How To Become A Hair Influencer

how to become a hair influencer

Love styling, cutting, and dyeing hair, but not really wanting to work in a salon? Well, there are lots of ways you can showcase your talents online and actually make a living. Influencer marketing is huge right now, which means that building an online brand has seriously never been easier!

To be successful as a hair influencer, you actually don’t need millions of followers! Instead, you need to have a good understanding of the industry and build a small, but dedicated following that engages with all your content . . . easier said than done right?

Today, we’re going to break down how you can become an influencer – but specifically for hair and start making a full-time income doing what you love. There’s a place for you in the online world, and there are followers just “dyeing” to see what you have to offer. (That’ll be our only hair pun, we promise!) 

Here’s what you need to do:

how to become a hair influencer

How To Become A Hair Influencer

hair industry niche ideas

Step 1: Establish a niche. 

Before you start creating content, you need to establish a niche in the hair industry. You might think the wider the net you cast, the more people you’ll capture, but the opposite is actually true! Focusing on a specific type of hair care or styling will help you find our dedicated follower base faster. There will be opportunities to branch out and do other things, but you should try to niche down and focus in the beginning.

Here are some ideas:

  • Natural Hair Care
  • Hair Color and Dye
  • Hair Product Reviews
  • Curly Hair Care
  • Hair Extensions and Wigs
  • Current Hair Trends
  • Bridal and Formal Hair Styling Tutorials 
  • Short Hair Styling 
  • Vintage Hair Styling 
  • Hair Health 
  • Everyday Hair Styling Tutorials 
  • Stage and Film Hair Styling 

Step 2: Build a portfolio. 

For a hair influencer, high-quality photos and videos of your work are going to be EV-ERY-THING. Since your niche is totally visual, you need to have high-quality visuals to draw in new readers. Plus, having an extensive portfolio is good for credibility too! 

So, before you get started, create a digital portfolio that you can draw on for content on all of your channels! It’ll not only be handy in the beginning, but you’ll be glad you have it when you start networking and doing brand collabs!

Step 3: Develop your brand. 

Now that you know your niche and have create a portfolio of your best work, it’s time to flesh out your brand. Consistency of your brand is really important when you’re becoming an influencer, so having all the details worked out from the beginning will give you the PERFECT head start. Here are some thing you need: 

Step 4: Start an optimized blog. 

When you think of an influencer, you may automatically think social media, and that’s cool, but it shouldn’t be your whole focus. If you want your brand to grow quickly and have longevity, you need a search engine optimized blog. Studies show that optimized blogs generate 1000% more organic traffic over social media. Plus, it takes less time and money! 

So, build your blog in WordPress using your brand kit, and start planning out your content. Figure out a content calendar that has at least a month of posts in it and have 15 posts written down before you even launch. Then, plan to post 1-5 times a week on your niche. Here’s how to write search engine optimized blog posts!

Not sure where to start? Don’t take on the pressure of this step all by yourself! Here at InfluencerSEO, we offer SEO Services & Copywriting Services that can get your blog up and running and gaining real TRAFFIC AND INCOME! Check out the RESULTS and TESTIMONIALS for yourself! Plus, you can get your free SEO evaluation HERE!

how to become hair influencer

Step 5: Grow a social media presence. 

Just because optimized blogs are more effective at generating consistent and compounding results, social media has its place! Social media is the place to connect with your target audience and cultivate an engaged community. It’s a great promotional tool and perfect for furthering your networking and monetization goals! 

However, since you have an optimized blog to really drive traffic, your social media strategy can be a little more relaxed. Create content at your own pace and repurpose your blog material into posts to promote your website! Both SEO and social media should work together to support your growth!

What social channel should you choose? That depends on your niche! Of course, you can be an influencer on Instagram, but Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook are all totally viable places to grow to influencer status. Determine where people in your niche are already hanging out, and focus your efforts there. 

Is Pinterest the PERFECT social media platform to connect with your audience? Let InfluencerSEO handle the day-to-day of your Pinterest growth, so you can focus on what you really want to do: inspire all hair enthusiasts alike! 

Step 6: Consistently post on all platforms. 

To grow as an influencer, consistency is key! On your blog and your social channels, post consistent content. Whether you choose to post on your blog once a week and your socials once a day, or choose to post on your blog 5 times a week and on your socials 5 times a day, just keep it consistent. This will ensure your audience knows what to expect for better engagement, and it’ll prompt the algorithms to favor you and promote your posts! 

Step 7: Engage with your audience. 

In order to be an influencer, you must have “influence,” right? So, building a community is important. There are lots of ways to make your brand engaging, but here are some of the best ways to build a strong following:

  • Respond to comments and DMs
  • Host lives and virtual events 
  • Provide free digital content and printables
  • Make your content interactive 
  • Ask for follower input
  • Host giveaways and contents
  • Share personal content (time to work on those storytelling skills!) 
  • Show appreciation 

Step 8: Network with other hair influencers. 

Connecting with other hair influencers is great for growing your audience! Find another influencer that has the same follower count as you (or slightly more) and ask them to collab! You can post on their page and they post on yours. Or, you can guest blog on each other’s websites. It’s up to you! The idea is that you each get exposed to one another’s audiences to grow your influence. 

You can find these other influencers on your social channels or by searching for blogs similar to yours. Just make sure you engage with the influencer for a while before asking to collab. Plus, it’s good to take some time to understand their audience and make sure it meshes with your message. 

Step 9: Get monetized. 

Time to get paid! If you want to be a hair influencer full-time, you need to be making money from your content. There are plenty of ways to do this; you just need to determine what makes sense for your brand goals. Here are some ways you could make money as a hair influencer: 

Step 10: Track your progress and refine your strategy. 

You’ve got the building blocks in place, so now you just need to embrace the grind, commit to consistency, and refine your strategy as you track your progress. Keep tabs on all your analytics and insights, so you can understand what’s working and what’s not working with your brand! And, when your website is up-and-running, do a free SEO evaluation to see how well you’re optimizing for organic reach! With focus, drive, and the right plan, you’ll be a hair influencer in no time! 

Being a hair influencer is all about creating high-value content consistently! 

Above all else, if you want to be a hair influencer, you’ve got to provide worthwhile content to your audience. So, take some time to really develop who you are and create a strong brand. If your content is solid and you follow these tips, we’ll probably see you in our FYP in no time!

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