70+ July Blog Ideas: Fun, Festive, and HOT

july blog ideas

Hey there, fellow bloggers! We took note of how much you loved our list of summer blog post ideas, so we thought we’d strike while the iron is HOT with some brand new July blog ideas to inspire you even more! 

July is just one of those months that screams excitement, fun, laughter, and good times. It’s the peak of summer filled with sunshine and outdoor adventures, and of course, some great blog topics to sink your teeth into!

So, to get some hits on your blog, you need to be writing about THESE EXACT THINGS! We mean, seriously, who doesn’t love a seasonal blog post to diversify and boost traffic and create some hype? At this time of year, everyone is buzzing about something summer related, so it’s a great idea to jump on board and start writing!

Personally, July gets us pretty pumped with all the content ideas. So, we thought we’d share some with you! Let’s get started!

july blog ideas fun,festive and hot

70+ July Blog Ideas: Fun, Festive, and HOT

July Blog Post Ideas for Fashion Niche

Fashion in July is all about staying cool while looking HOT! Whether you’re talking about festival fashion or chic summer fits, there’s a lot of summer blog topics to explore that will help boost your SEO, get some hits on your website, and inspire others. Check out some of these great fashion blog post ideas below!

  • July Wardrobe Essentials for Hot Summer Days
  • Trendy Beachwear Ideas for You to Rock This July
  • July Festival Fits
  • Styling Tips for Heatwaves in July
  • The Hottest July Footwear Trends
  • 4th of July Outfit Ideas
  • How to Find the Right Hat Choice in July
  • Tropical Prints and Patterns to Wear This July
  • Hot July Fashion Trends
  • Staying Cool and Looking Hot in July

July Blog Post Ideas for Food and Cooking Niche

July is a total paradise for food bloggers. With fresh produce, backyard BBQ parties, and refreshing drinks stealing the spotlight all month long, you’re in for a real treat when it comes to finding great blog ideas! Pair it with high-quality food photographs, and you’ll have your audience drooling. 

  • The Best Grilling Recipes for July
  • Celebrating Canada Day with Delicious Recipes
  • How to Grill for the Whole Family this Fourth of July
  • Refreshing Summer Salads to try in July
  • Picnicing in July: How to Do It Right
  • Cocktails and Mocktails to Try This July
  • Independence Day Party Treats
  • Tips for Foodies on Canada Day
  • Refreshing Ice Cream Recipes for a Hot July
  • International BBQ Recipes to Try in July

July Blog Post Ideas for Parenting Niche

With the kids out of school, July is all about family adventures, fun, and laughter. It’s also all about trying to keep little ones entertained! There’s so many topics to explore in this niche at this time of year if you’re a mommy blogger looking for blog topic ideas

  • Fun Summer Activities for The Whole Family in July
  • Keeping Children Entertained Indoors on Hot Days
  • DIY Crafts for Kids in July
  • July Summer Reading Lists for Children
  • How to Adjust as a New Mom in Summer
  • Water Safety Tips for Children in July
  • Independence Day Activities for Families
  • What You Need to Know About Children’s Safety this 4th of July
  • Summer Sports for Kids to Enjoy in July
  • DIY Backyard Camping Hacks in July

July Blog Post Ideas for Travel Niche

July is prime time for vacations because it’s one of the best summer months, so bloggers all over will be looking for blogs to relate to and find their next spot for adventure. As a travel influencer, you can inspire adventure in others with a range of topics and create a great travel blog post for them to enjoy. 

  • Traveling in July: Eco-Friendly Edition
  • The Best July Travel Destinations
  • Solo Travel Adventures to Book in July
  • Budget-Friendly Travel Tips for July
  • Packing Essentials for Traveling in July
  • Off-The-Beaten-Path Travel Destinations to Visit in July
  • Cultural Festivals in July
  • Road Trip Routes to Drive in July
  • Volunteer Travel Opportunities in July
  • Staying Cool While Traveling in July
july blog ideas fun,festive and hot

July Blog Post Ideas for Health and Wellness Niche

Staying fit and healthy is a common resolution in July, so now you can inspire others on their fitness journey with some wellness blog post ideas. From mental health to physical health, there’s something for everyone below.

  • July Fitness Challenges to Try
  • Healthy Summer BBQ Tips
  • Staying Hydrated in July
  • How to Prioritize Meditation and Mindfulness in July
  • Taking Care of Your Mental Health in Warmer Weather
  • Outdoor Workout Ideas for July
  • July Mental Health Tips
  • Way to Practice Gratitude This July
  • Tips to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone in July
  • How to Kickstart a Digital Detox in July

July Blog Post Ideas for Personal Finance Niche

July is an awesome time to reassess your financial goals, manage vacation budgets, and plan for the future. Many people will be heading to Google to look for guidance in the form of blog posts. So, make sure you write some reliable and up-to-date content to become the one-stop-shop for the information they’re looking for. 

  • The Best Online Businesses to Start in July
  • How to BBQ on a Budget This July
  • Enjoying 4th of July with No Extra Cost
  • The Best July Budgeting Tips
  • Investment Strategies for July
  • Reviewing Your Financial Goals in July
  • How to Not Blow Your Budget on Independence Day
  • Frugal Living Tips for July
  • How to Start a Side Hustle in July
  • Shopping Strategies for July Sales

July Blog Post Ideas for Home Decor Niche

Inspire others to transform their living space this July with seasonal decor ideas that bring warmth into your home. There’s so much opportunity to change up your space at this time of year.

  • July Home Decor Trends
  • Outdoor Living Space Inspiration for July
  • July Gardening Tips
  • DIY Patriotic Decorations to Make in July
  • Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Warm July Nights
  • Summer Centerpiece Ideas
  • July Mantel Decor
  • How to Enhance Your Houses Curb Appeal in July
  • Fourth of July Tablescape Ideas
  • Independence Day Decor Ideas
july blog ideas fun,festive and hot

Engage your audience with these July blog post ideas!

If you’re looking for a blog post topic or two to fill your content calendar, this thorough list of blog post ideas for July will do just that! Now that you’ve seen these great ideas, I know you’ll come up with some AWESOME content for your readers to enjoy this July!!!

For more help boosting your blog and getting views, check out the InfluencerSEO blog or ask about our expert SEO services. We are always here to help you get rewarded for your hard work! Now go and write!

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