38 New Year Blog Post Ideas 

New Year Blog Post Ideas

Glitz, glamor, and sequins galore. The New Year is just around the corner. This is a great time to start assembling the best New Year’s themed content ideas for your blog. Lots of readers are looking for post topics that will help them get a fresh start in the new year and get ahead on the upcoming trends. And knowing this should inspire a ton of ideas about how you can help your readers get the most out of 2024 and achieve all of their New Year’s goals!

So, today we’re presenting a list of blog post ideas for various niches all about the New Year. Start with these few ideas, then use this inspiration to build a list of as many New Year’s-centered post topics you can think of! Even if you don’t use all your ideas this year, you can totally save them for next year! Let’s ring in the new year together with this list of 38 New Year’s blog ideas:

38 New Year Blog Post Ideas

Beauty Influencer Blog Ideas

New Year’s Blog Ideas for Beauty Bloggers

New Year’s Eve Party Make-Up Looks

NYE parties are all about glitz and glam. So you can pretty much guarantee that lots of people will be looking for a way to take their normal make-up game to the next level. Create a post with replicable make-up looks that your readers can rock on New Year’s Eve. Don’t forget to tell them to tag you on Instagram. Lots of followers will be posting their party pics & this is a great way to increase brand awareness! 

Skincare Detox Posts

Whether you’re talking about how to detox your skin with products, treatments, or procedures, or sharing how to detox your skin from the inside out with a cleanse, skin detoxification posts are great for around the New Year. People are interested in being healthy, and that includes skin health. Plus, our skin is being ravaged by the winter air & all those holiday parties we put make up on for. So a detox post holiday season for the skin is a great way to engage your readers when they’re in the New Year season & mindset.

Winter Skincare Routine

It’s starting to get cold, but we all know after the new year is when those temperatures really drop. Brrrr! (Depending on where you are from, of course.) Many people need to change their skincare routine in winter, but don’t. Mostly because they have no idea that they need to! Give your readers a step-by-step skin care routine to follow that will give them healthy skin all through winter! 

Make-Up Trends for 2024

What’s trending for 2024? New Year’s is the perfect opportunity to freshen up your style. So, people will definitely be searching for new make-up, nail, hair, and fashion trends for the next season. Let them know what’s in and what’s out next year! 

2023 Lookbook

A lookbook is a really easy post idea for the holiday. Simply go back through posts from the previous year, and create a recap lookbook! Describe each look and why it was a favorite, and you’ll have all your readers reminiscing with you. So many looks to choose from! So easy!

Make-Up Tips for Beginners

People start new hobbies in the new year all the time. There will be lots of new readers and Google searchers looking for how-to guides on getting started with make-up. If you have an easy guide, you’re sure to get the clicks. 

Nail Art Starter Guide

Nail art is another hobby people will be starting! This is especially true since there are so many nail artists trending on TikTok. Unlike make-up, there aren’t many resources on how to get started. A beginner’s guide to nail art would be super helpful to current and future readers! *Wink wink*

Travel Influencer Blog Ideas

New Year’s Blog Ideas for Travel Bloggers

Best Places to Visit for New Year’s Eve

No other parties compare to New Year’s Eve parties. There are so many people of all ages looking for the best places to celebrate. Curating a post of the top cities to ring in the New Year will be welcome among your followers, as well as for organic searches. Win-win!

Winter Travel Destination Ideas & Guides

The New Year means January, AKA WINTER. There are some epic winter destinations offering countless winter activities that we’re sure your readers would love to hear about. Think snowboarding trips, ski trips, winter wonderlands, SNOW, you get. You can do roundups of the best places to travel during PEAK winter, or do individual travel guides on specific winter locations.

Best Places to Visit in 2024

Around this time last year, there was a social media post circulating about a couple who never buys each other Christmas gifts. Instead, on Christmas night, they sit down and plan a trip together. The post went viral and even a year later, we haven’t forgotten about this epic idea. You can bet they’re not the only ones planning a vacation for the new year! Everyone will want to know the best places, near and far, to visit!

New Year’s Eve Traditions Across the Globe 

If you’re a travel blogger that focuses a lot on culture, discussing the different traditions of New Year’s is a great blog post idea. Pick some interesting destinations you’ve been to (so you can reuse pictures!) and discuss their New Year’s traditions, festivals, and attractions! 

2023 Travel Recap

Here’s another easy one! Recap your 2023 travel season by assembling a review post of all the places you visited in the last year. It’ll be an inspiration to readers new and old. Plus, it doesn’t take much work on your part. Make this one in advance, schedule it to go out, and take that week of blogging off! 

New York City NYE Guide

There are few cities as legendary for New Year’s Eve travel as New York City. Everyone wants to see that ball drop! But, what do you do before and after the NYE festivities? Curate a blog post that guides travelers through their New Year’s Eve trip to NYC. They will love it!

Winter Packing Posts

Winter packing is a whooollle different ball game. Your readers might be traveling to celebrate NYE, they might be traveling for a ski trip, or simply traveling to a winter destination. So giving packing tips SPECIFICALLY for winter can be really valuable. Whether these are just general NYE or winter packing tips, or packing tips for specific winter destinations, these are great.

Food influencer content idea

New Year’s Blog Ideas for Food Bloggers

New Year’s Eve Cocktails

We don’t want to say New Year’s Eve parties are ALL about the drinks, but they kind-of are, right? Even the most sophisticated ones? All joking aside, a post about easy cocktails to make at home on NYE would be perfect for any food blogger out there! 

Example: Try this pink sparkly NYE cocktail by Lauryn Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential. 

Appetizers for New Year’s Eve Party

Along with handcrafted cocktails, every NYE party needs great appetizers. Assemble a round-up post and include links to a ton of appetizer ideas, or provide thoughtful new recipes for your reader’s upcoming party. Either way, your followers will thank you!

Foods and Drinks to Mend a Hangover

What’d we say about the drinking? It’s kind-of in the spirit of the season. Since there will be lots of people waking up on New Year’s Day with a hangover, there will be lots of people searching for remedies! Make a post with natural food and beverage cures for a hangover. 

Detox Content

The New Year tends to be about feeling clean post holiday season. We’ve stuffed our faces with treats, booze, etc. and most likely spent less time detoxing, working out, etc. So lean into that and post about things that are DETOXIFYING. This could be full-on detox plans, or individual recipes with detoxifying ingredients. You can even do lists rounding up the most healing or detoxifying foods.

Energizing Food Content

In line with detoxing, during the New Year a lot of people set goals and are trying to work toward them. This means having the motivation and feeling energized to take on whatever they’ve set out to accomplish. So help them in those pursuits by creating content around ENERGIZING FOODS. Talk about foods that boost performance, boost brain function, and boost overall energy. These can be food lists, or you can feature specific recipes or meal plans with energizing foods.

Mom influencer content idea

New Year’s Blog Ideas for Mom Bloggers

Family Friendly New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

Whether your readers are inviting other families to a party or just celebrating with their own kids, family friendly NYE party ideas are super helpful. Curate a post that gives lots of ideas that are fun and appropriate for kids and adults. 

Mom Goals for 2024

Moms are always striving to be better. The new year is the perfect time to reset, reassess, and create new goals for the mom you want to be in 2024. Give example goals and resolutions for moms in an upcoming post!

Best Parenting Books to Read in 2024

Lots of people want to read more as a New Year’s resolution. Reading books on parenting both stimulates the mind and helps make you a better mom. So, give your followers a list of parenting books to add to their reading list in 2024. For any books you’ve read, include the lessons you learned.

New Year’s Resolutions for Busy Moms

Instead of goals and resolutions that are focused on being better for others, make this post about moms being better for themselves. Give readers a list of self-care and wellness tips that’ll give them more peace and joy next year. 

Example: See some examples of New Year’s routines for moms in this post by AJ Johnson

Fashion influencer blog ideas

New Year’s Blog Ideas for Fashion Bloggers

Fashion Trends for 2024

What do fashion blog readers want to know? They want to know what’s in style! Give them a forecast into next season by summarizing upcoming trends. Make big predictions or take the wisdom of other fashion experts to give your readers the 411.

New Year’s Eve Party Outfits 

New Year’s Eve fashion is all about glitter and glamor! Create a style guide for dressing up or dressing down for their NYE party. Not all of the outfits have to be newly curated either! You can totally link to past outfits that work really well for NYE if you want. Whatever you do, link to past blog posts and your LTK page!

Favorite Outfits from 2023

Recap your outfits from 2023 with a lookbook! This is an easy post idea that won’t involve buying clothes, trying out new outfits, and taking lots of pictures. So, it’s a low-effort post for you, but it’s a super fun one for readers. It’ll make readers want to look back at their own fashion journey, and maybe even grab more inspiration from your 2023 looks!

Capsule Wardrobe for Next Year

Going minimalist is becoming increasingly popular. As people start a new year, they like to refresh their wardrobe. Some even like to completely change it! Give readers an example capsule wardrobe that can take them through the whole year using minimal pieces that mix and match to create incredible style, time after time. 

Example: Curate the perfect work capsule wardrobe for the New Year with Lindsey Lutz! 

Trending Colors for 2024

Jewel-tones and warm, monochrome neutrals were big in 2023. What are the trends for 2024? Readers will be off work, daydreaming, and, you know, online shopping. So, let them know what to look for by giving them the DL on all upcoming trending colors for the new year. It will be much appreciated! 

Fitness Influencer Blog Ideas

New Year’s Blog Ideas for Fitness Bloggers

Exercises to Reach your 2024 Fitness Goals

One of the top New Year’s resolutions year after year is “exercise more.” The problem is, almost no one can follow through with their goal! Use this post to give people sustainable exercises to maintain their fitness goals. Make these exercises achievable by absolute beginners, since you’ll probably gain a lot of new readers. This is also any easy way to market a fitness product/service if you offer one.

New Year’s Resolutions to Better Your Health

Beyond exercise, what else can people do in 2024 to better their health? Lots of readers will be asking that question! Curate a post of example resolutions and how to achieve them. This post will be a popular one!

Trending Workout Clothes for 2024

When people get motivated to reach a new goal like “exercise more,” they often get really excited about having the best gear to get the job done. Trendy workout clothes will be a popular topic in the New Year as people search for the right fits for their fitness goals. 

Meal Prep Recipes

People want to be healthier and more productive in the new year. Make a post about meal prepping that gives readers recipes, tools, or tips to get the most success out of their meal prepping journey. 

Healthy Habits for the New Year

Many people start new habits for the new year rather than resolutions. These are things they want to start doing, saying, or believing regularly. Give them ideas on healthy habits they can add to their routine in 2024. 

Lifestyle influencer blog ideas

New Year’s Blog Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

Self-Care for 2024

Self-care is still a super trendy topic and for good reason! You can expect a lot of people to be searching for ways to take better care of themselves in 2024, because people aren’t happy or fulfilled with the way they’re currently living. You can give them a list of self-care resolutions, simply provide tips and tricks, or even curate a list of self-care products for the new year! 

Home Organizations Tips for the New Year

Getting organized sets every day, month, and year off right. It makes you breathe easier and be more productive. Give your followers home organization tips that make sense for your target audience. It could be organizational tips on a budget, or it could be a Container Store haul. Do what makes sense for your readers. 

Example: Learn five ways to refresh your home in the new year with this top notch post from Lindsey Lutz

New Year’s Resolution Ideas

This one is pretty simple, but it has lots of search volume! Everyone wants to better themselves in the new year, but they may not know where to start. Give them ideas on what resolutions to choose. Make this list a long one and categorize by types of resolutions. Most importantly, add your unique twist to make your list stand out from the rest!

Quotes to Inspire You in 2024

Starting 2024 with energy, motivation, and peace is everyone’s goal. A list of inspirational quotes will do wonders for your audience, and it’ll be super easy for you to assemble. Half of your word count can be someone else’s text! Make sure you have shareable graphics and be sure to include your take on each quote into your post. 

Plan your New Year’s blog posts using these trending ideas! 

If you’re ready to plan out your New Year’s inspired post, think first about what your audience is demanding. Then, use this post to curate the best content calendar for your niche and readers. If you’re running short on time in this busy season, consider outsourcing your content. (And, don’t forget to optimize!)

Let us know what you’re posting about at the end of the month and follow our blog for more blogging tips and tricks to keep your brand growing in 2024! We will totally be updating this post year after year, so be sure to check back for new updates and the latest trending New Year’s topics!

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