How To Name A Blog About Your Life

How To Name A Blog About Your Life

When you’re starting a blog, sometimes naming is the hardest part. What you want to blog about usually comes right away and then your branding comes soon after . . . but the name? That’s a hard one! It’s one of the most important parts of your blog since this will be the way readers recognize and remember you. And, it pretty much has to stay forever. All in all, that’s A LOT of pressure. 

If you’re starting a blog about your life, the name can be even trickier. Your life is so full of so many things—how could you sum it up in a blog title? Trust us, we understand the struggle, and we’re here to help. We’re dedicating this post to naming your lifestyle blog. Hopefully, by the end of this blog post, your baby blog will finally have a name!

How To Name A Blog About Your Life

How To Name A Blog About Your Life

First of all, let’s consider what a lifestyle blog really is. Obviously, it’s a blog about your life, but it goes deeper than that. Usually, a lifestyle blog will mainly focus on one aspect or principle of your life. 

Do you know what that is? If not, do some soul-searching. If you do, that’s your key to unlocking the perfect blog name! The title must radiate that message or theme in every way. Below, we’re sharing tips on how to take your concept and twist it into the perfect blog name: 

What Makes A Good Blog Name?

Stands Out

No matter your blog niche, you’re going to have competition. The lifestyle blogging space is HUGE and everyone’s trying to get readers’ attention. Because of that, you need a creative blog title that’ll help you stand out in the sea of lifestyle blogs. If your blog name is distinct, it’ll make a great first impression on future followers

Easy To Remember

As much as we want that blog name to stand out, we don’t want it to get too complicated or unusual. If the name is wordy or uses unfamiliar language or spellings, your readers might see you on social media, but then quickly forget what your name was. The name needs to be easy to say and spell, and overall it should be a catchy blog name. This way, no one will say, “What was that blog again???” 

Short And Sweet

Of course, it’s easier to remember a blog name that’s short and sweet, but it’s also good for capturing organic visitors from social media and Google! When you write out your meta description and title tags, you want your blog title to fit in Google’s 60-character limit. You also need that name to show up on every social media preview! So, if you can, keep it short!

Evokes The Right Tone

A good blog title should have a clear tone. Is your blog encouraging? Informative? Entertaining? Consider the vibe of your blog post and ensure your name evokes that same tone. That way, readers know what they’re in for! (If you’re not sure of your tone yet, read the post, “How To Find Your Blogging Voice.)”

What Makes a Good Blog Name

Reaches Target Demographic

Along that same line, your blog title should specifically interest your target audience. Each demographic will be interested in different styles of blog names. Identify your audience and make your blog title perfect for grabbing their attention. 

Makes Connection To Your Lifestyle

The words you use in your blog name should connect to your niche. This is a great way to find readers looking for content with your specific angle. If you can, find a way to squeeze in the significance of your personal brand. 

Fits With Your Branding

Remember, you’re going to need a brand logo too. The logo doesn’t NEED to include your blog name, but it’s better if it does! This way every time you stamp your logo on a picture or plant it somewhere on your website, your title is clear to anyone looking. So, when you choose a blog name, think about how it will sound and look. It’s gotta be aesthetic. 

Reads Well As A URL

Before you finalize that blog name, ask yourself if it looks okay as a URL. No, seriously check this. You could have “Travelers Talking” suddenly turn to “Traveler Stalking” when written as a URL. So, check it once and check it twice to make sure it can’t look inappropriate or misleading in any way. 


Will anything about your blog change over the next 5-10 years? Even longer than that? You can’t really know, can you? That’s why it’s SO IMPORTANT to futureproof your blog title. Even if your perspectives change your pivot your niche slightly, your blog name STILL needs to work. So, take care not to limit yourself to using a title that’s too specific to what you’re doing right now! 

How to Come Up With A Blog Name

How To Come Up With A Blog Name

Try using your own name.

Before anything else, consider using your own name! Influencers like Jess Keys and McKenzie Gillespie are lifestyle bloggers that use their own names for their brands. It works great for them! You could also use just part of your name like “With Love from Kat” or “Honestly, Jamie.” So, just sit with your name for a minute and see if you want to incorporate it into your blog post. 

Consider your niche. 

Next, consider your niche! Yes, as we mentioned, you’re writing about your life—but what is unique about your lifestyle? Is cooking your thing? Are you a successful entrepreneur? Does your family travel? Are you out there looking for love? Whether you have a travel blog twist, a food blog twist, or something in between, you should think about incorporating that into your blog name in some way. 

Find trending keywords.

Keywords are always a smart thing to include in your blog name if you can. If it fits naturally, this could have big SEO benefits! When Internet users search on Google for content similar to what’s on your blog, your website will be more likely to pop up if it includes certain keywords. 

Look at other blogs in your niche.

To come up with names, start exploring your niche! Obviously, you can’t steal someone else’s name, but another blog title may inspire your own. Maybe you like the structure, the sound, or just the way that it looks! At the very least, you’ll get a sense of what readers like in a blog name. 

Write some base ideas. 

Okay, now it’s time to just get some creative juices flowing. Start jotting down some ideas on paper, even if they’re not great. This will give us a base to work off of! Use what we’ve learned so far in this post and scribble down as much as you can. 

Use a Thesaurus.

Using those base ideas, take some of your favorite words or phrases and go crazy with a thesaurus. You may be able to find some words that fit your niche well and just vibe better with your brand. 

Think about the way it sounds.

Don’t just think about the way it looks on the screen, but consider the way your blog title sounds too. Say it out loud and consider adding in some wordplay to make it more catchy or interesting.  You can make the blog title rhyme, you can use assonance/alliteration, or combine two words to create a portmanteau! 

Use common abbreviations or acronyms.

If you want to squeeze more meaning into a short and sweet blog name, try using an abbreviation or acronym. Think about common ones like DIY, 411, LOL, BRB, ASAP, FYI, TBH, and literally so many more. Just think about how an abbreviation may affect the tone of your blog name. It could be good for your demographic or not so good, so think it all the way through. 

Put a spin on popular phrases and puns.

You can also use popular words and phrases and just put a fun spin on them. Take an idiom that everyone uses and swap out a word to make it about you and your life! Maybe “A Blessing in Disguise” becomes “ A Blessing in Design.” Or, maybe “Penny For Your Thoughts” becomes “Penny with Her Thoughts.” You see where we’re going with this!

Try a blog name generator. 

This may seem lazy, but it’s actually a pretty smart way to get ideas! We don’t recommend you use exactly what the generator spits out, but it might give you a good outline for a title or inspire a better name. You never know what will spark the perfect name. Might as well try everything until you discover it!  

Get a little wild.

If you’re still running dry, maybe the perfect blog name is totally random! Something that sounds cool but doesn’t mean a lot. It could even be 100% made up. Depending on your brand, this may just work. Start throwing constants and vowels together to see what vibe! 

Make sure it’s available.

Once you come up with your blog name, confirm it’s still available. There are millions of blogs out there, after all! If it is available, quickly grab a free domain to reserve it while you finish building out the rest of your brand. (However, once you launch, definitely get a paid domain for the added features and dedicated web address.) 

20 Lifestyle Blog Name Ideas To Take Inspiration From

Use these tips to find the perfect name for your lifestyle blog!

Finding the perfect name for your blog won’t be easy, but the time you spend on it will be well worth it. This will be how your blog is known all across the internet and it’ll represent all your success! If you’re still struggling to come up with some good ideas, read the post called “What to Name Your Blog” and don’t forget to browse all of our blog and Instagram content. We have everything you need to know to grow your brand and become the next household name—But first, you need a name! Let’s get to brainstorming! 

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