How To Find Starred Templates on Canva

How To Find Starred Templates on Canva

Remember when you had to hire a designer for everything you needed? Need a design for a Facebook post? Call a designer. Or a billboard for an anniversary? Call another designer. Needless to say, that’s not the vibe anymore!

Thanks to our little friend Canva, you no longer have to go through that stress. Canva truly has something for everyone, from the lifestyle blogger on social media to the man on a self-care journey. The icing on the cake, the cherry on top, the ABSOLUTE BEST PART is that you don’t need to start a design from scratch. Canva has over 200k templates that cut across ALL works of life. These starred templates on Canva make it easy for you to design like a freaking PRO!

But wait fellow bloggers…it gets even better. If you stumble on a template that might be useful later, you don’t have to memorize the tag or take a screenshot. Canva allows users the option of starring elements, including templates, just like you can save a post on Instagram. However, if you look for a ‘save’ icon somewhere, you definitely won’t find one. Instead, you’ll see a star icon. Just tap the star option to save a template!

Once starred, you can go back ANYTIME to use it. But, starring a template is just the first step. How do you locate your template when you need it? We found it challenging when we tried it out first but don’t worry, we’ve tried it & we’ve got you covered. And in this post, we will show you how to find your starred templates on Canva in a few simple steps. Let’s get started!

How To Find Starred Templates on Canva

How To Find Starred Templates on Canva

Finding your starred templates on Canva is easy peasy when you follow THESE STEPS:

Step 1: Log in to Canva

The first step is to navigate to the Canva webpage & locate the login icon at the top right corner of your screen. Click on it to log into your Canva account.

Log in on Canva

Step 2: Locate the Project Icon

On the Canva homepage, you will see a couple of designs, a search bar, and some icons. Click the three-bar icon on the top left side to open the Canva menu.

Canva homepage

Then, click on projects in the left corner of the window. The Projects icon is between the Home and the Template icons.

Click on Canva projects

Step 3: Locate the Folder Icon

On the Projects tab, move to the header and click on a section called Folders.

Folders on Canva

Step 4: Find the Starred Option

Under Folders, you’ll see different icons, including the starred and uploads. The starred icon leads you to your starred templates. On the other hand, the upload template leads you to another aspect where you can learn how to upload fonts to Canva. For now, ignore the other folders and click on the starred folder.

How To Find Starred Templates on Canva

Step 5: Click the Starred Template to Open

After clicking the starred template, you’ll easily find all the favorite templates you’ve previously starred (instructions on how to star a template in the intro!). Click on the template of your choice and start designing. 

That’s it! Five simple steps to find your starred templates. So, the next time you’re on Canva and find a template that would suffice your next travel blog or Instagram post, star it and find it without stress. 

These steps are, however, for use on a laptop. The next section will show you how to find starred templates on your mobile!

How To Find Starred Templates on Canva Mobile

How To Find Starred Templates on Canva Mobile

The experience on Canva mobile is pretty similar to the desktop version, but we’ll break it down step-by-step anyway!

Step 1: Log in to Canva

You can either open the Canva app on your mobile device OR open a new tab in your mobile web browser to login into Canva.

Step 2: Locate the Project Icon

On the homepage of Canva mobile, you will find the “Projects” icon at the bottom of your screen.

canva on mobile
Step 3: Locate the Starred Icon

On the project tab, you will find your recent designs. Scroll down to locate the starred icon and click on it.

Starred Icon
Step 4: Click the Starred Icon to Open

On the starred tab, you will find a list of your saved template images. Choose any template to begin your design!

Star templates and find them… with ease!
Star templates and find them… with ease!

Finding your starred templates just got easier. With the steps we’ve provided, you’re all set to save Canva templates to use later. Whether it is a template for an Instagram post, a collage, or a billboard, Canva has a template for you. And that’s you, the content creator, influencer, or marketer. 

Your Canva experience will not end at just starred templates, will it? Certainly not. There are other things to learn, such as adding a link, grouping elements, or how to make a collage in Canva. InfluencerSEO has the expertise to make hard-to-get actions easier just for you. We have the tips and tricks you need to improve at designing, marketing, or blogging. Cheers to enjoying Canva even more!

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