How To Crop In Canva

how to crop in canva

Canva is one of the best tools for bloggers. No matter what your niche is, chances are graphic design and photo editing aren’t your primary trades. However, both are required in all blogging categories whether you’re a fashion blogger, mom blogger, fitness blogger, food blogger, or something in-between!

High-quality images are ESSENTIAL for a successful blog. Good photos and graphics will separate you from the competition, making your brand look more elevated and professional. Plus, images make content more user-friendly, which boosts your search engine optimization! With better SEO, you’re way more likely to rank high on the search engine results pages and reach a ton of organic visitors. 

So, yeah, you’ve gotta create designs that standout and enhance your content. Luckily, no matter your natural talents or learned skills, Canva makes graphic creation and image editing SUPER easy. It’s an online program that allows you to make professional images in minutes. You can do all sorts of editing and elevating to make the perfect blog or social media graphics. 

To help make it even easier, we have a ton of Canva guides teaching you how to do things like curve text, make transparent backgrounds, make GIFs, and add borders in Canva. And, today, we’re delivering another helpful how-to. We’re breaking down how to crop an image in Canva using the cropping tool. 

Here’s how you use it: 

how to crop in canva

How To Crop In Canva

Step 1: Open your design. 

First up, open the design that needs cropping. If you haven’t started one yet, click one of the many templates Canva provides. Make sure you consider the size and shape of the design template before choosing! 

Step 2: Add your photo. 

Once you have your design, it’s time to add your photo. You can either upload a photo by hitting Uploads on the far left side or by searching for images and graphics using the Elements button.

When you find the image you’d like to use, simply drag and drop it into your project! Place it where you’d like to be on the Canvas. 

Step 3: Double click the image. 

To bring up the cropping tool, double click the image. If you’re having trouble, you can also click the image, and then select Edit Photo in the top toolbar. You’ll see three different tabs appear in the left panel, including the crop button. Both options bring up the same adjustment options!

Steps how to crop in canva

Step 4: Select an aspect ratio or freeform crop.

To crop a picture, you can either use the preset aspect ratio choices in the left panel or use the freeform option! To adjust the cropping with the preset version, just click a ratio and then drag the photo around the frame until you like how it appears. 

If you want to crop using freeform, click and drag the cropping handles on the corners of the image. The handles are white, perpendicular angles that allow you to expand and contract the size of the image. Adjust until you get the cropping you’re looking for! 

Step 5: Rotate your photo if needed. 

There’s more you can do than just resizing the image on this tab! You can also rotate the image to get a different perspective than the cropped photo currently offers. 

Step 6: Select Done.

Once you’re satisfied with your perfectly cropped photo, select Done at the bottom of the left panel. Then, finish your design and save your image to your computer by selecting Share in the top right corner. You’ll get multiple file options to choose from! For blogging, we recommend JPGs!

How to Expand Using Canva

Canva Pro, which is Canva’s paid membership, has a feature called Expand that’s a great companion to the crop tool! It uses AI to lengthen or widen an image by creating new, predicative visual information. 

That sounds kind of technical, but basically if you need more content in the image one direction or the other, AI can do that for you! This is especially useful if you’re trying to make a narrow vertical image more square or vice versa. 

Here’s how you expand using Canva: 

Step 1: Open the Expand tool. 

While in the cropping menu (see above if you don’t know how to get there), select the Expand tab near the top of the toolbar. This will open your expanded adjustment options! (Assuming you have Canva Pro, if you don’t, we definitely recommend getting it!) 

Step 2: Select an aspect ratio or freeform crop.

Just like with crop, decide how you’ll determine the size of the image. Either click one of the present aspect ratios or use the freeform cropping handles. The handles are the white bars in the top corners of the image dragging them with your cursor should allow you to expand in any direction. 

Step 3: Click Magic Expand.

Once you have the image size adjusted, click the purple button that says Magic Expand in the left panel. Then, be patient, it’ll take a minute for the AI to do its thing! 

Step 4: Select a result or generate more. 

The AI will display four options of expansion! Look at each one and figure out which one looks the most convincing. If none of them are to your linking, hit Generate New Results and get more choices. 

Step 5: Select Done.

Once you’re happy with the expansion and image size, hit Done at the bottom of the left panel. Now, you just need to download your image and get it posted! 

how to crop in cava
Cropping in Canva is easy with these simple steps!

Image size is important when creating the perfect designs for your blog and social channels. Luckily, with Canva resizing images in any which way is a breeze. You can find even more helpful guides like how to import text into Canva, how to make a collage in Canva, and how to add a link in Canva on the InfluencerSEO blog. There, you’ll also find all the insider blogging and SEO tips that help you take your brand to the top! 

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