How to Change Font Color in WordPress

how to change font color on wordpress

How your blog looks matters big time! Not only should you have eye-catching images and a great layout, but your text needs to be readable, aesthetic, and engaging. That means you need the right color that’s super legible for easy reading, but also represents your brand vibe.

You can learn more about how web design impacts your blog here, but today we’re talking all about how to change your text color in WordPress! Whether you want to change the default font colors across all of WordPress or just need to change a single heading, we got you!

Here are 3 easy ways to change the font color in WordPress:

How to Change Font Color in WordPress

How to Change Font Color in WordPress

Change the Text Color in the Classic Editor

The classic WordPress editor is a good editing option if you want to change a small amount of text on a specific page or post. This is a great choice if you want to quickly change the hue of a sentence or alter a heading color.

Step 1: Open your post or page. 

Navigate to the post or page where you want the change. 

Step 2: Hit the “Toggle Toolbar” button. 

On the top toolbar, you won’t at first see any option to change the text color. You have to click the toggle toolbar button which is the last icon on the right after the add media icon. You’ll see a title attribute that reads Toggle Toolbar pop up when you put your cursor on the correct icon. 

When you find it, click it. A second row of icons will appear with more text editing options. 

Steps to Change Font Color in WordPress

Step 3: Highlight the text you want to change. 

In the page or post below, highlight the text you want to change. If you want to change the color of multiple non-sequential lines, you’ll have to do each one separately. 

Step 4: Select a color from the dropdown. 

Once that’s highlighted, return to the top toolbar and click that toggle toolbar icon. Click the custom color your want in the dropdown or type in a hex code to get a certain shade. 

Step 5: Click “Update.”

When you’re all done editing the text color, click Update in the upper right-hand corner. Then, preview your changes to make sure you like the way everything looks! 

Change the Text Color in the Visual Editor

This is another simple method if you’re only wanting to change the font color of a small amount of text. For those of you out there who prefer WordPress’s visual editor over the classic editor, here’s how you change the text color:

Step 1: Open your post or page. 

Navigate to the post or page where you want the change. 

Step 2: Click the block you want to change.

Select the block where you want the text color to change. You can just click it and don’t have to worry about highlighting because of the way the block editor works in this mode! 

how to change the text color in the visual editor

Step 3: Find the color option on the text editor. 

On the right-hand side, a panel will appear that gives you text editing options. Scroll down to the color selections where you can adjust the color of the text and the background of the text. 

Step 4: Choose a color. 

Now, just click the text color customization window and choose a color! WordPress will automatically display the colors already used in your brand kit, but you can always choose a color from the color wheel or type in a hex code. 

Step 5: Click “Update.”

When you’re finished, hit Update in the upper right-hand corner and preview your changes. 

Change the Text Color in Theme Customizer 

If you want to change the text color across your whole website for certain types of text, you need to use this method! This allows you to make website-wide changes to your font colors. 

Step 1: Go to theme customizer.

In the WordPress dashboard, you’ll need to navigate to your theme customizer in order to alter the default font color. To do this, first click Appearance, then hit Customize in the side panel that appears. 

Step 2: Locate the color changing options. 

There, you’ll find the customization options for your specific theme. It’s different for each site theme, so take some time to locate where the color settings are. 

Step 3: Change the color or theme. 

Once you find where to make those adjustments, change your default text color on whatever type of text you choose between various headings and text. Most themes have this option, but not all!

Step 4: Consider another solution if necessary. 

If your WordPress theme doesn’t have the option to customize the text color, you’ll have to use another option on this list or choose a new WordPress theme. In the event you pick a new theme, make sure you read this post on how to delete an old WordPress theme to avoid bogging down your website. 

Change the font color on your WordPress blog using one of these simple methods!

Changing the color of your fonts on WordPress may not seem like a big deal, but the way your website looks and how easy it is to read is important for high engagement and a low bounce rate. So, take some time and ask yourself if you’re happy with your current text colors or if it’s time for a font facelift!  

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