100+ Summer Blog Post Ideas

100+ Summer Blog Post Ideas

Don’t we all love the sunshine? Summer is such a fun time of the year. Everyone is so energized, active, and adventurous! Almost everyone you talk to is starting a new diet, going on a dreamy vacation, or rocking a new self-care routine. The positive vibes of this season make it one of our favorites to write about.

So, if you’re not planning any special summer posts, you should be!

Seasonal posts allow you to keep up with trends, connect with your followers, and draw in new readers. This is all because you’re staying relevant. You’ll be writing about what your readers already have on their minds! This is a great plan. However, coming up with summer content ideas isn’t always easy. So, today, we’re sharing sunshine-inspired blog posts for any blogging niche! 

Here are 100+ blog post ideas for all bloggers out there:

100+ Summer Blog Post Ideas

100+ Summer Blog Post Ideas

Summer Fashion Blog Posts

  • Amazon Summer Fashion Haul
  • Best Comfortable Sandals for Summer
  • Best Swimsuit Styles for Every Body Type
  • Trending Handbags for Summer 
  • Favorite Sun Hats for Summer
  • Top Summer Dress Finds for Every Occasion
  • Summer Date Night Looks
  • Best Jackets for Transitional Weather
  • Layered Looks for Unpredictable Summer Weather 
  • What to Wear to an Outdoor Summer Wedding 
  • Favorite Comfy Road Trip Looks 
  • What to Wear to an Outdoor Concert or Music Festival
  • Hot Weather Workwear Outfit Ideas
  • Top Amazon Swimsuit Picks

Beauty Tips for the Summer Blog Posts

  • Summer Skincare Routine
  • Travel-Friendly Beauty Finds
  • Why You Shouldn’t Tan this Summer
  • Best Moisturizers for Dry Summer Skin 
  • Summer 2023 Makeup Trends
  • How to Look Great Without Makeup at the Beach 
  • Best Waterproof Makeup Finds 
  • How to Treat a Sunburn
  • Cute Beach Hairstyles
  • How to Get the Perfect Beach Waves
  • Best Summer Updos for Hot Days
  • Cooling Spa Treatments 
  • Summer Nail Colors for Every Occasion 

Summer Vacation Blog Posts

  • Top Camping Spots in [Region]
  • Best Hiking Spots for Hot Weather
  • Summer Staycation Ideas
  • Best Summer Day Trips 
  • Girls’ Trip Ideas for Summer
  • Packing List for Your Summer Camping Trip
  • Favorite Airbnbs to Stay In this Summer
  • Best Beaches Near [Location]
  • How to Have the Best Family Vacation 
  • Summer Vacation for Multiple Age Groups
  • Most Incredible Beaches on the Planet
  • Best Foreign Vacations for Summer
  • Summer Holiday Destinations 

Summer Lifestyle Blog Posts

  • Date Ideas for Summer
  • Summer Beach Day Playlist
  • Summer Goals for a Better You
  • Couple’s Summer Bucket List
  • Best Sunscreens for Sunny Summer Days 
  • Adult Pool Floats for a Grown-Up Pool Party 
  • Summer Home Decor Ideas
  • How to Start Your Apartment Garden 
  • Tips for Managing Your Garden 
  • Dream Outdoor Space for Summer Nights Outside
  • How to Prep for the Summer Music Festivals 
  • Ways to Earn Extra Money in the Summer
  • The Ultimate Summer Reading Lists
  • Summer Routine Ideas 
  • Best Summer Candle Scents
  • How to Say No This Summer
  • Reasons to Connect with Your Friends this Summer
  • Why Summer is the Best Season
  • How to Save Money this Summer
  • Fun Outdoor Craft Ideas

Blog Posts for Moms in the Summer

  • Family Summer Bucket List
  • Ways to Keep the Kids Cool on Hot Days
  • Best Mom Beach Bags
  • Best Outdoor Toys to Keep Kids Busy
  • Free or Cheap Summer Activities
  • Cheap Foods and Drinks to Stock Up on for Summer Break
  • Best Infant and Children’s Sunscreen 
  • Water Safety for Parents 
  • First Aid Tips for Backyard Boo-Boos
  • Road Trip Travel Tips for Families
  • Indoor Activities for Hot Summer Days 
  • Easy Summer Break Lunch Ideas
  • Kid-Friendly Mocktails for Every Summer Party
  • How to Teach Your Child to Ride a Bike 
  • Top Hikes You Can Do with Kids
  • Popsicle Recipes for Babies and Kids
  • Fun Summer Activities for Toddlers
  • How to Safely Keep Baby Cool At Night 
  • Maternity Summer Outfit Finds
  • How to Safely Take Your Newborn to the Beach 
  • How to Have the Perfect Family Picnic
  • Craft Ideas for Independence Day 

Summer Food Blog Posts

  • Backyard Party Meal Ideas
  • Sandwiches for Busy Summer Days
  • Good Food Habits to Start this Summer
  • Best Summer Salads for Meal Prepping 
  • Summer Desserts Using Seasonal Fruits
  • Guide to the Perfect Summer Barbeque 
  • Favorite Food Festivals Happening this Season
  • Quick Summer Dinner Ideas
  • Cold Meal Ideas for Camping and Days Out
  • Summer Charcuterie and Crudité Boards
  • How to Pack for the Perfect Summer Picnic
  • Boozy Lemonade Ideas 
  • Seasonal Fruit Salad Ideas
  • Summer Cookout Recipe Ideas
  • Cocktails for Any Summer Gatherings

Summer Health and Fitness Blog Posts

  • Outdoor Workout Ideas 
  • Workout Clothes for Hot Weather
  • Tips for Stay Hydrated this Summer
  • Why You Should Avoid Alcohol this Summer
  • Diets to Try this Summer 
  • Tips for Healthy Eating While on Vacation
  • How to Keep Your Room Cool this Summer
  • How to Get the Perfect Beach Bod
  • How to Create a Zen Backyard Yoga Space
  • Healthy Summer Snacks
  • Healthy Drinks Options Aside from Water
  • Best Running Shoes to Keep You Cool
  • How to Meal Plan on Busy Summer Weekends
  • Best Summer Workout Playlist
  • Why You Should Start Running this Summer
  • How to Mentally Reset this Summer
  • How to Maintain Your Sleep Schedule this Summer
  • Why You Should Find a Therapist this Summer
  • Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself this Summer
Summer Blog Post Ideas

5 Best Summer Blog Posts

Style Charade: 20 Summer Travel Outfits to Inspire Your Travels

The Style Charade is a fashion and lifestyle blog that’s known for bright colors and statement pieces. This blog post is perfect for summer, because it’s still totally within the Style Charade brand, but plays on a common summer search term: travel. The word is found twice in the title of the post! 

Beyond this being a good post topic, the content is also well-constructed for SEO. She has high-quality photos, keyword-rich subheadings, proper URL structure, and great content length for the topic! This Style Charade post is also well-monetized with affiliate links and an eye-catching product widget. All-in-all, it’s a fantastic style post to draw inspiration from! 

The Mom Trotter: 12 Best States to Visit with Kids

As mentioned, travel is a hot topic for summer blog readers! Everyone is looking for places to let off steam or explore new scenery. This makes the “best states to visit with kids” topic the perfect summer blog post idea for travel-mom blogging niches. To make it personalized, The Mom Trotter has a photo with her own family in each location. This also adds to her credibility! 

For each city, she includes a bullet list of the top things to do at each destination. Lists are great for readability and search engine optimization. So, if it makes sense to organize your content that way, definitely do it! And, don’t forget to add external links to all the places you recommend. All in all, this is a great example of how you set up a family travel blog post for summer!

The Skinny Confidential: How to Host a Summer Soiree

This summer soiree post from The Skinny Confidential is SUCH a vibe. All the photos are not only aesthetic and help elevate the content, but they’re also search engine optimized with alt text. Alt text is the coded description of the image that helps Google web crawlers determine your pictures are relevant to your post. Don’t forget this in your uploads! 

The Skinny Confidential post is really helpful for anyone wanting to host a classy event like this, because Emily, the blogger writing it, gives easy step-by-step instructions on hosting your soiree. She makes these steps clear using subheadings and bullet lists. Not only does Google like this type of structure, but your readers do too since most people skim blogs instead of reading them all the way through. 

You’ll notice all her affiliate links are highlighted and underlined too, so readers can find recommended products easily. If you’re a lifestyle blogger, you’ve gotta check out this post! 

Safe in the Seat: How to Prevent Hot Car Deaths

If you’ve niched down to a really specific topic, it may seem difficult to find seasonal topics that work for you—but here’s how it’s done! Safe in the Seat picked a topic that’s summer-related but also on-brand. As a car seat safety blog, a lot of the summer-themed blog ideas on this list just wouldn’t jive with their past content. However, this serious topic is perfect for Safe in the Seat’s loyal readers. 

This post shares important research and helpful techniques to protect parents from leaving their kids in the car. Each claim is externally linked to a study or other strong sources that make the content seem credible to readers and Google web crawlers alike. (Yes, Google loves high-value sources!) Safe in the Seat also has helpful product links and a YouTube video to help make the post as practical as possible. It’s some fantastic summer content! 

The College Nutritionist: 50 Low-Carb Summer Salad Recipes

Recipe round-ups are popular for summer! Everyone is looking to refresh their diet and salads are an easy way to eat healthy in the summer. What’s challenging about most recipe round-up posts is that they link to a lot of other food blogs and rarely have much content or depth beyond the link and picture. The College Nutritionist does it right, though, by prioritizing her salad recipes and giving the full directions and ingredient list in the post! 

It’s always a good idea to highlight your content as much as possible, especially if your food blog! There’s a lot of competition out there, and you want to keep readers loyal to your content. Though, like most round-up posts, there are a few recipes from outside sources. These external links add extra value to your post in the eyes of Google and your readers! The only thing we wish this post had was a few delicious-looking pictures. 

Best Summer Blog Posts
Use these summer blog post ideas to curate the perfect seasonal content calendar! 

These summer blog ideas are a great way to beat writer’s block and take advantage of all the extra search volume dedicated to warm weather topics! Choose the posts that fit best in your niche and brand, adapt them to your brand, and add the new summer blog topics to your content calendar.

While you’re at it, get ahead of the game and start planning for the next season! We’ve got ideas for Halloween blogs too! As well as blog ideas for New Year’s, Spring, and even Valentine’s Day. There’s no shortage of new blog ideas on our end! 

And lastly, don’t forget to optimize every post with the help of the InfluencerSEO blog! Search engine optimization is the key to your post’s success and longevity. You got this! 

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