How To Start a Fitness Blog

How To Start a Fitness Blog

Fitness blogs are one of the TOP BLOGGING CATEGORIES. Pretty much everyone wants to live well, eat well, and be fit!

Fitness blogs are unique because they inspire and coach readers to take tangible action in their lives. The way the blogger’s content changes their followers’ health and well-being is something you can actually see and feel. The power of a fitness blogger in a reader’s life is pretty incredible! 

Have you been totally inspired by other fitness bloggers to start your own fitness brand? If so, we’ve got the info you need to capture the true essence of your brand, whip it into shape, and launch it to unmatched success!

Here’s how you can become a fitness influencer:

How To Start a Fitness Blog

How To Start a Fitness Blog

Step 1: Decide What Makes YOU Unique

First up, you need to determine your fitness niche. It’s not enough for your blog to just be about “getting fit.” We’ve seen over and over again how the most successful bloggers are those that niche down and focus on a central topic. It’s the best way to connect with an audience! 

Just to name a few – you could write about yoga, pilates, weight loss, running, eating disorder recovery, pregnancy fitness, cycling, marathon training, or bodybuilding. Consider what you’re really passionate about and where there’s a gap in the market to find your niche!

If you still need help determining the type of content you want to put out, read our post called “How to Find a Niche for Your Blog.” It should help inspire some fitness blog ideas! 

Step 2: Name Your Brand

Before you start a fitness brand, you need a name. Sometimes, this is seriously the most stressful part of the planning process. The name needs to be unique, easy to remember, short, and evoke the right tone. If nothing pops into your head initially, check out our post on how to come up with a blog name!

Step 3: Create a Brand Kit

Now that you know what your blog is about and what it’s going to be called, you need to think about the way it’ll look and feel! 

A brand kit is a reference tool that summarizes your brand’s color scheme, font selections, tone, and vibe. You probably already have a sense of this, so now you just need to put it all together! 

Tips To Start a Fitness Blog

Step 4: Upload SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

The most important part of your brand is the blog content. This is the part that’s going to resonate with people and make them flock to you for all the best fitness wisdom. When starting a blog, make sure you learn all about search engine optimization. If your content is SEO-friendly, then it’ll rank high on search engines and draw in a lot of organic readers!

In addition to uploading SEO content, make sure you write one blog post per week… at least. We recommend 1-5 times a week, even, to cast the widest net and grow quickly. Your posts are already fantastic probably, so now it’s just getting eyes on it. The more you post, the better! 

There’s a lot to know about SEO, so make sure you binge all the posts in the SEO section of the InfluecnerSEO blog. Or, if the SEO aspect of blogging is a little overwhelming, consider outsourcing to us here at InfluencerSEO. As search engine optimization experts, we’ll take care of all the technical stuff, so you can focus on your ah-mazing content!

Step 5: Get on Socials

A great place to find fitness followers is on social media. You should make branded social accounts where you can post more content and market your blog posts. The best places for fitness content are Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest!

Post on your chosen channels regularly, just make sure everything fits within your brand kit. (Also, check out our post describing how social media and SEO work together. It’s a must-read!!)

Step 6: Monetize Your Brand

If you follow steps 1-5, you’ll have a successful fitness blog in no time! But, how can you turn this hobby blog into a full-time fitness business? You’ve got to monetize it! There are lots of ways to monetize your fitness blog. Here are some of the top ways: 

  • Virtual Personal Training
  • Workout Guides
  • Meal Plans
  • Membership Programs
  • Online Courses
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Books or eBooks
  • Signature Products
  • Website Ads
  • Public Speaking 
  • Brand Collaborations
  • User Generated Content 
  • Virtual Events
  • Live Workout Events

Step 7: Build Credibility and Loyalty 

As your brand grows, don’t forget your followers! Interact with them regularly on live streams, in comments, and in your DMs. And, continue to post valuable content for your readers to consume. The more you upload and the more personal you get with your readers, the stronger your community will be! 

Step 8: Focus on Growth Through SEO

Finally, keep your eyes on growth through your Google Analytics to help you develop a marketing strategy. The best way for your brand to have long-term growth is by using a search engine optimization strategy! 

Email marketing, social media, and paid ads are all okay, but they should only support your SEO goals. Optimization is where the real growth happens! 

Best Fitness Blogs to Take Inspiration From

Best Fitness Blogs To Take Inspiration From

The Fitnessista 

Gina is a fitness expert and personal trainer who is also a mom! She focuses on quick, practical workouts and meal plans to help the everyday mom reach her health goals. On her blog, you’ll find content targeted to THAT fit mom who needs help with postpartum weight loss, easy family recipes, and even parenting advice! 

Gina’s blog is a great example of what happens when you niche down. Her unique fitness brand allows her to write about both of her passions: family and fitness. And, it totally works! So, if you’re wrestling with two different topics, niches, or passions, consider how they could maybe work together for the ultimate fitness brand! 


What is Cassey Ho of Blogilates great at? Branding. She is GREAT at branding. She wants her fitness brand tone to be bold, upbeat, and joyful. The whole website oozes that exact vibe from the colors to the smiley photos. Her blog posts also have a lot of personality and character, reflecting that same positive tone of the visuals!

It’s a great idea to consider how your brand will look and feel on your website. Take inspiration from Blogilates and try to visualize your own brand kit! 


Kayla has a fitness and wellness blog that centers on yoga. She does a great job monetizing her blog by offering courses, a paid app, yoga teacher training, and even yoga retreats; all these things totally align with Kayla’s passion and help her make a full-time job out of her fitness influencer status! 

All of her blog posts both provide useful content and promote her various services, which is the perfect way to soft-sell services on your own blog. Oh, and you can take inspiration from the banner across her homepage! It advertises a wellness score quiz (people love quizzes) that gives you a score she references throughout her posts. Kayla doesn’t ask for an email address at the end, but you definitely could make any quiz into a call-to-action

You can start a real fitness influencer career with the right strategy!

I hope this fitness blog guide helped you develop your own plan! As long as you play it right and focus on SEO, your brand can be the next big thing in health and wellness. Just make sure you keep InfluencerSEO at your side because we are experts in the world of blogging, influencing, and optimizing. You can find our SEO services HERE and, of course, binge all the free resources on the blog!

Psst . . . want help with your first few months of blog posts? Build out your conHow To Start a Fitness Blogtent calendar with our wellness blog post ideas. You’re welcome!

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