150 Lifestyle Blog Names: Tips, Inspiration, & MORE! 

lifestyle blog names

Choosing the perfect name for your lifestyle blog is much like trying to find the right outfit for a special event. Do you know what we mean? Well, it basically sets the tone and makes an important first impression when someone visits your lifestyle blog.

So, you want that blog name to be GOOD! Your blog name is a beacon for your personal brand, guiding your target audience toward your content and giving them a glimpse of the content you create. In other words, it is your headline, your storefront, and the essence of your online presence all rolled into one.

A well-fitting and creative lifestyle blog name will also stick in the mind of your audience, helping them remember you and drawing them back for more. The bottom line is that it is pretty important for lifestyle bloggers to choose a catchy lifestyle blog name. So, in light of that, let’s dive in and talk about what makes a good lifestyle blog name. We’ve got a step-by-step guide on making a catchy name, the DL on the importance of choosing a good blog name, and plenty of name ideas to help you decide what to name your blog.

lifestyle blog names

150 Lifestyle Blog Names: Tips, Inspiration, & MORE! 

Lifestyle blogs offer a really versatile platform where bloggers can share insights, experiences, and advice across a huge range of topics. Unlike niche-specific blogs that focus solely on things like fashion, travel, and food, lifestyle blogs can really embrace change and write about a range of topics. Everything you write about just has to evoke a cohesive vibe or way of life. The freedom is really quite cool!

From fashion tips and travel diaries to recipe ideas and wellness hacks, a lifestyle blog is a great spot to speak about your life experience, your personal perspective, your day-to-day life,and much more. Not to mention, this freedom and versatility DEFINITELY extend to the naming process of your blog as well.

While a fashion blog will require a name that hints at style and trends and a food blog will benefit from a title that reflects different flavors and cuisines, a lifestyle blog name should be more broad. That way, it can encompass a variety of topics. Make the name more open-ended and reflective of your personality or philosophy as a blogger!

Lifestyle bloggers really have the chance to get creative and draw inspiration from individual interests, passions, and unique perspectives on life. Whether it’s a whimsical phrase, a clever play on words, your  name, or something entirely unique, there’s lots of room for experimentation. So, in essence, a lifestyle blog name should be a reflection of who you are!

how to name a lifestyle blog

How To Name A Lifestyle Blog

Tip 1: Incorporate your own name or variation.

Looking for an idea for lifestyle blog names? There’s no better inspiration than your own name or a variation of it. Adding your name to a blog title can create a personal connection with your audience and make you feel authentic. This approach allows your readers to identify with you on a deeper and more intimate level.

For example, if your name is Emily, you might consider a variation such as “The Emily Experience” or “Emily Tells All”. This infuses your personality into your blog’s identity and makes you feel like more of an approachable, authentic, and REAL person. 

Tip 2: Describe your niche or focus.

Being able to clearly define your blog’s niche or focus in your title helps readers establish and expectation of what to expect when they visit your blog. Incorporating relevant keywords can help you attract your target audience and set the foundation for a successful brand. Make a list of words that have to do with your niche and start brainstorming!

Tip 3: Use memorable words.

When choosing your blog name, try to choose words that resonate with your audience and will stick in their mind. This is SO important for brand recall. Memorable words can create imagery in the minds of your audience and even evoke emotions. This makes your blog name even more compelling!

You can use descriptive adjectives and even unique nouns that reflect what you want to do with your blog. Consider using memorable words that will leave a long-lasting impression!

Tip 4: Consider the sound and rhythm.

The sound and rhythm of your blog name can make a HUGE difference in the overall appeal and marketability of your blog. Opt for a name that flows smoothly and rolls off the tongue easily. Rhythm can make your blog name feel much more pleasing to the brain, keeping it stuck in the minds of your readers.

Tip 5: Consider your audience’s perspective.

When figuring out your blog name, make sure you put yourself in your audience’s shoes and think about what would resonate with them. Consider their preferences, interests, and aspirations when figuring out your blog name. Your main goal is to create a name that speaks directly to what they desire and their lifestyle aspirations.

This will foster a sense of connection and resonance. Putting yourself in the shoes of your audience doesn’t just help with your blog name, but also the content you produce. So, put on their shoes and walk a thousand miles!

Tip 6: Don’t get too long or wordy. 

If your reader is stumbling over your blog post name, they’re probably not going to remember it or even click on your content.It just gets people flustered right away and their attention moves to something else. Keep it concise, clear, and very easy to read! Memorable is great too, but, at the end of the day, it needs to have high readability!

Tip 7: Look out for complex spelling. 

Does your name or blog title have complex spellings? It might not be a good call to use words with either a lot of letters or unusual spellings your audience may not be used to. For example, again, if your name is “Emily,” but you spell it “Emmaleigh,” readers may have a hard time finding you even if they do remember your blog name later! Additionally, adding long words that people have trouble spelling, like cappuccino, epiphany, renaissance, connoisseur, etc. isn’t a good idea for brand recognition and repeat visitors! 

Tip 8: Check availability.

Before finalizing your perfect blog name, ensure that the name you have chosen is available. Check social media and free domain sites, like GoDaddy, to ensure that the name is free. You may also want to consider trademarking your blog name so that you can build your brand identity and make it easy for readers to find you online. 

Tip 9: Check the URL. 

This one is a big deal! Your name may look and sound beautiful as you read it off your logo or homepage. But, in the web address there are no spaces, and for some blog titles, that’s problematic. Like, if your blog name is “Speed of Art,” your url will be “speedofart.” Um, no thanks? The point is, check those URLs!

Tip 10: Reflect your brand’s personality.

Now that you know your name is free, it’s time to finalize this thing! Spend some time deeply thinking about your blog and brand goals. Does your name represent that? Make sure the blog name you have settled on reflects the personality and tone of your brand. It should align with your unique style and voice.

Whether your brand is calm and introverted, bold and adventurous, or simple and chilled, your blog name needs to carry that same tone. Choose the words and phrases that encapsulate your brand’s personality, leaving a good and memorable impression on your audience from the moment they encounter your blog.

Tip 11: Snag your domain right away. 

Even if your blog is a few months or even years from being ready to launch, get your domain now so no one can take it! This will prevent you from having to rename yourself when it’s actually time to get this thing rolling! 

lifestyle blog name examples

150  Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas

  1. My Daily Life
  2. Welcome to My Life
  3. Digital Talks
  4. Find Out Who
  5. Crushing It
  6. Life Through the Looking Glass
  7. The Daily Biz
  8. Life Preview
  9. Life with [Name]
  10. I’m Kind of a Big Deal
  11. Always Here
  12. It’s a Mouthful
  13. How’s Everything
  14. The Chic Pursuit
  15. WorkLifeHarmony
  16. The Quirk Chronicles
  17. A Little Something Extra
  18. Laughter and Lattes
  19. She’s on Point
  20. Spice Up Your Life
  21. Welcome to Wild
  22. My Beautiful Mess
  23. A Slice of Life
  24. All Sorts of Stuff
  25. Sincerely, [Name[
  26. Just Another Lifestyle Blog
  27. It’s Just My Business
  28. It’s Definitely Something
  29. One Size Fits All
  30. My Big Life
  31. Girl Meets World
  32. View Your Life
  33. Just For You
  34. Take A Look
  35. This Is [Name]
  36. Something Special
  37. Girls Who Blog
  38. Make It Memorable
  39. [Name’s] Just Livin’
  40. Just Wondering
  41. The Lifestyle Chronicles
  42. Seeking the Light
  43. Look At That
  44. [Name’s] Reality
  45. Lifestyle Over Luxury
  46. Virtually Yours
  47. I Go By [Name]
  48. [Name] the [Career]
  49. The Lifestyle Blogger Life
  50. I’m Really New Here
  51. This Little Life
  52. The Weekly Writeup
  53. The Right Space
  54. Can We Talk?
  55. The Daily Struggle
  56. Just Doing It
  57. All Things [Name]
  58. The Real Housewife of [City, State]
  59. Stories of A [Nationality] Girl
  60. Just A Second
  61. Own Your Lifestyle
  62. The Dramatic Lifestyle
  63. What She Said
  64. Every [Weekday]
  65. All Things Lifestyle
  66. Bring Your Best
  67. The Tales of [Name]
  68. [Name] Shares Tips
  69. It’s Honestly Hard
  70. I Chose This
  71. Trying to Stay Chill
  72. Everything [Name]
  73. Living with [Full Name]
  74. [Name’s] Balanced Bliss
  75. [Name’s] Road to Recovery
  76. Finding Balance with [Name]
  77. The Balanced Being Blog
  78. Find Your Balance with [Name]
  79. Be Better with [Name]
  80. Recover with [Name]
  81. Beating Social Anxiety
  82. Social Anxiety Who?
  83. Dialogue Diaries
  84. The You Blog
  85. Just Blog It
  86. Well Written
  87. Word on the Street
  88. I Like Big Blogs 
  89. [Name’s] Notes
  90. It’s Kind of Personal
  91. Show and Tell
  92. The Writing Room
  93. Writing on the Wall
  94. Shared Space
  95. It’s A Safe Space
  96. On the Blog
  97. My Mind Speaks
  98. On the Spot
  99. Just A Journal
  100. The Blissful Lif
  101. Radiant Living
  102. Chic & Cozy
  103. The Balanced Journey
  104. Vibrant Vibe
  105. The Mindful Maven
  106. Life in Full Bloom
  107. Soulful Serenity
  108. The Joyful Path
  109. Simply Inspired
  110. The Thriving Tribe
  111. Harmony and Happiness
  112. The Wellness Whisperer
  113. Luxe Life Chronicles
  114. The Curated Life
  115. Blissful Bites
  116. The Stylish Soiree
  117. Glowing Goddess
  118. The Adventure Avenue
  119. Positively Radiant
  120. The Zen Den
  121. Elevate Everyday
  122. The Chic Retreat
  123. Serenity Seeker
  124. The Mindful Maven
  125. Wholesome Wanderlust
  126. The Balanced Bliss
  127. Inspired Living
  128. The Joyful Journey
  129. The Wellness Wanderer
  130. Luxe Life Living
  131. The Curated Collective
  132. Elevate & Empower
  133. The Chic Escape
  134. Serenity in Style
  135. The Mindful Oasis
  136. Wholesome Wonders
  137. The Balanced Beat
  138. Inspired Insights
  139. Luxe Life Lessons
  140. Living in Harmony
  141. The Balanced Perspective
  142. Unwind and Thrive
  143. Simply Authentic
  144. The Mindful Journey
  145. Embrace the Everyday
  146. The Joyful Pathway
  147. Soulful Reflections
  148. The Serene Lifestyle
  149. Inspired Living Chronicles
  150. Mind Body No Time

Lifestyle Blog Name Examples

Now you can name your blog with ease!

Well, there you have it! We have given you all of the information and lifestyle blog name ideas you need to name your blog with ease! We can’t wait to see the great content you bring to the online space.

If you need a little more help, check out our blog post “How to Name a Blog About Your Life”. For more great SEO tips, guidance along the way, and the steps to blogging success, check out the InfluencerSEO blog. We are always happy to help!

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