Exactly How Does Personalization Affect SEO? 

how does personalization affect seo

When you’re growing your blog, search engine optimization (SEO) is EV-ER-Y-THING. With SEO, you can deliver content to your target audience effectively and organically without breaking the budget! SEO is the process of curating and formatting your content to cater to search engine algorithms. By optimization for search engines, you rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs) when people submit search queries in your niche, which gets your blog in front of lots of potential followers every day! 

There are a lot of things that affect search engine ranking, including website security, user engagement, metadata, social signals, blog post writing style, and web design! For that last one, there are‌ several technical things that can boost your SEO ranking, like accessibility, load times, and formatting, but what about personalization? Can the vibes of your blog website actually make an impact on SEO? It totally can! 

Here’s how personalization affects SEO:

How Does Personalization Affect SEO

Exactly How Does Personalization Affect SEO?

Like we said, there are A LOT of ranking factors, but the number one SEO ranking factor is unique, high-quality, and engaging content. Basically, a one-of-a-kind brand is the thing that’ll set you apart from the competition and raise you up the search engine ranks! This means personalization of everything, including your website, is huge when it comes to SEO! 

When your blog is personalized, it tells both search engines and website visitors that your content is valuable, enlightening, and curated specifically to your target audience! This is all great for optimization. Personalizations means better click-through rates, increased brand authority, and an exceptional user experience. 

So, if your website looks a little cookie-cutter, it’s time to switch things up and customize your blog for your audience and brand! 

search engine personalization benefits

Search Engine Personalization Benefits

Signals that your content is valuable and curated with your audience in mind. 

When your website is highly personalized and really screams your brand, it shows both search engines and readers that your content is thoughtfully crafted and curated with your audience in mind! This means your content is high-quality and worth reading. Of course, this gives you a big SEO boost. 

Better click-through rates when the experience is highly relevant. 

Something that’s not good for optimization is a high bounce rate. This refers to people that leave after only viewing one page. Basically, it’s one thing to gain organic traffic and another thing to keep that traffic on your site. When your website is very personalized and relevant to what the user is looking for, you better believe they’re going to stick around!  

Establishes strong brand authority and a memorable experience. 

A very personalized experience will stick in the minds of your blog visitors! That means they’ll come back for more, and those repeat visits will improve your search engine optimization. Plus, it’ll hopefully turn those casual visitors into lifelong followers. 

Creates clear and seamless navigation and improves overall UX. 

When you design your blog for YOUR readers, it’s going to be simple to use and enjoy. Google’s web crawlers can actually measure ease of navigation across all devices and that positive user experience is counted as an SEO benefit! 

Increases engagement among new and returning visitors. 

A lot of dynamic, engaging, and personalized elements on your website will encourage new and returning visitors to interact with your blog. All the clicks and extra time spent on the website show that you have something valuable and stimulating. Google and other search engines know this is what readers want, so they’re more likely to recommend your site first!

here's exactly how to personalize websites for seo

How To Personalize Websites for SEO 

Make sure everything has YOUR branding. 

Step one of digital marketing is having a clear brand. So, make sure your blog’s brand is super clear to you. Everything from the tone, voice, mission, and message to the color scheme, fonts, and logos need to be established. Then, it’s as easy as ensuring every web page 100% reflects your brand. 

Include plenty of visual content. 

Visual content immediately captures readers’ attention and makes them feel connected to you and your brand. Work in lots of photos and graphics into your website! Just ensure each image has alt text and is the optimal size.  

Start a blog (or do even more blogging!) 

There is no better personalized content than blog posts for an optimized website. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already doing the blog thing! Even if you are, consider bumping up your game and posting even more often. Websites with active blogs have 424% more indexed pages and 97% more inbound links than those without. That means blogs are like the holy grail when it comes to getting tons of organic visitors!

For more on this, read our posts on why you should start a blog and why blogging is important

Add lots of engaging interactive elements to your blog.

You can level-up your blog game enough more if you add interactive website content! This is content that prompts your readers to do something, whether that’s enter their email, click through a carousel, or take a quiz! It adds value to your blog, encourages more engagement, and establishes a deeper connection with your readers. Here are some ideas on how to make your blog more engaging!

Offer personalized recommendations. 

This one is so fun! Readers love personalized recommendations, whether that’s product links, honest reviews, or just lists of your favorite things. You can actually generate an income sharing your recommendations, meaning this is good for SEO and making a business out of your blog!

Add dynamic content that curates the content for your readers.

Dynamic content is when what your blog offers changes based on an individual user’s actions or experience. For example, if you have a food blog, users based in Chicago may see Chicago-centered restaurant recommendations when they enter your site rather than users based in NYC that see recommendations for their location. 

But, it’s not just location! Browser history could deliver certain product recommendations. Other actions could prompt a specific email campaign. Or, it could offer specific discounts in response to products or services of yours that they viewed. All of this makes the user’s experience more personalized to them! 

Include landing pages with tailored CTAs. 

Landing pages are web pages that are designed to give specific users just the content they’re looking for. So, if someone finds your blog through a fashion-related search, the link they click would take them to a landing page showcasing all your fashion content. It’s a way of keeping users on your website longer and easing navigation even more! Then, once they arrive, have a  tailored call-to-action to create an even more personalized experience!

Start a membership or loyalty program. 

Membership and loyalty programs allow your readers to engage with your content on a deeper level. It delivers lots of additional resources and/or tools on the topics they’re interested in month after month, so it draws users back to the website consistently! That’s great for SEO!

Add an AI chatbot to help visitors find what they want. 

A search bar is great on your blog definitely ensure you have one of those for easy navigation! However, you can make the process of finding personalized content even easier for your readers by adding an AI-powered chatbot that can search your highly customized website and give visitors exactly what they’re looking for! 

Showcase reader’s feedback, comments, pictures, and more! 

When your followers start interacting with you a lot on your website and social media, you’ll get a good amount of user-generated content. Pictures, testimonials, comments, and more created by your fans can be repurposed for your blog to further personalize your website! 

Keep your website accessible to everyone. 

Everyone should be able to access your blog, so make sure you alt text and title attributes to assist those with visual impairments. This further personalizes your blog, widens your reach, and boosts your optimization! 

Personalize your blog to draw in organic traffic and boost SEO!

Developing an SEO strategy takes lots of time and research. Each day, just learn a little more about this complex topic using the InfluencerSEO blog to give your content its best chance of success.

If you find the whole process to be a little too overwhelming, hire an SEO service like ours to take care of all the details for you. Either way, together we’re going to make your blog the next big thing!

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