Why You Should Start A Blog

Why You Should Start A Blog

Blogging has been around longer than social media. In the beginning, it was a way to share our day-to-day experiences— like an online diary. People read them to connect with others and see life in action without the over-production of reality TV. It was an incredible time when the internet felt really intimate and pure!

Now, the world wide web looks a little different, and social media has sort of taken over the role of “online diary.” However, blogging is NOT dead. In fact, blogs have evolved with the internet and remain more relevant and useful today than ever! It’s an industry that’s constantly elevating, getting more interesting, more helpful, and MORE profitable. 

So . . . should you start a blog? YES! Here are some reasons you should start a blog and feel really good about the decision:

Why You Should Start A Blog

Why You Should Start A Blog

Like we mentioned, the internet is MUCH bigger than it was 20 years ago, and really the blogosphere has gotten a lot bigger too. So, what’s the point of starting a blog if there’s a bunch of competition, a changed internet landscape, and little demand for slice-of-life content outside social media?

Well, you’re looking at it allllll wrong! Though there is more competition, Google (the world’s largest search engine, of course) has adjusted its algorithms to promote blog content. IT’S TRUE! When you search for a question or look for specific material, Google prioritizes giving you high-quality, authentic content. AKA . . . blog posts!!!

At the same time, Google has changed its delivery of content, and the way internet users are influenced has changed too. Instead of getting product recommendations from a TV or getting advice from a library book, internet users are heading to blogs. There, they can find authentic people giving real wisdom and sharing useful products they actually use!

This is all great news for you as a blogger, because it means your blog can reach an audience that’s committed to you, engaged in your content, and profitable for your bottom line. WOO-HOO!

Is blogging worth it

Is Blogging Worth It?

In a word, YES. Blogging is totally worth it. Despite what some might say, blogs are still relevant, and finding your audience is possible with the combined power of SEO and social media. And, if all that wasn’t enough, blogging can help you make some serious cash too! 

If you have your own business, blogging is a great way to market your product and services, establish yourself as an expert, and foster a loyal following. And, if you’re an influencer-type blogger, you’ll catch the attention of companies and brands who want to use you for marketing. You tell your followers about products and services you already love and get cash in return! And, those are just a couple of ways you can make money using a successful blog. 

The point is, blogging is super worthwhile. But, are you still questioning if you specifically should start a blog? Here are some reasons starting a blog would be a great idea:

Reasons to start a blog

14 Reasons To Start A Blog

Document your life.

Blogs were originally public diaries, right? Well, that’s not totally dead! There are plenty of blogs out there that highlight a blogger’s life, whether wild or mundane. Of course, it’s cool to share your life with the world, but years down the road, you’ll really love looking back at your life to see how you’ve grown and what you’ve learned. 

You’ll find a lot of slice-of-life content on vlogs and social media too, so there’s clearly still demand for these kinds of blogs! (Learn the difference between blogs and vlogs here.) Don’t be afraid to publish your life and share with the world what it’s like being you. 

Inspire or teach others. 

You may also want to start a blog to inspire or teach others. If you have skills or wisdom in a specific area, you don’t need to keep that to yourself. Consider starting a blog to help others learn new skills or take on new challenges. 

Do you love beauty and makeup? Become a beauty influencer and teach others step-by-step how to do your signature looks. Did you face a big fear that changed your life? Inspire others to do the same and become wellness advocates! With a blog, you have the real power to make a big difference!  

Foster personal growth.

Maybe you don’t have it all figured out yet . . . do any of us, really??? A lifestyle blog can be a great way to reflect on your emotions, better understand yourself, and foster personal growth. Just like journaling is beneficial for mental health and manifesting the life you want, blogging can help you take control of your life and become the best version of yourself—and the rest of us get to watch you blossom! It’s so cool! 

Find community.

When you start a blog, you’ll need to choose a niche. A niche is the unique category of blog you choose to focus on. Research and experience tell us that blogs that niche down, rather than writing broadly about a lot of topics, do much better over time! After all, a blog isn’t just about putting something on the internet. It’s also about being heard and seen by the masses! 

Not only is niching down good for your blog growth, but it’s also the perfect way to meet like-minded people that love the same things as you or are going through the same hardships as you. These blogging communities can make you feel deeply connected to the world, provide a ton of support, and can be the foundation of some new lifelong friendships. 

Gain new opportunities. 

As you gain influence, brands and companies will take notice. This can open lots of opportunities! Whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime job offer, free hotel stays worldwide, or dream product collaboration, there are a lot of ways blogging can get the attention of exactly the people that can change your life (or make it a lot better)!  

Make a difference. 

Blogging has the power to inspire and teach, of course, but it can also make a real difference. Use a blog to document a problem and raise money and collect resources for the solution. Or, use a blog to challenge followers to take daily risks, serve in their community, or spread the word about a little-known issue. When you have a mission, a blog can be a great platform to accomplish your goals! 

Hold yourself accountable.

If you’re taking on a big challenge like sticking to a diet, training for a marathon, or doing the van life thing for a year, writing a blog post weekly about your progress can be the PERFECT way to hold yourself accountable. Now you’re not just doing it for you, you’re doing it to inspire thousands of others out there watching you do your thing. If you need motivation to stay on target, start a blog. 

Establish expertise.

Do you know a lot about something? To harness and utilize your expansive knowledge on a topic, repurpose it into a blog! Not only will you get a platform to talk about something you’re clearly passionate about, but you’ll also position yourself as an expert, which could open lots of job offers and monetization opportunities. 

Share your story.

If you had a really incredible experience or an inspiring journey, consider writing it out as a blog! You have wanted to write a book, and maybe book deals are still in the future, but a blog is much easier! It has short-form snippets, casual delivery, and instant publication capabilities, which makes it a great way to share your life’s story. 

Monetize your hobby. 

We’ve all got hobbies and a lot of us would probably love to make it our full-time job! However, the process of promoting your products or services is exhausting, and finding an audience using traditional marketing techniques is even harder. A blog can be a great way to not only market what you do but show how it’s done! People will love the behind-the-scenes look into your hobby and eventually make that purchase—and even if they don’t, you could monetize your blog through brand sponsorships, ad space, or affiliate marketing!

Engage in a creative outlet. 

Sometimes creative souls just need to create. A blog can be the ideal creative outlet for someone with a busy life. At least once a week, curate a blog post to improve your writing skills and capture your creativity. Studies actually found that being creative helps you stay positive, reverse depression, and even improve your immune health! So, blogging is basically self-care. 

Bring purpose to your life.

If you’re in a rut, consider starting a blog to bring purpose to your life. It feels like every day is the same thing over and over and you’re not applying yourself, employing your talents, and reaching for your own goals. Blogging can give you meaning!

 We hear this all the time from moms who get caught up in the exhaustive and monotonous routine of being stay-at-home parents and don’t know what to do to feel like themselves again. Sometimes, a mom blog is all you need! 

If you’re not a mom, maybe you’re stuck in a dead-end job or overwhelmed by all your future options. A blog can help you center your talents and be who you’re really meant to be! 

Build a portfolio.

You know that annoying thing where you need a job to get experience but you need experience to get a job??? Yeah, that’s the worst. However, you could develop a portfolio and “experience” in your industry by starting a blog! It’ll showcase your passion, knowledge, and talents all in one space!

Support a business. 

Running a business, then you need a blog! Blogging is essential to a successful modern business. It’s so important because the more indexed pages you have, the more likely you are to show up on search engine results pages—and businesses with blogs have 434% more indexed pages than those who don’t. WHOA!!!

Not only will your product or service get to more potential buyers and a growing email list, but the blog will help you build customer loyalty and field credibility. You can always be promoting your blog and business simultaneously, which allows you to cast a much wider net. Before you know it, you’ll have so much business it’ll be time to scale!    

Work from home.

Becoming a blogger can totally be a full-time job. With a good growth strategy using search engine optimization, your blog can get monetized pretty quickly! Affiliate marketing, brand partnerships, ad space, and selling your own products or services are just a few ways you can make a business out of blogging. Of course, you first need to create a successful blog, but before you know it, you’ll hit that micro-influencer status and it’ll be time to cash in on your new gig!

The blogosphere is a thriving community with room for more bloggers like you!

There are lots of reasons to start a blog. What’s yours? Once you know your purpose, it’s just a matter of deciding what to write about, developing a strategy, and going for it!!! 

Just make sure InfluencerSEO is at your side. We have SEO services that’ll help you launch your blog to the top of the search engine results pages fast. Plus, our blog has tons of tips and tricks to help you become the blogger you’re meant to be! LFG!!!

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