once a jaded-stay-at-home mom that lacked purpose or a creative outlet, and now she has an impactful blog with a huge reach. She engages her followers through intimate high quality photos of her everyday life and her Mommy Diary podcast

PCOS Weight Loss 

PCOS Weight Loss makes taking control of PCOS easy with each to-the-point, engaging blog post, as well as digestible podcast episodes and an interactive community membership. Her brand is really dynamic with lots of photos, and each aspect of her business is neatly organized on her beautiful pastel website. Your journey with her blog actually starts with a quiz to understand your situation, which immediately speaks for her credibility and makes you feel a part of her “Cysterhood.” 

Food Heaven Made Easy

The first thing you see on the Food Heaven blog is the definition of their style and tone. It says, “Your #1 resource for wellness that’s accessible and inclusive.” Immediately, this feels relational, empathetic, and, most importantly, unique! This message is echoed all over the blog and website. 

Even more, Food Heaven has a ton of free recipes and a podcast. Each recipe includes beautiful imagery and a straight-to-the-point approach. There’s no fluff on this food blog! Additionally, they keep readers engaged through free courses, built-in reading lists, and super well-organized content.

The Birds Papaya

The Birds Papaya is another empowering lifestyle podcast from mom of four Sarah Nicole! She blogs about everything from fashion and beauty to relationships and wellness. Each post is rich with her personal voice and includes lots of photos, collages, product images, and helpful headings. It’s an easy one to fall in love with! And, when you do, you can get more of her content through her Papaya Podcast

The Stripe

The Stripe has a little bit of everything: books, beauty, motherhood, and more. Each post feels like brunch with your best friend. It’s conversational, concise, and displays a magazine-worthy featured image of Grace Atwood, the blog’s founder and writer.

One of the engagement elements she includes on her site is “the library.” The library is a landing page of books she’s read. It shows her overall letter grade and when you click on a book, you can read her review! With such an engaging page, it’s easy for Grace to become her follower’s go-to for all book recommendations! 

The Food Lens

The Food Lens is the perfect way to connect with your food. Whether you want to cook a meal, mix a drink, or explore a new restaurant, they’ve got you covered. Their followers will find tons of blog posts that feature lists of foods or finds with easy-to-read subheadings, lots of linking, and lots of delicious looking pictures. Food Lens also has their own podcast for readers that want more throughout the week too.

Purfect Sunday

Purfect Sunday is a lifestyle blog from influencer Monti Wheeler who has Hashimoto’s disease and a passion for all things fashion, motherhood, and wellness. She discusses her disorder often, and helps others with the same disease. However, her target audience is wider than that! She makes sure every reader knows where to find the best content with her “suggested search” box and her pre-organized categories.

Each post includes aesthetic, Instagram-worthy photos to captivate readers and illustrate concepts in the post. She has bold, clear subheadings and a sophisticated, yet approachable tone of voice throughout her posts. Other things she has to engage her readers include free downloadable hair routine guides, a list of her fave stores, and a trove of yummy recipes!

engage your readers by giving them everything they want and more
Engage your readers by giving them what they want and more! 

If you’re struggling to maintain followers with high interaction rates, try using these techniques to boost engagement. Then, use this list of successful blogs as inspiration for how you’ll make your own brand more compelling. If you want to go beyond engagement and make every part of your blog work better for you, follow the InfluencerSEO blog! We’re experts in blogging and want to see your brand be the next big thing!

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