How To Add a Link in Canva

How To Add a Link in Canva

If you’re a blogger, chances are you’re already familiar with Canva. And, if you’re not, let us be the first to tell you about this must-have resource. Canva is a super user-friendly online design tool that allows literally anyone to make graphics and digital content that look 100% professional. No training is required! You basically point and click. It couldn’t be easier. 

As you play with Canva for blog post graphics and social media posts, you’ll realize the full potential of what Canva can do. Why not create a downloadable for your readers?! Whether you’re using it as a call-to-action or it’s part of your monetization strategy, making digital content on Canva is not only easy, it’s a reallllly good idea. 

However, you should add plenty of links in your downloadable that take readers to your website, social media, various blog posts, and more!

How To Add a Link in Canva

How To Add a Link in Canva

Canva has pre-made templates to help you make sooo many things beyond square Insta posts. You should explore and get some inspo!!! (And, if you find anything you like along the way, make sure you star those templates.) 

You could make an infographic, an eBook, a poster, a presentation, a flyer, and so much more! Decide what you want for your downloadable, find the perfect template, and start designing using your brand kit. 

Before you finish up, know that you have the option to add clickable links to bring readers back to your blog! This way, they can find more must-read content. But . . . how do you add a hyperlink to a web graphic??? Yeah, it’s not as easy as it looks, so here’s how to add a link to Canva:

How To Add a Link in Canva List

How to Add a Link in Canva Poster or Document

Step 1: Highlight your chosen anchor text or image. 

First, decide where you want your hyperlink. If you want it attached to a certain bit of text, highlight that with your cursor. If you want it on an image, highlight that!

Step 2: Click the link icon in the pop-up. 

After you’ve highlighted your selected element, a little gray pop-up will appear just above it. It’ll have the image of a chain that obviously signifies it’s the Link button. Click that icon.

Step 3: Paste your link and hit “done.”

Once you hit the link icon, you’ll be given a space to paste your URL. Copy your wanted URL from the address bar and paste it in the space provided and hit Done.

Step 4: Edit the way your link looks.

When you hit Done your hyperlink will be added to your image or anchor text. If it’s text, Canva will automatically underline the anchor text so readers know there is a link there. Images won’t change appearance at all, so don’t worry about those. 

Once your links are added, feel free to change up how the anchor text looks by removing the underlines and maybe opting to bold the text or change the color instead. Whatever you do, make sure it’s obvious to your readers that there is something clickable there!

Step 5: Download as a “PDF Standard”

This last part is key! Most people get mixed up here and find themselves super frustrated when their downloaded graphic isn’t clickable. SO, to make your link work, download your graphic as PDF Standard (not to be confused with PDF print). This is the only download option in Canva that supports a hyperlink!

Alsoooo, make sure you don’t select “flatten” when you’re downloading your PDF Standard. When you flatten a PDF, your links will also disappear. If you want that clickable link, download it as PDF Standard only. 

How to Add a Link in Canva Presentation 

Step 1: Highlight Your chosen anchor text or image.

Just like with the poster or document, find the text or element you want to add a hyperlink to and highlight it. 

Step 2: Click the link icon in the pop-up. 

Once it’s highlighted, a pop-up will appear with that link logo on it. (It looks like a chain.) Click that so your text box appears.

Step 3: Paste your link and hit “done.”

In the given text box, paste your link and hit Done. The link is now added and can be used on the presentation!

Step 4: Edit the way your link looks.

Now it’s time to make your link look the way you want! Ensure that it’s always clear there’s a link present, no matter how you decide to design your presentation. You could bold, italicize, or change the color of your fonts to make it obvious there’s a hyperlink there if the underline isn’t your vibe. And, if you added a link to an image or graphic, think about how you’re going to encourage your readers to click it and discover the hyperlink! 

Step 5: Share your presentation.

Yeah! All done. Your presentation is ready to go, so all you have to do now is share it or download it. If you go the download route, definitely use the PDF Standard option to keep your links. However, you could also just share the link to the presentation for your readers to view it right there in Canva! When you do it this way, your links will also stay clickable.

Tips on How To Add a Link in Canva
Adding links to Canva is easy as long as you know the right steps!

Adding clickable links to your Canva designs really elevates your digital content!

With hyperlinks, you can enhance user engagement, share resources, and direct your audience to valuable content. Links really make your downloadables work even harder for your blogging biz! For more ways to elevate your Canva game, check out our posts on grouping Canva elements, creating Canva collages, and using Canva templates

And, don’t think our helpful content stops there. We’ve got all the insider info on the best blogging tools and practices to make your brand the next big thing. Check out the InfluencerSEO blog for all your blogging questions and know-how. No matter what you need, we’ve got you covered.

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