Why Blogging is Important

Why blogging is important to modern marketing.

There was a time that delivering flyers and standing on a soapbox drove people to your business. But, modern technology has changed the way consumers engage with companies. Blogging has set itself apart in this techy world as one of the most lucrative ways to grow for business owners! This is because starting a blog is easy, inexpensive, and helpful for marketing any product or service.

Billions of people worldwide connect daily with the internet, and they’re always searching for meaningful content. If you provide this content through quality articles and posts on your blog, you can convert that interest into sales. So, that’s why we’ve dedicated a whole post to why integrating blogging into your company’s marketing strategy is a must in today’s society! Let’s get right down to it, shall we?

Why blogging is important

Why Blogging is Important 

Blogging is one of the most important marketing efforts you can make to promote your business. Creating blogs isn’t hard, nor is it expensive, but why is blogging right for your business? Here are some benefits of blogging that will convince you that this marketing tactic is vital for your growth! 

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Visitors may not always locate your website through social media, a call to action, or a friend referral. Sometimes, they find your site by happenstance! A user may simply search for information on a topic and find a blog post that answers their question. If that blog post is yours, it can create a lot of new website traffic. And like always, this traffic is welcome! 

Attract New Clients and Leads

When people visit your site, they may develop an interest in your content. Building an email list will help connect to those people directly. These potential customers may then provide you with their email and other useful information. In turn, this can connect those visitors to your website, and/or email marketing and social media pages to further educate them on your product or service.  

Repurpose Content for Social Media

Are you already working hard on social media marketing? Blogging will only help and support your marketing on those platforms. You can repurpose your blog content for social media by shortening your articles into a post or by linking the blog’s great content to a graphic! 

Develop Better Customer Relations

Blogging can bridge the gap between you and your clients! When you blog, you can directly speak to your customers. You can do this by answering frequently asked questions, posting details about new products, and sharing personal anecdotes. This interaction makes your clients feel like they’re a part of the brand. This, in turn, makes them more loyal and more likely to return. 

Sharing Relevant Content Demonstrates Authority

No matter what your business is, you exist within some niche. Every niche has groups of dedicated consumers waiting for quality, fresh content. Make sure that your posts are always related to that niche and are helpful to your target audience. 

If you blog often enough about topics that are important to your niche, your business will quickly become an authority on that subject. This will develop trust in your product or service and keep your followers up-to-date on industry news. But, remember to try and stay away from sharing content from other relevant blogs. It can only be helpful if you have a relationship with that blog, and may keep your content from being as competitive.

Increase Your Website’s SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the most important elements of your website growth. If your site is always populating as the 150th option on the SERPs, then it may be difficult to generate leads from Google and other search engines. 

Good SEO will keep your website ranking high on those search engine results pages. Blogging drives you to link build and add tons of valuable keywords that would otherwise be difficult to sneak into your website. 

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Blogging Tips and Tricks

Now that you’ve decided blogging is a good call for your business, how do you get started? Here are our tips and tricks for successful content marketing using blog posts: 

Create Content Your Clients Care About

Take time to consider what kind of content your clients will be interested in reading. They might be interested in details about products or services or maybe they’d appreciate updates on industry news. No matter what, readers always value blog posts that directly answer their questions and cater to their needs too. 

The content for your blog must always build your brand awareness and remind your readers that you care about them. 90% of customers reported finding custom content useful. Additionally, 78% stated they believe businesses who blog desire good relationships with their customers. Valuable blogging will do wonders when it comes to establishing that connection with your clients! 

Engage Through Storytelling

Many customers develop brand loyalty through meaningful storytelling. Try blogging about customer testimonials or the history of your company. You could also reveal some behind-the-scenes details on how your business runs. This helps develop both transparency and interest in your site! 

If you’re worried about expressing your brand correctly through your blog, have no fear! Finding your voice can be intimidating if writing doesn’t come naturally to you. To help you out, we’ve created this article on how to find your blogging voice

Include Graphics and Photos

Photos and graphics catch our eyes and break up blocks of text when we’re scrolling. It’s much more pleasant to read posts with photos, and it’s easier to retrieve the content. Plus, these graphics and photos can all be branded to help remind customers of your website weeks after they travel to your post. And if all that wasn’t enough, visuals are also great for SEO!  

Post Blogs Regularly 

Companies that post blogs 1-2 times per month have 67% more sales opportunities than businesses that do not blog. This is a staggering number! Consistent blogging creates long-term clients who will travel to your website over and over. For even better results, we recommend uploading 1-2 times a week over once or twice a month. And don’t be afraid to use inbound links to posts you’ve written before! That will inevitably drive traffic to that article as well, making your work, work for you!

If you don’t think you’re the best person to write blog posts, try outsourcing your writing! Not sure how to outsource? Be sure to check out our recommendations for finding writers and the best way to outsource. 

Make Your Content SEO-Friendly

When writing your blog, keep in mind that it all needs to be SEO-friendly. Even if it’s just a landing page, everything on your site should be SEO optimized. Everything from the length of the article to the keywords used will impact how your site ranks on the search engine results pages. You can do this SEO work yourself by using this post on SEO best practices or you can hire us to do your SEO optimization for you! Either way – we’re here to help!

What Is the Future of Blogging?

With artificial intelligence continuing to increase in popularity, we’re often asked about the future of blogging. Are bloggers looking at a bleak future? Or is there hope for us after all?

As it turns out, blogging is not dead! Blogging still offers a ton of value, it just might look a little different moving forward than it did in the past.

In the future, bloggers can expect to see a continued emphasis on video content and influencer marketing. Micro-blogging will continue to grow, as social media becomes pivotal for sharing content and growing their audience.

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Online marketing through blogging is the key to modern engagement, gaining more website traffic, and generating more sales! 

Your website has your great product or service, but now it needs your voice! Think about what kind of relevant content your clients would want to read and engage them through motivated, regular, SEO-friendly posts. With these tips, you’re sure to see a boost in your website traffic and sales in no time. If you guys have any questions or comments, feel free to drop us a line below. And for more blogs like this one, head on over to the Influencer SEO Blog. Until next time, we wish you the best of luck as you venture into the world of blogging!

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