How to Change Margins in WordPress

how to change margins in wordpress

WordPress is a favorite for bloggers everywhere, and the easy web designing process is one of the reasons it’s so popular. You don’t have to hire an expert web developer if it’s not in the cards yet, but you can still have an aesthetic and professional looking blog ready for the world to see. 

There’s a lot that goes into formatting the perfect blog in WordPress like choosing a theme, adding landing pages, curating a navigation bar, inserting widgets, and splashing everything with your personal branding. One other thing you have to manipulate, though, are the margins. 

It won’t be the most exciting thing you play with in WordPress’s editor, but it does help give your text and images room to breathe on all devices, giving your webpages a more crisp, modern, and professional appearance. 

So, today, we’re dedicating this post to margins. We’ll give you the step-by-step on how to change margins in a variety of areas on WordPress to help you add the finishing touches to your WordPress blog. Let’s do this:

how to change margins in wordpress

How to Change Margins in WordPress

How To Change WordPress Margins For Logos

Step 1: Access WordPress theme customization options.

Navigate to Appearance and then Customize on your WordPress dashboard. 

Step 2: Locate the Header or Logo settings. 

Then, locate the section related to Header or Logo settings. (The WordPress theme you’ve chosen will depend on which option you see.)

Step 3: Adjust logo margin settings.

Scroll to the margin settings and look for options such as Margin, Padding, or specific controls for the top, bottom, left, and right margins. Modify the margin values to customize the spacing around your logo.

Step 4: Preview changes and publish.

Now you can save and publish. Use the live preview feature to check out how the changes look on your site. Once you’re happy, click on the Save or Publish button to apply the new margin settings to your logo.

how to change wordpress margins for mobile devices

How To Change WordPress Margins For Mobile Devices

Step 1: Access responsive design settings.

To ensure a user-friendly experience for visitors to your page on mobile devices, navigate to the WordPress Theme Customizer. From there, find settings related to Responsive Design or Mobile Responsiveness.

Step 2: Adjust on mobile margin options.

Look for options that specifically allow you to modify or work on adjusting margins for mobile views around the content areas. Modify the margin values for mobile devices and ensure the spacing looks good on smaller screens.

Step 3: Test on mobile devices.

Use an actual mobile device or browser developer tool, such as Developer View in Chrome, to check if the margins are visually appealing, and adjust as needed.

how to change wordpress margins between elements

How To Change WordPress Margins Between Elements

Step 1: Access additional CSS or theme options.

Navigate to Appearance and then Customize in your WordPress dashboard. Look for options related to Additional CSS or Theme Styling. It might not be a bad time to learn how to add custom css at this time!

Step 2: Identify elements to adjust. 

Use browser developer tools, such as the ones on Safari, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge to identify the custom CSS classes or IDs of the elements you want to adjust margins between.

Step 3: Apply custom CSS.

Use the Additional CSS Section to add custom styles that target the specific elements. Then, preview your site to ensure the changes have the desired effect. 

Use these tips to adjust margins in any element on WordPress.

Figuring out WordPress customization can be a bit overwhelming, but with the info above, you’re set up for WordPress success! Hopefully this gives you the opportunity to try more design manipulation in WordPress like creating a WordPress widget or adding a contact form!
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