How To Import Text Into Canva

How To Import Text Into Canva

Canva is one of the best resources a blogger can have in their toolbox. After all, as bloggers, we have to wear A TON of hats. We’re not writers, we’re researchers, marketers, managers, photographers, AND designers! Canva makes that last one way easier with its user-friendly interface, catalog of free elements, and drag-and-drop features. You can create anything from social media posts and business cards to presentations and blog graphics all with your own branding! 

Adding your colors to your Canva designs is easy, but you need more than your signature colors to make the designs represent your brand identity. You need your signature fonts, too! After all, your font is part of your brand.

In this post, we’ll explain how you can import your custom, branded fonts in Canva to use again and again. This is how you upload fonts to Canva: 

How To Import Text Into Canva

How To Import Text Into Canva

Step 1: Log into your Canva account.

Open Canva and log into your Canva Pro account. If you do not have one, you will need to sign up. This is because the ability to add custom fonts is only available for Canva Pro subscribers.

Upgrading isn’t difficult or expensive, and we think it’s well worth it for all the added features like custom fonts, brand kit options, premium templates, background removers, enhanced organization tools, and more!

Step 2: Access your Brand Kit.

If you haven’t set up your Brand Kit, you should definitely make that a priority. It’s super helpful for quick graphic creation. Your Brand Kit is like a little folder that holds all your brand fonts, colors, logos, and graphics. This way, when you want to make a new design, you don’t have to reupload everything! Here is where you’ll import your fonts to use on all future designs. 

Step 3: Navigate to the Fonts section.

Now that you’ve selected your Brand Kit, it’s time to add your fonts to Canva. In the Brand Kit, you’ll find sections dedicated to Logos, Colors, Fonts, Photos, Graphics, and Icons. Scroll to the Fonts section and click the Add New button. 

How To Import Text Into Canva List

Step 4: Upload your custom font.

When you select Add New you’ll see various text options. One of them allows you to add fonts to your Brand Kit from Canva’s own collection. But, in this case, find the option to upload and click Upload a Font. This selection will prompt you to upload your own font file. 

NOTE: Canva offers integration with Google Fonts, a vast library of free fonts. To access Google Fonts, click on the Fonts tab, and then click on More Fonts at the bottom of the font selection panel. A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to browse and select fonts from the extensive Google Fonts library.

Step 5: Choose your font file.

Now, it’s time to select your font file! The zipped file should be in OTF, TTF, or WOFF format types. Find your font file on your device and click Open. Uploading the font should only take a few seconds. 

A pop-up will appear reminding you to ensure you have the right license to use the font. If you do, hit Yes, Upload Anyway! Then, Canva will process your font file and it’s ready to use in your designs. 

NOTE:  If you prefer using Canva on a mobile device, you can still import fonts, but the process may vary slightly. Access the Brand Kit section, tap on Upload a font, and follow the on-screen instructions to upload your font file. 

Step 6: Organize your font. 

You could stop here and still use your fonts, but we recommend putting your uploaded font in your preferred text category! In your Brand Kit, you’ll see the brand fonts section with blank spaces for your Title, Subtitle, Heading, Subheading, Section Header, Body, Quote, and Caption text. 

If you mostly use your uploaded font for one or two of these sections, click on one of the options and hit Choose a font. You’ll see your custom fonts near the top of the list in the drop-down below Uploaded Fonts. Select your font. Now, your text is perfectly organized to make designing your next graphic a total breeze! 

How To Use Imported Text on Canva

Now that you’ve uploaded your font, it’s time to use it in your designs. Create a new design or open an existing one. In the text element options, under Fonts, you should see your uploaded font alongside Google Fonts and Canva’s built-in options. Select your custom font and make the most of it with your beautiful branded designs!

You can also access it by selecting the Brand Kit tab on the left panel. There, you’ll find your fonts organized by text categories. Simply select Title, Subtitle, Heading, Subheading, Section Header, Body, Quote, or Caption and a text box will appear with the appropriate font style and size! Pretty cool!

Make all your Canva designs a true reflection of your brand with imported texts. 
Make all your Canva designs a true reflection of your brand with imported texts. 

 To make your designs look professionally designed for your brand, use Canva’s Brand Kit function. Add your branded colors, logos, images, and, of course, fonts to make your designs truly represent your brand identity. It’s time to add your custom fonts to Canva!

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