How To Be An Amazon Affiliate On Pinterest

how to be an amazon affiliate on pinterest

As an influencer, finding ways to begin earning money is super important. It can help to turn your blog into a sustainable business that supports your lifestyle. In fact, affiliate marketing is one of THE BEST ways to make a business out of blogging

Becoming an Amazon affiliate and pairing it with your blog and social media platforms like Pinterest is a smart way  to break into the world of affiliate marketing or expand your affiliate marketing business! Amazon’s intuitive and profitable affiliate program, known as Amazon Associates, allows influencers and bloggers to earn commissions when promoting Amazon products through Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest or other sites.

So, today, we are going to share a guide with you on how to become an Amazon affiliate on Pinterest! 

how to be an amazon affiliate on pinterest

How To Be An Amazon Affiliate On Pinterest

Step 1: Sign up for an Amazon Associates account.

Signing up for an Amazon Associates account is the first step in your journey toward becoming an Amazon affiliate! Simply visit the Amazon Affiliates website  and from there, create an Amazon account if you don’t already have one. 

You will need to provide all the necessary information, including your blog URL (if you have one), your Pinterest data, preferred payment method, some personal information, and your preferred store ID. From here, your way of not just being a Pinterest user, but a paid Pinterest influencer!

Step 2: Create a Pinterest Business Account.

To get started earning, it is super important to have a Pinterest business account. If you already have a personal account, you can easily change it to a business account. Or, you can start a business account by itself at

Fill out your profile and make sure you choose a professional and clear photo or logo. You should also add a bio that includes your affiliate disclaimer. Last but not least, if you have one, link and verify your blog to diversify your traffic and boost your Pinterest SEO!

Step 3: Optimize your Pinterest.

While you’re at it, take time to check all the Pinterest optimization boxes! This will help you attract new followers and build credibility totally organically. The more traffic to your Pinterest page or personal blog, the more opportunities you have to make sales!

Here’s our full guide on how to optimize for Pinterest, but here are some key things:

  • Create and maintain organized boards
  • Make long images with text overlays and bright colors
  • Write interesting, keyword-rich titles
  • Post on group boards
  • Post 5 times a day at the right times

Step 4: Create and pin high-quality images.

People shop with their eyes! Use high-resolution images that are clear and capture the interest of your organic viewers. You can use graphics, text overlays, and editing tools to make them really stand out. It’s also good to remember that the ideal Pin size is 1000 x 1500px and an aspect ratio of 2:3 for standard Pins. Often, pins that are longer perform way better.

Try your best to write compelling descriptions that include call-to-actions that encourage people to click your affiliate links and drive them to your blog. Make good use of the helpful Pinterest tools that come with a business account, such as Pinterest Creator to make scheduling posts much easier. For more, here are some additional Pinterest photo tips

How To Be An Amazon Affiliate On Pinterest

Step 5: Add Amazon Affiliate links to your pins.

It is time to add Amazon affiliate links to your Pinterest pin. Choose some products that resonate with your brand and then get your links from the Amazon affiliate dashboard.  Insert your affiliate link naturally within your pin description. It is a great idea to avoid using URL shorteners on Pinterest, as they may be flagged and crush your affiliate efforts. Also, to abide by FTC guidelines, always disclose that your posts are sponsored!

Step 6: Engage with your audience.

It doesn’t end by just posting pins and links and hoping for the best. Engaging with your audience helps build strong relationships and trust, and encourages users to interact with your pins. Monitor your high-quality pins and respond to comments, interact on group boards, and encourage engagement. You should also work on directing as many followers and users to your blog as possible to further boost the monetization opportunities!

Step 7: Track performance and continue to optimize.

From here, just keep on posting! Staying consistent is essential to growing on any platform. Use your blog to feed your Pinterest and your Pitnerst to feed your blog. When they both start working together, you can see huge gains in your affiliate marketing game! Keep finding new products that resonate with your audience and let’s make this influencer things a full-time gig!

affiliate programs are a smart way to drive traffic to your blog, make passive income, and grow your online prescence
Become an Amazon Affiliate on Pinterest with these simple steps!

With these simple steps, you can start making money off your influencer content. Affiliate programs are an smart way to drive traffic to your blog, make passive income, and grow your online presence. There are programs for everybody too you may decide you want to start using multiple! 

You can find affiliate programs for moms, affiliate programs for food bloggers, and more! If it has a niche, it has an affiliate program. If you want to fast-track your income-earning potential and grow your brand into the business you’ve always dreamed, consider our Pinterest SEO services!

We’re experts in this area and can take the technical stuff off your plate, so you can create the content you love while growing big time behind the scenes. LET’S DO THIS!

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