How to Start a Mom Blog

How to Start a Mom Blog

It’s back to school season and everyone, including moms, are looking for ways to make extra cash. Though options like Instacart, dog walking, and house sitting might be viable options for making money, they’re not very fun or sustainable! Why not do something you’re really passionate about? And, why not fulfill a lifelong goal while doing it?

Why not start a MOM BLOG?

Whether you’re a working mom, a work from home mom, or a stay at home mom, you can be a mom blogger! Starting a mom blog is a great way to feed your creative side and bring in extra income. With some hard work, it can even go from a side hustle to your full-time career! If this sounds like you, then read on ladies! 

To help you on your way, we’ve developed this step-by-step guide to creating a mom blog. Here it is:

How to Start a Mom Blog 

Steps detailing how to start a mom blog

Step 1: Niche Down

A mom blog is a great idea for a blog topic, but it’s not quite niche enough. In order to really make it in the blogging world, you have to stand out with a unique perspective and focused point. Write about a specific passion or lifestyle in motherhood. 

You could write about ways to save money as a mom. You could write about homeschooling. Or, you could write about your family’s on-the-go lifestyle. Whatever it is, make it special and specific. Blog niches like this excite readers and make your content stick out in the crowded space of mom blogging. 

Step 2: Make a Business Plan and Budget

If your goal is to make money blogging, you’re not just starting a blog. You’re starting a business! Whenever you start a business, you should do some planning. Start with your vision for the brand, then move to your growth strategy. Then, finish up with your financials. There are some start-up costs AND regular monthly costs for blogs. So, ensure you have the funds to get your project started! 

Your plan and budget can start small. That’s okay! But an outline will prevent you from getting lost and going over budget. Keep your plan simple, but don’t underestimate the power of budgeting and intentionality. 

Step 3: Pick a Name

Next, it’s time to pick your domain name! Your name should be memorable, easy to spell/read, and totally unique. Remember, this is how your readers will search for your content and travel to your website. It’s no small thing! 

You should really take some time to find the best title when choosing a domain name. Here is a resource to help you name your blog. Once you have your name, make sure there’s not already a domain under that name. If it’s not taken, grab a free domain or purchase one to reserve the web address. 

Step 4: Pick a Blogging Platform

Now it’s time to pick a hosting service! A good web hosting provider will be easy to use, provide helpful blogging tools, and offer lots of design capabilities. These platforms come at a variety of price points, starting with free. But, the cheaper your hosting plan, the fewer capabilities you’ll have on your site. 

If monetization is your goal, you definitely don’t want to go with a free hosting site. Most free plans won’t include widgets, which you’ll need to make money on your blog. You can browse the pros and cons of the top blogging platforms here

But, as a rule, WordPress is the best platform for blogs! It’s specially designed exactly for blogs, so you can bet it’ll have all the features you need. So, if you want to make this decision quickly, go ahead and install WordPress.  

Step 5: Design Your Site

Ready to design your site? Designing your site should be a fun and exciting experience, not a daunting task. With the right free blogging platform, you don’t need to spend a lot of money or time to create your own website. No crazy coding or design backgrounds are necessary. You can browse lots of themes online and pick one that fits your brand the best. Once you’ve chosen your theme and added your personal touches, it’s time to start brainstorming blog post ideas. Remember to keep your audience in mind and write about topics they’ll find interesting and valuable.

You can even use tools such as Google Keyword Planner to help you come up with excellent ideas for your blog content. With these tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to creating a stunning website and producing compelling blog content in no time! Then, you just need to add your logo, and colors, and make sure everything is really easy to navigate! 

Step 6: Download Useful Plug-Ins

Plug-ins add new functions to your website. Some plug-ins that help everyone are enhanced security plug-ins, analytics plug-ins, and contact form plug-ins. But, depending on your niche, you might need something special. There are special plug-ins for recipe cards, image carousels, YouTube integrations, and so much more! Pick the most useful ones for you. 

Step 7: Get an SSL Certificate

Security might not feel like a big deal on your mom blog, especially if you’re not selling anything or taking anyone’s payment information. But, security is important for blogs and websites of any kind! 

This is especially true since Google started marking websites without SSL certificates as “unsafe” on their search engine results pages. This means internet users aren’t likely to click on your site for security fears. It doesn’t take long, so get an SSL certificate and turn your website from HTTP to HTTPs for the sake of your readers.

Steps detailing how to start a mom blog

Step 8: Write Blog Posts

Now, it’s time to write your blog posts! The fun part, right? Start adding high-quality posts to your site that have your voice and unique perspective. You should be posting frequently and consistently in order to gain a following. So, pick a day or two of the week, and make sure you’re delivering each time. 

If it starts to get a little overwhelming and you feel writer’s block coming on, remember you can always outsource some of your blog writing. The important thing is to make sure you’re posting valuable, high-quality content on a regular basis. 

Step 9: Search Engine Optimize 

If you want your blog to really grow, you need to gain readership organically through search engines. To do this, your content has to populate when potential readers are searching topics in your niche. This will only happen if your content is search engine optimized, which means it’s written in a way Google understands. 

When your post follows SEO principles, Google will interpret it as high quality, helpful, and credible. You’ll need things like image inclusion, longer post length, lots of linking, and metadata.

It can be a little complicated, but InfluencerSEO is here to help with all your SEO needs! Our blog will help guide you through DIY SEO. But, don’t forget we also have SEO services for those of you that would rather outsource this piece of the puzzle. Either way, good SEO is a must-have for ANY blog. 

Step 10: Establish a Social Media Presence 

SEO will drive traffic to your site over time, but you need something more active. Developing a social media presence will allow you to better connect with your readers to promote your content and engage with your supporters. Social media is also a great place to widen your audience and attract new, potential readers. 

Go where your niche is. So, for a mom blog, the best platforms will be Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest! Try not to do it all at once. Start with one or two platforms, get comfortable posting and engaging regularly, and then grow from there. 

Step 11: Consider Monetization Goals

If you want to blog AND make money, monetization is an important part of your planning process. There are quite a few ways you can turn your blog into a business and make real money. Here are five ways you can monetize your blog:

Ways to monetize your blog

Sell Products or Services 

As you consider potential products or services to sell on your blog, it’s important to keep your target audience in mind. What are their pain points, and how can you solve them with your offerings? For example, if you run a fitness blog, you might sell personalized workout plans or wellness coaching services. By tailoring your offerings to your audience’s needs, you’re more likely to earn their trust and loyalty.

It’s also important to price your products or services appropriately based on the value you provide. Don’t undersell yourself! And remember, the key to earning money through your blog is to continue producing valuable content that keeps your readers engaged and coming back for more. With these strategies in mind, you’ll set yourself up for success as a blogger and business owner. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is an incredible opportunity to monetize your blog while promoting products you genuinely believe in. First, it’s essential to choose products that align with your niche and resonate with your audience. Look for products that you have personally used and can confidently recommend. Next, create compelling content that highlights the benefits and features of the products. Share your personal experiences, and case studies, or even offer tutorials to showcase how the products can improve your audience’s lives.

To optimize your success, strategically place your affiliate links within your content and use persuasive calls to action that encourage your readers to take action. Remember, building trust with your audience is crucial, so always disclose that the links you provide are affiliate links. With dedication and genuine recommendations, you can earn a commission while providing valuable recommendations to your audience. You can learn a lot more about affiliate marketing here

Brand Collaborations 

Brand collaborations are a fantastic way to earn money while leveraging your influence and creativity. When you collaborate with a company, it’s essential to choose a product that aligns well with your brand and resonates with your audience. By carefully selecting products that you genuinely believe in, your sponsored posts will feel authentic and natural. When creating your sponsored post, be sure to highlight the unique features and benefits of the product in an engaging and relatable way. Your goal is to showcase how the product can enhance your audience’s lives and provide value.

Once you’ve published your sponsored post, you’ll receive a flat rate payment, which sets brand collaborations apart from commission-based affiliate marketing. Remember, building strong relationships with brands and delivering high-quality content will increase your chances of future collaboration opportunities and a steady stream of income. If you want to know more about brand collaborations, check out our article here.

Ad Space 

There are tons of ad agencies that work with small brands. You simply sign up for them and allow them to run various ads on your website. You’ll get paid for renting out this space. If you have a large number of regular readers, this is a great way to make passive income.

It’s important to research and choose reputable ad agencies that align with your brand values and target audience. Look for agencies that specialize in working with small brands, as they will understand your unique needs better. Consider the types of ads you are comfortable displaying on your website. Ensure that they are relevant to your readers and enhance their overall browsing experience. Remember, maintaining the trust and engagement of your audience is crucial to your success as an influencer. You can find agencies that commonly work with small blogs here.  


As a dedicated influencer, you’re always looking for ways to provide your readers with even more value. Offering a subscription model is a fantastic solution that not only benefits your readers but also provides you with a steady source of income. With a VIP group, you have the opportunity to create exclusive content, tailored to the needs and interests of your most ardent supporters.

By providing additional posts, print-outs, live sessions, courses, and more, you can deepen the relationship between you and your readers, turning them into lifetime fans. And remember, with a subscription model, consistency is key: set a regular schedule for your offerings, and your readers will be eagerly awaiting each new installment.

Step 12: Promote Your Blog

Now that your blog is ready, it’s time to promote! You can promote through social media, running ads, guest posting, hosting giveaways, lead magnets, and interaction on forums. It’ll take some time and hard work, but soon your readership will grow!  Utilize the power of influencer collaborations by reaching out to fellow influencers in your niche for partnerships and collaborations. By joining forces, you can tap into each other’s audience, expanding your reach and building valuable connections along the way.

Don’t forget about the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for boosting your blog’s visibility. Research keywords relevant to your content and incorporate them naturally into your blog posts. By optimizing your content for search engines, you’ll increase your chances of ranking higher on search result pages and attracting organic traffic.

Step 13: Build Your Email List 

As you’re promoting your blog and gaining readers, make sure you’re grabbing their contact info. You should be sending out regular emails to let everyone know about new posts, products, and giveaways. (You can use a plug-in to collect your reader’s contact info!)

As an influencer, your readers are the backbone of your brand, and staying connected to them is essential. By collecting their contact information, you can build engagement and grow a dedicated community. Consider offering exclusive content or special discounts to subscribers, as this will incentivize them to provide their information. Remember, every email you send is an opportunity to connect with your audience and build lasting relationships, so make them count! 

Step 14: Slay

Now, girl, SLAY. It’s time to push your blog, create great content, engage with fans, and reach all your blogging dreams! It’s a grind. But with dedication, you’ll hit that influencer status you’re looking for in no time. Then, you’ll have a whole new set of challenges (along with a lucrative and sustainable income, of course.) 

Starting a mom blog is a great way to build a personal brand and make money sharing what you love. 

Mom blogging isn’t going anywhere. It’s one of the top ways moms learn and gain community in 2022. The market is demanding your unique perspective, so get out there with your original spin on the topic of motherhood! 

We can’t wait to see what you create, and we’re here to help you all along the way. Check back weekly on our site for new posts on building a successful blogging business. And, of course, follow us on Insta too for quick tips and daily wisdom! 

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