How To Make A Transparent Background in Canva

How To Make A Transparent Background in Canva

Have you ever struggled with creating images that perfectly fit your design needs? Maybe you wanted to make a collage of images feel cohesive, but the various colored backdrops made it obvious they weren’t. Or, maybe you wanted an image overlaid over another, but couldn’t make it look right. Removing the background is the best option! However, not every editing tool allows you to do this . . . but you can do it in Canva! 

If you have been following our blog for a while, you know we’re big Canva fans. It’s one of the best tools to elevate your brand as a blogger because you can create professional, custom graphics in literally minutes. It’s the best! And, one of the more recent features Canva Pro offers is the background removal tool. 

Today, we’re breaking down how to use the background remover tool that will allow you to do SO much more with your uploaded photos. (Plus, adding a watermark is easy with this feature too!!) 

 Here’s how it’s done:

How To Make A Transparent Background in Canva

How To Make A Transparent Background in Canva

How To Make A Transparent Background in Canva List

Step 1: Upload your image. 

First, log in to your Canva Pro account and select the design type you want to use. You can choose from social media posts, presentations, flyers, and more. Once you select your design type, click the Upload button on the left-hand side to add your image.  

Step 2: Select Background Remover tool.

Next, click Edit Image then hover over the background remover tool. It’s labeled “BG Remover.”

Step 3: Determine if the tool removed what you want.  

Once you hit the BG Remover button, Canva will determine what’s background and remove it. When it’s a white background, this is easy. However, if the background is more complex, the remover tool may not do a perfect job. So, look over your photo and decide if it kept what you wanted and ditched what you didn’t. 

Step 4: Use advanced settings to edit background. 

If you’re not happy with the way the background works, click the middle icon for advanced background removal options. You’ll see an Erase and Restore option where you can edit what specifically is included in your background image. 

Step 5: Complete your design. 

Now that your background is removed, upload more images if needed and remove those backgrounds too. Then, customize your project to create your branded graphic! Images with removed backgrounds are perfect for making collages in Canva. Hopefully, now that the pesky backgrounds are removed, designing will be a breeze! 

Step 6: Save and export project. 

When you’re finished with your design, click Download in the upper right to save your image. If you plan to upload it to LTK, Insta, or your blog, we recommend PNG or JPG

Bonus tip: If you want to download a logo or other graphic with a transparent background, you can do that using the BG Remover tool as well! Just make sure you download using PNG to truly have a background-free image. 

background remover tool in canva

Removing backgrounds in Canva gives bloggers and influencers more flexibility with their designs!

Canva already offers dozens of features that make designing visual, branded content for blogs and social media super easy. Making background transparent using the BG Remover is one of those intuitive tools that makes Canva one of the best editing and design tools out there. 

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