How To Make Money As A Fitness Blogger

How To Make Money As A Fitness Blogger

Fitness bloggers inspire readers every day to take charge of their health and develop good exercise and diet habits. On a fitness blog, passionate influencers share workout routines, healthy eating advice, wellness tips, and more! It’s a unique niche because unlike fashion blogging, mom blogging, and lifestyle blogging, all of what a fitness guru has to offer can’t be delivered through a camera. So, though health and fitness blogs are one of the most popular blogging categories, they can be difficult to monetize. 

Though monetization opportunities may not be super obvious, there are SO many creative ways you can make a profitable business out of your fitness blog! Seriously! To help you there, we’re sharing a round-up of ways fitness bloggers can make money and grow their brand: 

How To Make Money As A Fitness Blogger

How To Make Money As A Fitness Blogger

Virtual Personal Training

Offering personal coaching to your readers is a great way to monetize your blog. Your audience already knows you’re a fitness expert, and that established credibility will make them want you as their trainer! And, modern technology makes fitness coaching virtually super easy, so there’s no reason you can help people across the globe. It’s super fun to connect with your readers this way, and there’s a lot of money in it too!

Workout Guides

There is so much exercise information out there, it’s overwhelming for your target audience to find what they need. Through your blog, you can establish trust with your readers and credibility in the fitness industry, which makes selling workout guides a great idea for blog monetization. It’ll add value to the readers who want to level up their fitness game, and it’ll provide you with a consistent stream of income.

Meal Plans

In the same way, people want straightforward trusted workout guides, they want help with their diet too. It seems like every website has different healthy eating advice, so your loyal readers will want honest and dependable diet advice from you, their fitness guru! You can include a ton of healthy eating advice in your blog posts, but don’t be afraid to sell meal-planning printables as another way of making money.

Membership Programs

A membership program for a health and fitness program is not only a smart way to monetize your blog, but it’s also a great way to engage followers and build a real community. Your membership should be specific to your message and niche. It could include monthly deliverables like meal plans, video workouts, accountability sessions, self-care guides, and so much more. If you’re not sure what to do, ask your readers! They’ll tell you what content they’re craving from your blog. 

If you’d like some stellar examples of fitness bloggers who offer membership programs, take a look at the College Nutritionist’s “Best Body” program. And, if you want an example that’s more specified and niche, explore PCOS Weight Loss’s “Cysterhood” community! Both are great models of what your membership program could be. 

Online Courses

If memberships are too much to keep up with, sometimes online courses are a better choice. You can create them once and have them available for purchase at any time. These courses can include videos, slideshows, workbooks, and more that guide your readers through a specific aspect of their fitness journey. Once you create the content, it doesn’t require any of your time or money. It becomes passive income, which is the best kind! 

Books or eBooks

Books add credibility to your brand and establish a lucrative monetization opportunity. The book could be a short, low-content how-to guide or it could be a 300-page memoir. Either way, your readers are going to love the opportunity to engage in more of your content! 

eBooks are the most profitable because there’s no overhead. However, there are a lot of low-cost ways to print and send books on demand for a decent profit. If you feel like you have a book in your heart, get to writing! It’ll be a great addition to your blog. 

Signature Products

The fitness industry has a lot of commercial value. Workout equipment, clothing, self-care tools, vitamins and supplements, fitness trackers, meal delivery services, and more are sold every day to people wanting to get fit and eat right. And, if you have a great idea for your own branded product, make it! Though it’ll take some capital, once it’s sold it can further help market your brand and establish your credibility. 

Just think: Your dream product is developed and packaged with your branding. Doesn’t that sound amazing?! If you need inspiration, check out fitness bloggers Michele Lewin’s and Lauren Kagon’s products.

Affiliate Marketing

Every blogger in every niche should be affiliate marketing. It applies to every category, and it provides tons of passive income for your blog. All you have to do is find an affiliate program that has products or services your target audience would like to purchase. Then, you create a blog post featuring that item creatively. When your readers click the special product affiliate and make a purchase, you get a cut of the profits!

You could market workout equipment, athletic wear, meal planning services, and so much more! To find the best fitness affiliate programs and learn more about affiliate marketing, check out our how-to guide and our list of the best affiliate marketing programs for bloggers

Making Money As A Fitness Blogger


When your website starts to generate lots of traffic, advertisers will take an interest. All that negative area on your blog could turn into ad space. You can do as few or as many ads as you want, and in some circumstances, you can even choose what’s being advertised to ensure it aligns with your values. We strongly recommend She Media Collective for your advertising needs, but you can find more information about selling ad space HERE

Brand Sponsorships

Just like your pageviews are appealing to an advertising company, your follower count is appealing to brands. When you have a dedicated follower base, your influence is more valuable to brands than TV ads, billboards, and targeted social media ads. That’s because your audience trusts you and knows you’ll only back brands you believe in. 

This is why successful fitness bloggers negotiate deals with top brands to market their products within your content. It’s like affiliate marketing, but the margins are bigger and it’s usually a one-off contract. However, successful brand sponsorships will result in more contracts and maybe even an ambassadorship! For more on brand collaborations and how those work, check out this post


An ambassadorship is similar to a brand collaboration, but it’s an ongoing contract. You consistently market for the same company and get consistent checks from the profits. For example, if you had an ambassadorship with a fitness clothing line like Lululemon or Alo Yoga, you’d regularly advertise their products by wearing their clothing in almost every post. The brand will love the representation and you’ll love the paychecks that roll in from every post.

User Generated Content

Sometimes ambassadorships or brand collaborations open another monetization opportunity: user-generated content. This refers to photos, reels, or other content that you create but the brand’s posts. So, if it’s a photo of you using your favorite weighted jump rope, the company would post it on their accounts across various social media platforms, but you wouldn’t post it on your own blog or social channels. Your exclusive content for their platforms becomes the brand’s marketing material, and you get paid for every piece of content. 

Public Speaking

Public speaking is still a lucrative way to share your passion for health and fitness! With a strong message and powerful branding, you can get paid to speak at conferences all over the world. The best part? They just want you to talk about what you know best! And, as you speak about your fitness expertise, you won’t just be making a good paycheck, you’ll also be promoting your fitness blog. It’ll have a huge return on investment as your followership grows along with your monthly revenue!

Virtual Events

Virtual events are a great way for fitness bloggers to engage their followers while making money. Fitness is such a social experience, so getting followers from all over to join a virtual workout, accountability session, or wellness lesson will be exciting to your community. Tickets will go fast and your fitness business will GO BIG!

Live Workout Events

In-person workout events are another way to make a profit with your fitness blog. As readers get to know you through your post, they’ll be dying to meet you in person and experience the energy for real! If you have enough followers in the same general area, you could host live workout classes and bring in cash by charging admission.

How to monetize health and fitness blog

Use your expertise to monetize your health and fitness blog!

Whether you want to start a blog or you’re a long-time blogger, finding new monetization opportunities is a great way to grow your brand. A successful fitness blog takes a lot of work, but there should be some gain too! If your blog isn’t making an income, use a few of these monetization opportunities to make your blog a real career! For more blogging tips, check out the InfluencerSEO blog. We’ve got all the information you need to blow up your brand and become the next big thing! 

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