Valentine’s Day Blog Post Ideas

Valentines Day Blog Post Ideas

Love is in the air, Influencers! Valentine’s Day is coming, and it’s the perfect opportunity to post something special. Your readers are sure to connect with a timely post all about the upcoming holiday. But, what should you post?

Whether you’re swimming with ideas or totally stumped, InfluencerSEO is here to help. Blogging is our expertise, so we’ve seen hundreds of Valentine’s Day blog posts over the years. We’ve decided to compile a list of our top Valentine’s Day blog ideas and our fav posts from the past. Here they are:

Valentine’s Day Blog Post Ideas

No matter your blog niche, you can create a Valentine’s Day post for your readers! We’ve taken some of the most common blogging categories and listed some ideas to get your heart pumping and the creative juices flowing. 

Each one is a jumping off point, so make each reflect your brand! And, make sure it’s search engine optimized before posting, of course! These are the ideas: 

Valentine’s Blog Ideas for Beauty Influencers

  • Easy Valentine’s Day Eye Looks
  • Valentine’s Day Date Makeup Tutorials 
  • Easy Nail Art for Valentine’s Day 
  • Sexy Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day Dates
  • Perfect Lipsticks Shades for Valentine’s Day 
  • Best Nail Colors for a Valentine’s Day Look
  • Avant-Garde Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks 

Valentine’s Blog Ideas for Travel Influencers

  • Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for a Traveler
  • Top Romantic Destinations for Valentine’s Day 
  • Best Local Spots for a Valentine’s Day Date
  • Best Destinations for a Valentine’s Day Proposal 
  • How to Plan a Surprise Trip for Your S.O. on Valentine’s Day
  • Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Events 
Valentines Day Blog Post Ideas

Valentine’s Blog Ideas for Food Influencers

  • Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas
  • Vegan Valentine’s Day Treats
  • Valentine’s Day Sweet Charcuterie Board 
  • Romantic Valentine’s Day Baking Ideas
  • Keto Valentine’s Day Meals 
  • DIY Valentine’s Day Chocolate Box 
  • Valentine’s Day Dinner Dates to Impress

Valentine’s Blog Ideas for Mom Influencers

  • Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers
  • Valentine’s Day Activities for Families 
  • DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for Your Kid’s School Party 
  • At-Home Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas for Parents
  • Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for the Classroom 
  • DIY Valentine’s Day Photoshoot with Kids

Valentine’s Blog Ideas for Fashion Influencers

  • Pink and Red Outfit Ideas for Valentine’s Day
  • Sexy Valentine’s Day Date Outfit Ideas
  • What to Wear on a Valentine’s Day Date 
  • Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas if You Don’t Want to Wear a Dress 
  • Ways to Style a Pink Monochrome Outfit for Valentine’s Day
  • Best Red Shoes for a Valentine’s Day Look 
Valentines Day Blog Post Ideas

Valentine’s Blog Ideas for Fitness Influencers

  • Couple’s Workouts for Valentine’s Day Exercise 
  • Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats 
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers
  • Self-Care Ideas for Being Single on Valentine’s Day 
  • Physically Active Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day
  • Restaurants to Get a Healthy Date Night Meal on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Blog Ideas for Lifestyle Influencers

  • How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day when You’re Single
  • How to Be Your Own Valentine 
  • Romantic Date Night Box for Valentine’s Day
  • Cheap Date Night Ideas
  • Galentine’s Day Party Ideas 
  • Sexy Bedroom Looks for Valentine’s Day 
  • Classy Valentine’s Day Decor 
  • Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone You Love
  • Quotes for Valentine’s Day
  • Fun Valentine’s Day Adventures to Do with Friends 
Unique Valentines Day Blog Post Ideas

Unique Valentine’s Day Blog Post Examples We Love

At-Home Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas

We think that this post is really cool, because it gives parents date nights that you can actually do at home! Most of the time blog posts are about cheap date ideas or fun date ideas, but this one is practical and speaks to the audience. The blogger also provides affiliate links that make it easy for her readers to replicate the dates, AND it gives her a monetization opportunity. WOO!!!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Gift ideas are everywhere, but it’s always nice to see an influencer make a list that’s really specific to their aesthetic and audience. This Kelly in the City post is all about trendy finds that suit the reader’s taste and price range. She also gives a short review of each item, which makes the post really personal!

How to Decorate Your Home for Valentine’s Day & Spice it Up After Dark

Not everyone decorates for Valentine’s Day, but after reading this post, readers will definitely be filling their carts with aesthetic and romantic holiday decor. Emma Baker (featured on the The Skinny Confidential) gives readers sophisticated Valentine’s Day decorations to level up their love game! The post is full of great photos and product links to make replicating the look really simple. 

How to Take Easy DIY Valentine’s Photos with Kids

Moms are always behind the camera, rarely in front of it. So, making a special mommy and me photoshoot is exactly what mom blog readers are looking for. This post shows readers how to set up their own photo backdrop and provides example pictures that are just adorable. 

The author even shows how she set up the tripod to take all the photos yourself. The simple step-by-step format of the post is easy to follow and something every parent will appreciate. 

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Everyone always forgets about the man on Valentine’s Day. People go all out on the wife on Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day, but often the man ends up with the same cliche gifts every year. Because of this, a “gifts for him” post is really unique, and will surely get your reader’s attention—especially if you include aesthetic collages like Style Charade does! 

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Idea Crystal Box

This post is the definition of unique! It’s all about how you can create a heart-shaped crystal box to either level up your home aesthetic or unlock potential healing properties. Though it’s a niche post, crystals are really trendy, so finding an audience that loves this V-day gift idea is easy. Try to think of another trend that you could spin into a Valentine’s Day present on your blog. 

Valentine's snack mix

Healthy Valentine’s Snack Mix

This post highlights an uncommon V-day treat. It’s not chocolate and it’s not full of sugar. Around the Family shares a Valentine’s Day mix that’s fun and tasty for the whole family, but won’t send your blood sugar through the roof. The post includes the recipe, some cute plated pictures, and a title that encompasses every type of healthy eater. 

6 Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Outfits for Every Occasion

When you look up Valentine’s Day outfits, you don’t want corny costumes, you want trendy ensembles! The Everygirl shares V-day inspired outfits perfect for a romantic date night. Each collage features a unique Valentine’s Day aesthetic that’s super shareable. Each look caters to a different style, so even though it’s a short list, it casts a wide net. 

20+ Valentine’s Day Nail Ideas

People get special nails done all the time! Whether they’re getting themed nails for a Christmas party or the changing of the seasons, it’s not uncommon to head to the salon for a fresh design. 

However, not many people get Valentine’s nails. And, this post has readers asking, why not? It has a huge gallery of potential nail designs organized by category. It’s really cool! 

Spicy Valentine's Day Gifts

Spicy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

There’s a cute side of Valentine’s Day . . . and a spicy side. Lauryn Bosstick, founder of The Skinny Confidential is NOT afraid to showcase gifts many readers are too shy to say they want. Not only does she list the items, she gives her candid reviews of each product to better connect with readers. 

Pink and Red Outfit Ideas for Valentine’s Day

What about if you don’t want an on-the-nose outfit? Style Charade gives chic outfit inspo that SCREAMS Valentine’s Day. She centers her post around fantastic photos of her outfits in colorful places, and creates the perfect festive lookbook full of red and white masterpieces. The end of the article features a gallery widget with tons of items from the outfit photos! 

Galentine's Day party ideas

Ultimate List of Galentine’s Day Party Ideas

Ever since Parks & Rec referenced Galentine’s Day, it’s become a trendy opposition to Valentine’s Day. It’s unofficially on the 13th of February, and is all about girlfriends and girl power. Kim at Made in the Day shows readers how to throw the ultimate upscale Galentine’s Day party. 

20 Unexpected Valentine’s Day Date Ideas to Make Your S.O. Smile

On a day where people naturally want to do something special, words in your title like “unexpected,” or “surprising” will catch reader interest. This post from Camille Styles provides 20 date ideas that are anything but conventional. She briefly describes each one, but it’s her photos that really inspire the reader! 

Valentine's Day outfit and gifts

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas + Gift Ideas

This post is like an ultimate Valentine’s Day shopping list! We love how the author encompassed multiple buying guides into one post. She gives gift ideas for men, women, kids, and, of course, your closet! The garments she recommends, though, aren’t all for date night. There are some casual looks and even loungewear, which is another thing that makes this post unique! 

15 Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaways with Warm Weather (US) 

Making your posts niche will help you find just the right readers. This travel post ensures it pulls the right audience by clarifying that it’s for warm weather destinations in the U.S. Since most people don’t go all-out for Valentine’s Day adventures, this is a great post to reach the masses. 

For each listed destination, the blogger shares a picture, a few things to do in the city, and accommodations options. Really, once a reader picks a destination, the planning is already done! It does a lot to boost the blog’s credibility AND utility. 

Use these Valentine’s Day blog ideas to connect with readers old and new! 

Creating relevant blog posts is a great way to bring more traffic to your site. No matter your niche, you can find a way to incorporate a seasonal post—even for Valentine’s Day! Make sure your post is doing the most for your website, though, by optimizing your post for search engines (SEO) and monetizing your content

If these concepts are new to you, don’t worry! We’re here for you. You can find all sorts of free tips and tricks on our blog. Or, if you’d rather not deal with the hassle, use our SEO services to take your blog to the next level. I promise, working with us will be love at first site!

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