How To Start An Anonymous Blog Step-By-Step

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There are a lot of reasons people start blogs. Whether they want to entertain, inform, inspire, provoke, or support, bloggers all want a way to freely express their unique perspective. For many, this means not only becoming a blogger, but an influencer, with your face all over your brand! However, for others, the thought of the spotlight doesn’t fit their vibe or brand goals, and that’s totally fine. 

Anonymous blogs are super common, and they serve as a great way to openly discuss any topic without the pressures of that “influencer status” or the fear of public scrutiny for sharing certain viewpoints. You can create a brand that’s just as authentic, engaging, and relatable as a traditional blog, even when you don’t share who you are. 

So, today, we’re discussing how to start blogging anonymously! We’ll give you all the steps to creating your brand, building your blog, and maintaining your audience. Here goes:

how to start anonymous blog step by step

How To Start An Anonymous Blog Step-by-Step

Step 1: Decide what you’ll write about. 

First things first, decide what you want to write about. This may take a little more thought than you originally expected because you have to consider a topic that won’t require you to share personal information! You won’t be able to share your background, qualifications or any other personal details that may help you establish credibility or more easily discuss a topic. Ensure that your topic, whatever it is, can be easily written into a third person POV blog post. 

Step 2: Develop a brand that’s iconic, but doesn’t include your face. 

Next, it’s time to develop your brand! You’ll need to consider things like voice, aesthetic, mission and overall vibe. Let’s start with voice: Yes, even though you may not want your anonymous blog to have your voice, it still needs to have a voice! Consider who your narrator is and what he or she sounds like before moving on. Here’s more on how to find your blogging voice

Next, aesthetic: It still needs to be super memorable and attractive. But it can’t be centered on you and your beautiful face. Take time to come up with color schemes, font sets, and image styles that you’ll carry throughout all your platforms. Then, for your mission, decide what you want your blog to do for readers. And finally, list out some buzzwords that represent your brand’s vibe as a whole. All this will help you create a blog totally separate from your identity! 

Step 3: Schedule a brand shoot with models.

The truth is, original images do WAY BETTER on blogs than stock images. It’s just a fact. However, if you don’t want to be identified in your blog, then you definitely can’t just be uploading your iPhone family pics to your blog. So, schedule a brand shoot that will feature models (and by models, we just mean anyone who you want to pose for your pictures). Be present and help direct the photoshoot so every picture perfectly represents your brand. These images will be used all over your blog and social channels! 

Step 4: Get a VPN.

This one is a little technical, but if you want to stay totally anonymous, you need to take care of your internet connection. What do we mean? We mean that if you’re connected to the internet, you’re basically traceable by someone who really wants to figure out who you are. 

However, a virtual private network (VPN) will create a secure and encrypted connection between your device and the internet, making it way harder for anyone to locate you and your info online! They’re a must for an anonymous blog. And they’re only like $5 a month, so it’s easy to fit into your blogging budget

Step 5: Create a website under a pseudonym. 

Now, it’s time to build your blog! In order to do that, you need a web host and a blogging platform. We recommend Site Ground and always, but don’t just jump right in and start creating you need to make these accounts under a new. Brand-dedicated email address. Then, once you have that, install WordPress and make your account with that email address and a pseudonym. This will further protect you from anyone trying to figure out who you are! 

When it comes to designing the blog, first download a WordPress theme that reflects your vibe. Then, get out that brand kit and the photos from your brand shoot and edit the theme to perfection to represent your blog. You also want to keep search engine optimization in mind when building a website, because things like navigation ease, loading speeds, and security are HUGE for generating organic traffic! Here’s more on how to design an SEO-friendly website. You can also hire professional web developers to take care of all of this for you. 

how to start anonymous blog step by step

Step 6: Establish social media profiles under the brand’s name. 

Next, use that brand email address to create your social media accounts. Social media is great for engaging with your audience and networking with other influencers. Determine which social channels would work best for your blog, and make sure they’re also disguised with your brand email and pseudonym. 

Though you might have a growth plan that involves lots of social media posting, we don’t recommend using social media as your only source of outreach. It’s just not efficient! Spending money on ads or posting every few hours is totally exhausting on your mental health and your wallet. Search engine optimization is more effective. Here’s more on SEO vs. social media

Step 7: Determine your monetization strategy. 

Your monetization is SO important, because it shows how you’re going to turn your blog from a hobby to a real business. However, when you’re blogging anonymously, monetization looks different. Having face-to-face consultations with your community or hosting events is a no-go. However, you can still easily participate in plenty of blog monetization opportunities! Below are a few options: brainstorm how you could execute each one without showing your face and determine which ones feel right for your brand goals! 

  • Affiliate Marketing: This is where you share products using affiliate links, and when your readers make a purchase, you get a cut of the profits! 
  • Brand Collabs: It’s similar to affiliate marketing, but rather than working with a large network of retailers, you work directly with certain brands to get paid for sponsored posts. 
  • Ad Space: Once you start generating lots of traffic on your blog, you can monetize that space by allowing ads to be placed on your blog! Google Adsense is one of the platforms you can do this on. 
  • Selling Products or Services: Create your own product or service and sell it on the blog! When you first start out, aim for things that are low cost for you, like printables

Step 8: Create a content calendar and write blog posts in third person.

Next, create a content calendar that plans out 3-6 months of posts! This is a great idea, because it allows you to be strategic about your posts and stay a few weeks ahead in case you get sick or come down with writer’s block. 

Then, before you even make your blog public, write at least 15 posts that can be ready for upload. This will be key to launching successfully, because the writing will be taken care of even if other growing pains of your new brand take up a lot of your time. There’s a lot that goes into the business side of blogging, so you want plenty of blog posts locked and loaded. 

However, remember that your blog posts need to be written in third person (we and us) instead of in first person (I and me). This collective voice will help develop your anonymous brand! 

Step 9: Start sharing content and interacting with your audience mindfully. 

It’s finally time to launch your blog! Start uploading and get to know your audience on social media. However, be mindful not to give details that may reveal your real identity. Keep everything in the brand voice and keep it in third person! 

Think of it like you’re speaking on behalf of your whole team (even though the whole team doesn’t exist yet.) Even if there’s not a specific person as the face of your blog, it’s just as important to stay engaged with your audience, network with fellow bloggers, and reach new readers every day!

Step 10: Don’t be afraid to delegate writing and social media management. 

Since you’re not the face and voice of your brand, remember that you don’t have to do it all! You can delegate plenty of aspects of your blog to help you focus on the things that are the most important to you. Don’t forget InfluencerSEO has a ton of services to help your blog grow while you manage your brand. Here’s how we can help:

  • SEO Services: Search engine optimization is key to organic growth, which means more readers with less work!
  • Copywriting Services: Don’t want to write every post? If you’re in our Strategize SEO Package, you can enroll in copywriting services and have the hassle of weekly blogging off your plate. 
  • Pinterest Services: Pinterest is a key social media channel for most blogging niches! It provides some of the biggest opportunities for growth. We’re experts in Pinterest SEO and can help you find your audience!  
  • Blog Tech Support: Whether you need monthly tech support, on demand access to savvy programmers, a quick website update, or a brand new site built from scratch, we can do it all!
how to start anonymous blog step by step

Anonymous blogs allow you to build a brand without the pressures of being an influencer!

If you want to build a meaningful brand, but don’t want to be a big online influencer, consider starting an anonymous blog!

The strategy is a little different, but you have just as much room for growth as any other blog out there. With a focus on high-quality content, SEO, and brand awareness, your blog will become the next big thing! Find more blogging tips on our blog and let’s get this thing rolling!

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